Soft spoken girl

Soft spoken girl

Soft spoken girl

Soft spoken girl

Love and relationships transcend Life After Life

(All the names and other details have been changed

to respect the privacy of the client)

In Jan 2017 a soft spoken, young and beautiful girl of 22 with shoulder length hair, sharp features and average height walked into my office. She appeared bright with beautiful shining eyes and petite silhouette. After she settled down in a relaxing posture on the recliner, I questioned her about her major issues, for which she wanted to explore her past life through PLRT or Past Life Regression Therapy.

She came out with the following issues;

  1. Deep and strong emotional feelings towards a cousin brother since age 3, to the extent that she would never cut her birthday cake till he came around. The feelings were intense from both sides. Later when they both grew up, they decided not to further these feelings in the interest of family traditions, which were completely against such relationships in close family. Though they both parted ways but she has not been able to understand this connection and move on in her life.
  2. Deep abrasive marks around both ankles with recurring incurable severe itching and allergic reaction. All consultations with best skin specialists and medications failed to help her.
  3. Undiagnosable knee, middle and lower back pain.
  4. Extreme fear of drowning.
  5. Complete mistrust and lack of faith in the parent authority despite their being very kind and loving.

Once in hypnosis, after crossing over the important bridge between this and past lives, she slowly regressed to a past life where she found herself in deserts in a village outside a big haveli (traditional Indian house), fully dressed but barefoot with dark complexion and light brown hair. “Its year 1839. I am a girl of 15 or 16 wearing silver jewelry and standing barefoot outside a strange looking haveli type house. It’s a small village somewhere in Rajasthan. There are lots of people around me. Someone is playing a flute. No one is talking to me and I am also not speaking with anyone”. Here she stopped.

Now she was in deep hypnosis and had completely regressed to her that life. At this point I coaxed her further asking her name in this life. Without thinking she immediately responded “My name is Rajjo.  I am sitting under a big tree outside this haveli and staring at it. There is some sort of celebration going there. I do not belong to the haveli but to a clan, who has pitched its colony of makeshift tents in the open fields outside this haveli. On my right side is a huge baoli (a community well to collect and store rain water) with a water pond from where people are fetching water. There are many women around me. I am waiting for someone. Just waiting there. I walk towards a small sand dune and pitch myself at a high point from where I can see every thing going in and around the haveli. I am fondly looking at my beautiful heavy silver anklets, which I am wearing in both ankles. It feels as if they are gift from someone. I am sad about something. I am not happy at all.” Here she again stopped and started crying.

Past life regression sessions can be very intense and sensitive. With my serious classroom training in USA in a highly credible and reputed Academy under the guidance of most professionally trained teachers, spanning over five hundred hours through many months, I have been very successfully doing thousands of past life regression sessions through all these years. ‘Serious Experience’ is what is needed most to steer out a client, who gets stuck, becomes overtly sad, experiences deep trauma and gets shocked in a violent event.

Using my training, experience and professional skills, at this point I steered ‘Rajjo’ to move ahead to the next important event of that life. “I am in a room with a tall, fair, handsome man with mustaches wearing a pagri (traditional Rajasthani head gear). His name is Sohan. I am 17 and Sohan is 20. I am married to this man. My relationship with Sohan is tense. Though he loves me but I fear him. It’s the second day after my marriage. I cannot move. I have been forced to marry Sohan. He is nice but I do not like him. Actually, I do not know him. He is someone new, I had never met before. I am still waiting for Dheer to return. Dheer had gifted me those beautiful anklets. I do not feel like going back to Sohan with whom I have been married. He knows that I do not like him. He keeps asking me that why I do not love him. I keep crying and tell him not to touch me. I tell him to find Dheer, who had offered me those anklets. I tell my husband about him. I tell him that Dheer is my childhood love and I want him to find Dheer for me. My husband becomes very angry and asks me to remove those anklets. I refuse to remove the anklets and in a fit of anger he starts hitting my ankles with a stick. He wants to break those anklets. My ankles start bleeding but he keeps hitting me. He is saying that he will buy me new ones and I need to throw the old ones away. He tells me that Dheer has gone away forever and would never come back. I become mad and run out of the house. I want to find Dheer”. Here she again stopped and started crying, caressing her both ankles and told me that she was feeling lot of pain in her ankles.

At this point I let her cry for a few moments and then told her that she is fine. Once quiet, I asked her about Dheer, the person who gave her those anklets.

“He is my childhood friend. I see myself with him in a field adjacent to the same big baoli with big water pond. We are playing. I am 6 and Dheer is 9. He is my best friend. He helps me a lot. He helps me making new friends. I do not have a family but many friends. My parents went away somewhere leaving me behind, as they didn’t want another girl child. They were very poor. But Dheer helps me a lot. I work in his house and get food and other help. He sometimes stays away from me as other kids make his fun. They tell him that I am his poor house maid and how I can be his friend. His mother also thrashes him for playing with me as I am poor and abandoned. His parents decide to sent him away in a town in a school. He keeps coming back to the village to be with his parents and meet me also. Now I am 13 and Dheer is 16. He brings the silver anklets and offers me. He tells me that he is going to another school in another faraway city. Dheer is going…. he is going… He is going…” At this point she again broke down and started crying. “

After remaining silent for a few moments, she spoke again; “Dheer is no more in the village. I do not have a work. His family also threw me out of the job. I knew folk dance, which I learned from the community I lived with. I started dancing in the festivals, marriage ceremonies, melas and in the temple celebrations. The temple priest started offering me food and little money as I fetched water for the temple from the village baoli. This helps me to survive. Sohan, my future husband saw me in the temple. He told the priest that he wants to marry me. And this is how I have been married to Sohan.”

She again returned to the time when Sohan was hitting ‘Rajjo’s’ ankles and asking her to remove the anklets. “I realize that my right ankle is broken as I could walk with great difficulty. My both ankles are bleeding. Right ankle is bleeding more. As I run towards the baoli my one anklet is lost. But I still run towards the baoli with all my strength. Sohan starts cursing and chasing me. I reach the baoli and before anyone could react I jump in the baoli. Sohan failed to stop me despite best try.  I get drowned and slowly die. I do not try to save myself. Sohan is crying. People pull my lifeless body out. My right ankle is broken. My knee and back is also broken with the impact of fall. I didn’t want to end this way. While dying my thoughts are that this was not a good life. I do not and cannot trust people. I want to meet Dheer, who abandoned me because of his parents and went away. Parents are not good. My parents abandoned me and Dheer’s parents separated us. I feel bad for my husband Sohan, who was a nice person and loved me but I didn’t love him. I do not want to be sad anymore. I want love but if ends bad then I do not want it.”

Here she stopped. I slowly and gently helped her to come out of hypnosis in the present day and time. I could see that she was much relaxed. Peace was radiating on her calm face. She had unlocked the mystery of many feelings, sufferings, diverse emotions and trust issue of this life. Slowly she opened her eyes. She softly cried but this time her tears glittered like pearls.

She kept silent for a while and finally spoke; “Now I know that why it had not been easy for me to make friends and love my parents. I always carried the fear of being abandoned. Now I want trust and family. I do not want to be alone. I know that from my past life I bring the fear of loosing people and being abandoned. I no more want to be sad and abandoned. Now I want to trust people. I want to feel love and trust the person. I now know that the distant cousin, for whom I have deep feelings is Dheer reborn. I found Dheer but still we are not destined to marry. I need to move ahead, trust my parents, meet friends and trust them. I need to find new love and trust him.”

In the follow up sessions many amazing developments took place. Her ankle abrasions and allergies disappeared forever. Her knees and back pain vanished and she started doing yoga. Her fear of water went away and she started learning swimming. Her relationship with her parents, whom she never trusted, improved significantly. And she sorted major issues with her cousin and started developing pure friendship with him.

Past Life Regression Therapy is not for everyone. Many people come to my practice for PLRT daily. I have to patiently tell them that they need to do past life regression therapy only if they have a serious emotional or physical issue, of which they have no explanation. I tell them that PLRT or past life regression therapy is not a past life site seeing touristic trip. Not everyone’s subconscious remembers past lives. In my experience of doing thousands of PLRT cases, one pattern is clearly visible. When there is a serious emotional or physical trauma, violent death, separation from a loved one, the subconscious stores that ‘data’ and carries it forward to next life to sort that.

If someone had lived a normal, fulfilling and peaceful life with no major shocking event, it’s very unlikely that the subconscious will carry forward the memories of that life.


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