Tag: Unfinished agendas of Past Lives

Unfinished Agendas of Past Lives

Unfinished agendas of Past Lives

Unfinished agendas of Past Lives

(A true Past Life regression Story…

All the names and other details have been changed

To respect the privacy of the client)

“I don’t know why I am always in conflict with my husband and my mother in law, ever since I got married. I am now married for seventeen years but I have never felt comfortable or happy in my marriage. I have two wonderful daughters and have no financial or any other problem. My husband is a nice person but I don’t know why I feel hostile towards him. I can’t breathe till he is in my site. My mother in law is also very caring and loving but still I always feel unexplained anger towards her too. I want to resolve it at any cost as now it has started disturbing me very much”.

Relationship Issues
Relationship Issues

The forty-year-old elegant and well dressed woman of petite built and average height, who lived in the USA, was visiting India to be with her parents, was sitting in my therapy room. She was beautiful, had a very charming smile and spoke very impressively about her issues. She was very genuinely concerned about her unprovoked hostility towards her husband and mother in law, despite their being very kind and sweet.  

Once deeply regressed to a life concerning the issue, she started speaking, I am standing in front of a big fort. Its dark everywhere around. Its night time. I am a man. I am guarding this fort. I am wearing leather slippers, yellow bottoms and brown ‘angarakha’ (traditional Rajasthani dress). I am wearing a pagri, (traditional Rajasthani head gear) have big mustache and a sword in my belt. A woman is on the window and looking down at something. She is wearing expensive jewelry of expensive jewels and pearls and royal attire. Though her face is covered yet I can see a large round nose pin. She is looking down. She is the queen mother. It appears that I am somewhere in Rajputana. I am on the night duty guarding the royal palace. I turn around and see an impenetrable huge mountain just opposite the fort.”

Here she stopped and became silent. I asked her that what is happening. She remained quiet for few moments and then moved on to the next event and started speaking again.

 “I see someone running out of a narrow passage leading to the adjacent village on my right. I challenge and stop him. He is shivering with fear. I ask him who he is. He is hesitating to tell the truth. I warn that I will kill him if doesn’t reveal that what he is doing there in the middle of the night. He is telling me that he has been sent by someone to burn the village and he had already started the fire in the village and now running away. I start beating him and pin him down to either reveal the name of the person who sent him or get killed. When I raise my sword to kill him he tells me that Madhav, the prince, want to crush a mutiny in the village and ordered him to burn the village. At the same time I see the mother queen and the prince Madhav coming out of the palace. Now I recognize their faces. The queen is my mother in law and the prince is my husband in this life. In this life also they are in mother and son relationship. I want to kill the man since he has started the fire in the village. The queen mother is stopping me to do that. She tells me that this man was lying. Madhav has nothing to so with the burning of village and only king will take the decision about the punishment. The queen mother orders me to let go of the person. I obey her. The queen mother turns around, looks at the prince and smiles in a very vicious way. Now I know that she is shielding the culprit. I don’t like this.” Here she stopped again and started breathing very heavily with a frown. After few moments she again started speaking.

The culprit has been released. He walks away free without any punishment. The village has already burning. I am very angry. I drop down and start crying. I don’t want to serve any more. I feel helpless and suffocated. The village is in a big fire. I get up and ride my horse and rush with others to douse the fire. Women and kids are screaming. We start fetching water from the well and start controlling the inferno. There is so much smoke and smell of burning of flesh”. Here she stopped and started coughing and crying as if choked by the smoke. I reassured her and calmed her down.

After few moments she again started speaking the stench of the burning flesh is unbearable. I have covered my nose. I am helping the injured to a small old dispensary type of place. The injured are being given turmeric paste to apply on the burn wounds. When I see so much suffering and pain, I become furious and rush towards the palace. I challenge the prince and wants to kill him but I am caught. Since I had been very loyal to the king, I am not killed but thrown out of the village and ordered not to return. I start walking aimlessly. I just keep walking and walking, dejected and humiliated. I reach a village with cows, camels and a well. I see a small girl around the well and become worried that she may not fall in the well. I rush and pick up the girl in time. Her mother comes rushing out. I scold her for being careless.” Here she stopped again and her face relaxed. She also smiled a bit and started speaking again.

I somehow settle down in this village and become sort of a caretaker of the village. I do farming. But I am still mad at the prince and want to take revenge. I want to kill him. After sometime there is famine in the village. The water well has dried up. There is a big lake not very far. I offer to help build a small canal from the lake to the village. Since I don’t know swimming, I prepare a small raft to go around the lake to explore its outflow gorge. People warn me not to do that as the current at the gorge mouth is very rapid. But before I realize I get trapped in the whirl of the rapid water flow. My raft turns and I am thrown in the water. I know that I am going to die. I get drowned and die. I see my dead body being pulled out of the water. I keep hovering above my body and witness the cremation. Finally I leave with a resolve. My resolve is not to tolerate injustice and express my opinion strongly for the right cause”.

Gradually I brought her back to her present body and current times. She slowly opened her eyes and smiled and gained her composure. After remaining silent for a while she slowly spoke now I know the cause of such a strong resentment towards my husband and mother in law… wow… this is powerful… I am sure I am going to change my attitude henceforth… I am happy that I have been able to resolve the mystery of unprovoked anger towards both of them”.

Months later I received a mail from her from USA. She wrote that everything is changing now. She is very happy in her life and have sorted things with her husband and mother in law. And then she wrote a long paragraph, profusely thanking me for my help.


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