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Past Life Tragedies and Karmas

Past Life Tragedies and Karmas

Past Life Tragedies and Karmas

(A true Past Life regression Story…

All the names and other details have been changed to respect the privacy of the client)

A young, tall, good-looking boy with long face, curly hair, deep hypnotic eyes and nervous temperament came to my therapy room for a strange issue. He had ongoing acne on face and other skin problems, which were not being helped by best dermatologists. All the specialists kept telling him that there was no reason for him to have those skin problems. They told him that he might be holding something emotional, which could be the root cause of his acne and other skin issues. He somehow had a premonition that his acne issue may be connected to a past life. His story was that his otherwise subdued acne and skin issues would aggravate as soon as he was attracted to a woman and wanted to seriously commit. This was truly bizarre.

After being deeply regressed in my therapy room he saw himself as a young adult male with dark hair and brown shoes. He was very visual and started seeing everything very clearly:

 “I have a very bad skin as if something has happened to it… the skin of my arms and face appear weird… I am in a big city with wide roads and very tall buildings… there are many people around me… I am in New York in 1900… this is my most recent past life. I am wearing a suit, holding a briefcase and I am going to my work in a company in a big tower… I can feel that my skin is very bad. Though people do not notice my skin beneath my clothes but when they closely look at me they immediately notice my disgusting face. I am very shy and discreetly work behind my desk. I do not have many friends. People talk about me as if I am a weird person. I mostly keep to myself.”   

Here he became silent. My serious professional training and experience doing Past Life Regression therapy for a long time, always comes to my succor for steering my clients to the right direction, when they get stuck while experiencing any past life. I guided the young man to the next important event of his life to find out that what may have caused his skin to look so bad.

I am a young child. I am very hungry. I am screaming and crying. When my mom picks me, my father hits her hard. I start crying even more loudly. My parents are fighting. My father starts strangulating my mother. But it feels normal as if it happens every day. My father is an alcoholic. My mother is the one who earns and takes care of us. My mother does not love my father. She wants to leave him. My father is very upset with me as he feels that my mother is giving me all her attention. He knows that my mother wants to leave him because of me. So he is very frustrated. As I keep crying my father pushes my mother away and starts hitting me. I run towards the toilet and try to hide there. This happens every other day. I start crying even louder. My father rushes after me and tries to gag me. He tries to drown me in the tub in order to silent me. He is badly drunk and mad with anger. He picks up a bottle, which is an acid toilet cleaner. He opens the bottle and pours the acid on me. I feel my skin is burning. I cry more loudly with pain. He picks me and shakes me violently and tells me to stop crying. My mother is after him and is trying to stop him to cause me further harm. She picks up a big kitchen knife and stabs him in the back. He drops me and turns around and wants to chase her. He doesn’t go more than a few steps and collapses. He is now lying on the floor in the corridor. My mother comes in and starts washing me. But my burn is serious and hurting badly”

Here I noticed that he was rubbing his face and arms with painful expressions. After a few moments he again continued;

I grow up in an orphanage. My mother dies in the prison. Now I am young. I am with a girl. We are close. We are dancing. I want to get closer to her while dancing but she pushes me away. I am in love with her but she considers me only a friend. She is holding my hand. We are in a high school dance. We go to a park holding hands. I feel that she doesn’t want me to get close to her. She is blocking her feelings for me.” 

A True Past Life Regression Story
A True Past Life Regression Story

I told him to move to the next important event.

I am in an opera. Everyone is very well dressed. People are taking their seats. I am with the same girl. It’s sort of a date with her. There is another girl with her. I do not know this girl. We take our seats. I am still in love with this girl. I am very sad. My girl doesn’t even know that. It feels as if a massive bridge has crashed inside me. She likes me but she doesn’t love me. Its dark… the show has started.”  (Here I noticed that he started rhythmically tapping his feet and moving his hands as if he was listening to the live music) it’s now interval.. .we go out… I tell her that I need to speak with her… I tell her that how I feel for her but I am not able to express myself for the fear of rejection and we start arguing… we had argued many times earlier… it feels that she doesn’t want to proceed further… I  go into the washroom and see myself in the mirror…I hate the burn scars on my face… I know the reason of her not reciprocating my love. In frustration I start scratching my face with nails… I see the blood oozing out from the scratches… in anger I break the mirror… my fingers are covered with blood. I splash water on my face and run out… she sees me and runs after me. She starts crying and yelling at me. She says that she likes me but she can not be with me. I know that this all is because of my face but she is not telling me that. I am sad that if our connection is so strong then why my skin or face matters so much to her. Why she just can’t get pass that.”

Here I told him to move to the last event of this life;

I am very old now. There are other people around. There are balloons in the room. As if it’s a birthday party. People are not sad. My daughter and grand kids are around. I am married to someone else. My ex-girl friend is also present. We remained good friends all these years. We still have a special bond. She confesses that she loved me all these years. She holds my hand and tries to assure me of her love. But I know that she couldn’t come to terms with my skin and face. I married some other woman. My wife is not around. Seems that she has already passed away. It’s a hospital room. Same night I die in my sleep. My last thoughts are that now I have a confirmation that she too loved me but I feel sad that nothing happened between us because of my face and skin.”

When I asked him that what lessons he learned in that life, he told me that he wants a connection beyond appearances. He doesn’t want any insecure feeling about his or someone else’s looks if the love is real:

I wish to be accepted as I am even if I am imperfect. I need to learn to love my self first before anyone makes an opinion about my appearance. My skin is just a cocoon, which separates me from others. There is no reason for me or anyone else to suffer because of skin. That life was tough for me. I didn’t get what I wanted and suffered very much even though I died peacefully. In this life again when my girl friend left me, my acne problem flared up. Though I am attractive and good looking in this life but my acne problem has a huge bearing on my psyche and I again fear rejection because of that. I do not have enough confidence. I do not speak when I should. I fear taking initiatives when it comes to girls. I feel that I shouldn’t be in a relationship. I strongly believe that physical appearances should never interfere in matters of true love. After today I will stop looking for excuses and open myself for taking initiatives & loving and living life. I will accept what I am and will never be apologetic for that.”

Months later when he came for follow up sessions I found him beaming with joyful confidence. He told me that now his acne is going away and he is responding to the treatment as never before. He told me that he feels very confident and everyone around is noticing his positive attitude.   

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