Your ‘Sankalpa’ or resolve influences everything in your life..

Your ‘Sankalpa’ or resolve influences everything in your life..

“Look at yourself as a human magnet, constantly attracting what you think, speak and feel…”

“In search of the author…..”

  • Remember that day when you were sad? Go back to it for a minute and observe your thoughts, words and feelings from back then.
  • Now, remember that day when you woke up really happy? That’s right, go back to it and observe your thoughts, words and feelings again.
  • And then, remember that day you got stuck in that horrible traffic? So, what was happening then? Were you running late and thinking “the last thing I want right now is heavy traffic”?
  • Oh, and, how about that day when you were thinking about or missing someone a lot and suddenly, out of the blues, that very person called you or you bumped into him/her at a café or a mall or someplace? How good THAT felt, huh!

Great! You can come back to the present time when you’re reading this post, wherever you are, and let us take a detailed look at the above mentioned scenarios now.

What was really happening in the first situation? Maybe you were reading a newspaper and came across an unpleasant news and started getting too pulled into the emotions of it. All your thoughts and feelings were invested in that emotion, which was sadness. Following that, something unpleasant happened with you. Maybe a fight with someone you love, maybe a breakup… You just wanted to talk to someone and share those feelings, so you called or met your best friend, sibling, mom, dad, spouse, or anyone, and told them how consumed you were by this sadness – all in a hope that maybe they could bring you out of this mental / emotional mess. Your every cell was literally overflowing with sadness and all you were getting in return was more sadness…

In the second situation, maybe you woke up with a good news. Maybe your favourite uncle was coming to visit you, bringing you chocolates and cool toys. Maybe you were getting a new pet… or maybe you simply saw a beautiful dream. How wonderful it was to start your day with a big smile on your face! Do you remember how did the rest of the day go by? Happy and bright, I’m sure! You probably even said to yourself “what a lovely day”. Maybe you looked at yourself in the mirror and smiled and blushed at the glow on your face. In fact, you’re probably smiling and your eyes are twinkling just thinking about it right now… I wouldn’t be surprised…

The third situation is pretty much self explanatory and almost all of us have been through it, right? I mean, obviously, the last thing you would want when you are already getting late for something important is heavy traffic. But ‘what the devil’ you always get stuck in traffic just when THAT is your biggest fear! And then you wonder, “what is it with me and traffic? Why me?”

And now, the fourth scenario. I personally experience getting connected with people after years, pretty much around the time I am thinking about them with great intensity. Somehow a communication is established someway or the other. I either get a text or call or email from them, or they send me a follow or friends request via social networking, or I end up meeting them at random places. A few days back I ran into an old photography teacher of mine from college days at a restaurant close-by, when only a day before that I was talking to a friend about him and the fun memories with him and how blessed I felt having a mentor like him. How many times has that happened with you? Go down your memory lane… You’ll find incidents more than one.

So what do you feel is going on in all these scenarios? Are we, ourselves, in some way responsible for the emotions and situations we are experiencing? Think about it. How many times has it happened that you start your day with a news that affects you in a negative way and at the end of it when you lay your head on the pillow you can still say “this was the best day of my life!”? Or how often does it happen that a day that starts on a happy positive note turns bad, while you are constantly thinking happy positive thoughts – honestly… With complete surrender to that positivity? If you CAN think of such a day, go back to your thoughts then and you will find that you lacked complete surrender to that positivity. We really are constantly attracting what we think, speak and feel…

That heavy traffic? That was us.

That fight? Us.

That surprise meeting with that old friend? Us.

That super happy, positive and perfect day? Guess what… Us again!

So if something bad is going on in our lives, why is it so difficult to take the responsibility for it? Why is it so hard to look into ourselves and ask what we did to get to this and how can we change it? Is it our ego perhaps – that we can’t rise beyond the whole self victimization and think that wrong things are happening TO or WITH us and not BECAUSE of us? Don’t believe me, but when you feel that things aren’t going well with you, look within and ask yourself what you are thinking, feeling, doing or saying to attract this in your life. Then realise that if you have the power to attract negativity, the power to attract positivity also lies within you. You will be surprised how quickly you will get past your negative mindset and situation! Try it for yourself!

This becomes easier to do when you start working on reversing your old limiting beliefs and changing your old negative thought patterns. With the help of regular meditation and self hypnosis techniques, you can smoothly acquire a state of mind when all your thoughts, words and feelings attract all things positive. Learn those mind-blowing self hypnosis techniques and start taking control of what you allow in your life NOW.

Remember, what you give is what you receive. Throw stones and fireballs at the universe, and be prepared to get stoned and burnt in return. Give out your best intentions, gratitude, love, happiness and positivity to the universe, and watch as the universe gives it back to you!




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