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Live and love life to its fullest

Live and love life to its fullest

Live and love life to its fullest

Hypnotherapy helps you Live and love life to its fullest!!

Few years back a young girl of twenty-five hanged herself in our neighbourhood. We all became very sad. I would often see her and exchange pleasantries. Her marriage, with the boy she was dating for almost a year, was being planned. All arrangements were made, invitation cards were printed and marriage hall was booked. Her parents had no clue about the cause of her deciding to end her life. ‘Shattered’ would be a very small and insufficient word to describe their state of emotions. It was almost impossible for anyone to console them. Since she hasn’t left any suicide note, the police worked on different theories. Thankfully the door was broke open in the presence of police constables otherwise because of the investigation hassles her parents would have been in more trouble.

Few years back my father’s friend’s sixteen years old son had committed suicide after being cold shouldered by his girlfriend. It was so difficult to see both parents desperately missing the boy’s presence and convulsing through his memories in silent pain. The mother, who once was very bubbly and all the time sparkling with life and energy, had lost half her weight and tried hard to bring faint smile on her dried and parched lips. Father, whose spontaneity to crack jokes and entertain all friends was always highly sought, appeared totally lost, depressed and incoherent.

According to WHO almost one million people commit suicide every year.

Live and love life
Live and love life

Each year these suicides leave another three to five million people to grieve and languish in pain for rest of their lives. People who commit suicide are the ones who conclude on their own that they could not negotiate and deal with their suffering, pains or failures. But unfortunately before taking their lives they do not realize that they are going to cause much more sufferings and pain to their parents, siblings and loved ones for the rest of their lives.

Suicide may not be cowardly but definitely is a very selfish act. I strongly feel that anyone who truly loves, cares and respects others and other’s feelings and emotions will never take his or her life. One has no right to destroy one’s body by committing suicide. One should not destroy something, which one has not created.

Hypnotherapy has helped millions stay positive and live and love life to its fullest.

The assumption, that it’s my life and I can do whatever I feel like doing with it, is totally wrong. This life is not ours. This body is not ours. This life is the energy of the nature, which lives, breathes and pulsates in this body. This body is given by a mother, who allowed the sperm of a father to get fertilized with her egg and then nurtured it in her womb for nine months and then delivered it to the world. She breastfed it, nourished it with her love and took care of it till it became independent to realize the ‘I’, ‘me’ and ‘mine’.

This is the body we live in. It has been given to us by the nature and our parents. The body we live in is not created by us. This body is also connected with different people in different ways. For some it is son or daughter. For some it is father or mother. For some it is a sibling and so on. Likewise other bodies also relate and connect with it. When someone destroys this body by committing suicide, one destroys everyone related with this body and causes immeasurable pain to all. Is it selfish to only think of one’s own pain, failure and suffering and not of the loved ones, who will suffer huge trauma after someone ends his or her life.

Hypnotherapy helps you to see, understand and interact with the reality around you. The right approach to deal with pain, suffering and failure is to open eyes and look around to observe others. There are people who may be in much worse and pathetic situation. There are always more reasons to be happy, joyful and positive than sulking in an isolated deep hole of depression. If one is blessed with an able and healthy body to see, experience and work, then the scope of achievements is enormous.

Trust yourself and never shy away from rejections, failures and sufferings since all achievements without them lack real juice and taste of life. Never be apologetic of your looks and background. Do your best to look attractive and remain positive. Always keep growing through reading inspiring books and contemplation.

There is no night which doesn’t end at a beautiful dawn. There is no problem which doesn’t have a solution. Before prematurely deciding to checkout of this life shouldn’t one think of paying back the obligations of nature and parents, who gave this body?

Life is precious and beautiful. Love it and live it till you breathe last. Break the shackles of depressive thoughts. Trust your self. Nature has a meaningful plan for everyone.

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The fear of Failures

The fear of Failures

The fear of Failures

Past life issues create the fear of failures

(A true Past Life regression Story…

All the names and other details have been changed

to respect the privacy of the client)

This is the past life story of a young girl who constantly suffered fear of failures. She was beautiful, of medium height, slim and had sharp features & jet-black long hair. She had excellent communicating skills. She wanted to explore the fear of ongoing failures through Past Life Regression Therapy. Once in the couch in my therapy room and deeply regressed, she effortlessly crossed the ‘archway bridge’ connecting this life and the past lives. Once in the concerned past life (most of us have an amazing and incredible gift in our subconscious

Past life issues create the fear of failures
Past life issues create the fear of failures

self of directly going to the past life and events, which relate to the crucial issues of this life) she started speaking in a deep and relaxed voice;

“I am a man with dark brown skin. I am fat. I work in an office as a clerk. I am a very insecure man. There are documents scattered all around me. It’s an important job, which I do, but I hate it. I don’t need the job so much but it’s important for me to do this job. I am wearing fairly fine and neat dress. I feel grumpy. This job has trapped me. I do international research, find secrets and sell them. My job is to find soft targets in weaker countries. I am a mercenary and do research on different country’s financial resources to exploit them in whatever way possible. I have been recruited in this office because I have very good eye for details. I work for the German Government. My job requires long hours in the office. I feel agitated all the times. I also feel guilty at times. We topple elected rulers and force our own agenda. This is 1918 and we are nearing the end of the first world war (interestingly the first world war ended in November 1919).

“My work involves bloodshed. So many people die because of my work. If I make a wrong move, scores of people can die. I can’t afford to make mistakes. I am always very conscious of not taking any chance and make mistakes. But I have made a mistake. The soldiers were supposed to assemble at a predestined location but my calculations flawed and I made them change their direction. Though I had researched very well and informed them that they might be attacked but instead of sending them to the secure place, I guided them to a place, which was hit by a bomb, resulting in heavy casualties… Because of my wrong calculations they all got killed… I made such a deadly mistake… I am destined to live with its guilt for the rest of my life… I couldn’t even warn them in time to get out and rush to a safer place…”

From here she moved to the next important event in the same life;

“My superiors thought that I knowingly sent the troops to the bombing location to be massacred. They feel that I have turned a traitor and wanted to make and save enough money for my retirement. The German government accused me of treason and hanged me.” (Here I noticed her becoming breathless as if choking and asked her to take it easy and breathe slowly and deeply…) after a little while she dropped her head to one side and pronounced ‘I am dead…’

“Now I am out of that body and can see my body lying down on the floor… I feel as if I have wasted my whole life and made many mistakes… I was a very rash and impatient person… Though I was intelligent but I cared only about myself… I don’t wish to be rash and impatient again… I do not wish to jump on conclusions too soon…”

From here I helped her move to her higher mind and have the perspective of her soul and asked her that what was the programming from her past life, which is still influencing her thought process in this life.

“Being rash and selfish is really horrible. It’s like thousand deaths. In this life I need to be patient and very thoughtful… I need to serve others well in this life… I will take my decisions without being rash… I know have the discretion to pick and choose without being selfish… I can see that my fear of failure came from my past life’s rash decision which I took without planning well… I am sure I am going to sort it out, as I have understood it well… I paid for what I did in my past life… Now I can take decisions without the fear of failure and without being rash… I am appearing for civil services and my purpose is going to be to serve others…”

That was the end of the session. She is still in touch with me and when she came for the last healing session she appeared very positive and confident. Her fear of failures has completely vanished and she was very confidently and capably taking her all decisions with a quiet mind and new focus.




The state of deep relaxation

You can resolve all your emotional issues such as stress, anxiety and fear & phobias through the techniques of Past Life Regression Therapy & Hypnotherapy and able to develop conscious control over your body and emotions. As, it is the state of deep relaxation. Your self-observation through these techniques helps you to develop positive and joyful mindset. The PLRT helps you to remove all emotional blocks and restore your inner peace and calmness. These techniques do not replace any medical therapy. The aim of these techniques is to STRENGTHEN the SUBCONSCIOUS MIND by fortifying it with POSITIVE IDEAS to empower us.

The state of deep relaxation
The state of deep relaxation

The state of depression, stress and anxiety is harmful to your physical and mental health and growth, that’s why it is necessary to get rid of these emotional issues. Sometimes you don’t know from where these issues are coming from. Past Life Regression has the answers. Even relationship issues can be cured by this therapy. During and with the help of past life regression therapy, you gain a higher understanding of past life connections with people in your present life – whether they are good or bad, and this understanding helps you to build a good and healthier relationship with your loved ones. Your whole perspective changes and you become more positive, more patient and more loving that leads you to forgiveness.

Past Life Regression Therapy also connects you with your soul guides because they are always with you to bring heavenly smile on your face. As a Past Life Regression Therapist, there are the sessions when I see my clients realizing, in a state of hypnosis, that their issues have now been resolved and they are completely healed. That sigh of relief, that smile of fulfilment, that teardrop carrying satisfaction and gratitude, that calmness and completeness upon knowing that they are not alone… That their soul guides or guiding angels are always with them, within IN them, taking care of them, guiding them, protecting them; and When they leave after their last session, it is as much a proud and happy moment for me as is for a parent to see their child graduating. Although some clients like to keep visiting once or twice a month just to (I quote) “relax, connect and grow” … And they know that my doors are always open.

So, do not be bogged down by Fears & Phobias, increase your Self-Confidence, improve your Memory, get rid on Anxieties and Insecurities, Quit Smoking, build Stronger and Better Relationship and Learn the art of Unconditional Happiness with the help of Past Life Regression & Hypnotherapy. To experience and explore these healing transformations for yourself, call me for an appointment between 11 AM to 6 PM, Monday to Saturday. If I’m unable to answer your call, just leave me a text message with your name and I will get back to you as soon as I get free.

Happy healing!


PLRT & Hypnotherapist

Helping Tools for your mind

Women's Day
Women’s Day

Past Life Regression & Hypnotherapy are the Helping Tools for your Mind. These tools used to help the mind become more concentrated, focused and self-aware and therefore, more powerful. This power allows the person to access their inner potential and release hidden talents or resolve inner conflicts.

As a Hypnotherapist and Past Life Regression Therapist in Delhi, I regularly come across different people of different age groups. Many are dealing with low self-esteem and lack of confidence despite their being very talented and intelligent as they do not believe in their potential. Many people have self-doubts – I’m not worthy, I’m not capable, ‘I’m useless, I’m stupid etc. No matter where they are coming from, they block us from achieving our goals. And they can form in the subconscious mind at any time.

Hypnosis is a natural state of mind, that has been studied scientifically. Hypnotherapists are not people with “supernatural powers”. Hypnotherapy is based on many years of clinical research. And mind you, it has the word “therapy” in it, not “magic”.

Clinical hypnotherapy & Past Life Regression Therapy are being used in forensic work, memory improvement, self-esteem boost, age regression therapy, intense pain treatment, weight loss, different disorders, smoking control, alcohol and drug addiction, sexual problems, anxiety and phobia treatment.

In-Fact, Past Life Regression & Hypnotherapy are now helping thousands of people every day in the world to cure all Fears & Phobias including Exams & Interviews, Anxieties, Lack of Confidence, Memory Improvement, Insecurities, Smoking Cessation etc with very high degree of success, without any drug or medication, using scientific mind techniques.

Want to try these techniques? Call now to book your appointment…

Fear of Exams

Fear of Exams

This is the month of January, and our students are preparing for their Board Examinations or Final Examinations. They have great expectations from themselves. They also have the pressure for getting good marks. Even their parents have high expectations from their kids.

That’s why, most of the school going kids start suffering from anxiety and tension when they see that the dates of their examinations are coming closer. They become nervous and fearful about their performance in the examinations despite working hard and preparing in the best possible way. Even, sometimes, those kids start doubting on themselves that they cannot clear the exams with good percentage. And how will they get admission in a good college if they will not get good marks in their examinations?

In this situation, the most needed is to increase self-confidence, improve concentration and right mental attitude so that these kids can excel and do best in the examinations. This confidence and right mental attitude can be developed by understanding and developing the power of mind.

Hypnotherapy empowers you to do whatever you want to do, by loading your subconscious mind with positive ideas and clearing it from all the negative conditionings. And obviously, when there are so many positives, how can there even be any space for the negatives?

No matter where those Doubts or Fears or Phobias are coming from, they block us from achieving our goals. And they can form in the subconscious mind at any time.

A slight shift on the focus makes a huge difference. When the focus is on positive, positive is what happens. It really is easy. Take the first conscious decision… Make the first conscious choice… to focus on what you want… and all your fears & phobias will be cured…

The techniques of Hypnotherapy help people including school going kids to overcome fears & phobias, reduce the feeling of anxiety, make the conscious choice to work hard, focus on positive, improve memory and gain confidence by suggesting ways to develop the power of mind.

To book an appointment, call on: 7042321200


Do not be bogged down by Self-Doubts or Fears or Phobias

Past Life Regression & Hypnotherapy empower you to do whatever you want to do, by loading your subconscious mind with positive ideas and clearing it from all the negative conditionings. And obviously, when there are so many positives, how can there even be any space for the negatives?

For example:

  • Some people have self-doubts – I’m not worthy, I’m not capable, ‘I’m useless, I’m stupid etc.
  • Some people have different types of Fears & Phobias, such as: they may be afraid of CROSSING the ROAD, for some it is difficult to drive on a busy road.
  • In the OFFICE, some people may be scared of their boss.
  • Some people may have fear of Jumping or Height or Swimming.
  • Some women may be afraid of Pregnancy or Child Birth.
  • Some people may be afraid to speak in public.
  • For some children, it may be difficult to face the Exams, they have Fear of Examinations.
  • For some people, it may be difficult to face an Interview, because they have a Fear of being rejected.
  • Some people may have phobia of Spider or Lizard or anything else.

No matter where those Doubts or Fears or Phobias are coming from, they block us from achieving our goals. And they can form in the subconscious mind at any time.

A slight shift in the thought pattern makes a huge difference. When the focus is on positive, positive is what happens. It really is easy. Take the first conscious decision… Make the first conscious choice… to focus on what you want… and all your fears & phobias will be cured…

The techniques of Past life regression therapy and Hypnotherapy are helping thousands of people every day in the world to cure all their doubts and fears & phobias, without any drug or medication using scientific mind techniques. So, take charge of your life. Do not be bogged down by Self-Doubts or Fears or Phobias.


You are what you think, feel and believe.

In my Hypnotherapy session a client told me recently, “I really want to stay calm and peaceful but certain situations just don’t let that happen. I am always trying to avoid those situations… but I believe they seek me out, no matter what, and I feel frustrated, angry and unhappy.” This client had a strong desire for peace and happiness but his thoughts, feelings and beliefs were focused on the opposite.

You must have wondered often times how some people are more successful, happy, peaceful, healthy and strong than the others. And most of those times you must have reached the conclusion, “they’re just lucky.” While I’m not completely denying the ‘luck factor’ in people’s lives, I understand and know that that is not all there is. There’s more to it. And that ‘more’ is magic… the magic of what we think, feel and believe in… the magic of a positive thought pattern… and that is where Lady Luck comes from as well.

I am a Hypnotherapist and I fully believe that people who are successful, happy and “lucky” are the people who believe in being successful and happy, and BELIEVE that they are “lucky”. They are the people who are always and only thinking about being successful and happy, people who THINK that they really are “lucky”. They are the people who really get in touch with all those good feelings of success and happiness, people who strongly FEEL “luck” favoring them. And they don’t attach any ‘but’, ‘what if’ and ‘if only’ with their positive thoughts, feeling and beliefs. In their journey towards happiness and success, if they ever fall, they put all their focus, efforts and thoughts into getting up again.

What I teach to my Hypnotherapy clients is to think positively about what they want. That they should feel positive about achieving what they want. That they must believe in the power they have within to achieve what they want. And this positive attitude always works like magic…

THINK about it, FEEL it, BELIEVE in it!

For as a man thinketh, so is he.

You are what you think, feel and believe
You are what you think, feel and believe
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