Trust Hypnotherapy

Trust Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression therapy are very new and unique fields in comparison to other sciences and healing practices. People have a lot of questions about hypnosis, about hypnotherapy. People even have many funny doubts about Hypnosis? When people call me to book sessions they have these questions in their mind, they have such funny doubts. At times they are scared. Sometimes they ask me “what happens when we are in Hypnosis?”

During hypnosis, the critical factor of the mind relaxes, because of this, direct communication between the conscious and the subconscious mind is established. This direct communication allows for positive and beneficial ideas, information and suggestions to be easily accepted and acted upon by the subconscious mind without being constantly bounced back to the conscious mind by the critical faculty. The positive suggestions gets stored in the subconscious mind as a new belief.

Some people think that Hypnotherapy is a truth serum. So, let me tell you that Hypnotherapy is not a truth serum. Recently someone called me and said “I want to book a session for my wife, as I think that she has extra marital relationship. I want to know the truth”. I replied “NO! we dont do that kind of things. We are here to help you, to heal your issues, not to do such senseless things”.

People often ask me “will I be under your control during Hypnosis?” Again NO !! You will be always in your own control in the state of Hypnosis. You will be aware of your surroundings. You will remember everything when you will out of it. You will be so much wiser; you will be so much realized that in case I will ask you to give me your ATM pin, you will not do that, because you know that you do not want to do that. You know that’s not the right thing to do. You will immediately open your eyes and say “Swasti! I am not comfortable giving you my ATM pin”.

Actually Hypnosis is a natural state of mind. with lots of beneficial characteristics. You are naturally relaxed in the state of Hypnosis. While comfortably sitting in the chair you are mentally emotionally working on yourself. Also it is very easy to come out of Hypnosis. You only have to open your eyes and say “that’s it, I am done, and I do not want to go further”.

In the state of Hypnosis, your mind is relaxed and you are more open to positive healing suggestions. And these positive healing suggestions help you to make your life better. These positive healing suggestions empower you to heal and resolve any issue, any fear, anything which is effecting your life negatively and is coming in the way of living to your full potential.

You will be able to live a more positive, confident, happy and healthy life.

So why not try Hypnotherapy. You have nothing to loose. It only has amazing benefits.

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