Understanding HYPNO-Therapy

Understanding HYPNO-Therapy

Hypnotherapy is a practice that people are still trying to understand and explore. Majority of the people still don’t know the usage of it. So, it is normal for them to ask me what it is that I really do. Most people confuse Hypnotherapy with mind control or stage hypnosis and even sometimes say, jokingly of course, “Oh! am I under your spell right now? Have you hypnotized me?”

In one of my previous articles I wrote about what Hypnotherapy is not, by clearing out some myths about the practice. It only seems fit that I now briefly describe what Hypnotherapy is and what it is that I do in my sessions. I hope this write-up helps you in understanding the subject a little better. Please read on.

Let me start by telling you what is “hypnosis” – it is a natural, yet altered, relaxed state of body and mind with many beneficial characteristics. It is “natural” in the sense that we experience a relaxed state of body and mind several times during the day. Like, when we wake up and are aware of being awake, but are comfortably lying down in the bed – because everyone loves those snoozy-lazy five more minutes! Or, like the times when we are day dreaming. The body and mind are so relaxed that we let our imagination leave the four walls of our office cabin or classroom or conference room and run wild and free – skydiving sometimes, getting an Oscar sometimes. There are many other times that we experience a naturally relaxed state of body and mind, that is hypnosis.

It is “altered” a little when we have to use that state for therapy purposes – in the sense that, instead of experiencing it naturally, I help my clients to slowly become relaxed in body and mind by using certain (easy to understand and follow) techniques. And it feels as comfortable as lying down in your bed for 5 more minutes after hitting the snooze button, or as easy and calm as day dreaming. You are aware of everything that is happening around you, you are in complete control, you can switch from that state at your will… But you are not, willingly, letting any of it affect you or bother you in any way. In the state of hypnosis you simply allow and give yourself the permission to become and feel relaxed and rested.

Using that naturally relaxed state of body and mind – called HYPNOSIS – for THERAPY purposes to help heel people’s emotional, mental and physical issues – that’s what HYPNO-THERAPY is about. No, it is not mind control and is nowhere close to stage hypnosis. It is an extremely useful and beneficial practice that can heal so much.

If there are issues in your life that you feel can be resolved with Hypnotherapy and you wish to book a session OR to know more about the practice, call +917042321200 from 11 am to 6 pm, Monday through Saturday. You can also e-mail on [email protected]

Happy healing!


  • Anupam Sircar

    I would like to know if you have been able to help smokers quit. If so, how many sessions it has generally taken, the cost per session. It would also help a lot if you could share the contact details of those who have quit with your help.

    • Sharma

      Many people did quit and keep quitting smoking with the help of Hypnotherapy. Sessions depend upon an individual’s resolve and commitment to quit and that differs from person to person.

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