Self Past Life Regression Therapy

Self Past Life Regression Therapy


Is it safe to try Past Life Regression Therapy on my own with the help of audios that are available online?


I am getting a lot of panic calls these days from people who are trying their hands on Past Life Regression by following certain self-help or DIY audios available online. These are the people who have never experienced the state of Hypnosis and who probably don’t even Meditate. Although listening to guided mind-body relaxation audios and practicing Self-Hypnosis – after having a good knowledge of it – are wonderful ways to heal oneself, I would request you to NOT EXPERIMENT with such a serious and intense process as Past Life Regression on your own. As tempting as it may sound, (AND free of cost) it is like conducting an open surgery on yourself not knowing how and where to place what organ and stitch back up. I feel rather relieved to hear people say that they tried doing Past Life Regression with the help of an online audio but felt nothing and eventually slept it out THAN hearing them say that they ended up feeling stuck, anxious, confused and scared and are now in need of immediate help and assistance.

Different people respond differently to and in hypnosis. A Past Life Regression audio can prove to be a nice general way of putting people in trance and may work for some to help them feel relaxed, but it almost always does not serve the purpose it claims to. Be sure to scroll down for comments before you plug in those pods. “Why?”, you may ask… Well… Read on…

Firstly, for Past Life Regression Therapy, before you go for the real deal it is important to first be familiar with a basic state of hypnosis and then to sharpen your visualisation skills. Not everyone is visual, but with practice one can train their mind to visualize vividly. An online Past Life Regression audio does not coach you to do that.

Secondly, if you DO have good visualisation skills and choose to go ahead with the recorded audio, there may come a point in the process where you can feel anxious and confused, not knowing how to get out of the situation you are experiencing. A therapist comes in handy then. Trained and certified therapists keep communicating with you to know how you are feeling and whether you need any help in any way along the procedure and, if you do, they know how and where to guide you next to let you have a smooth experience. An online Past Life Regression audio is not your trained and certified therapist.

Thirdly, if there are any issues you are looking to resolve with the help of Past Life Regression, then just exploring past life events is not enough. A lot of work happens AFTER your past life memory recall where, in the state of hypnosis, you are guided to your higher awareness to understand and clear out the programming from that past life that you are still carrying with you in this life. Only then can you really resolve that issue. And at the same time, let us say you wish to do a Past Life Regression simply out of curiosity but in the process, you come across an extremely disturbing and traumatic event in that life… An online Past Life Regression audio will not help you with clearing that trauma and you may come out feeling – like most people that call me after they try doing this – stuck, anxious, confused and scared.

So, to sum the whole thing up, a little friendly advise… Please do not try Past Life Regression Therapy at home all by yourself! If you want to benefit from the technique get in touch with a trained, qualified and certified therapist. You would save yourself from a lot of trouble and would any day have a much better and more authentic and genuine experience. Do all the research you must before finalizing on a therapist. Read about them, know their credentials, go through their blogs and articles, see how you feel about them and THEN plan the visit.

If you want to book an appointment with me, call me on +917042321200, Monday to Saturday, between 11 AM to 6 PM.

You can also send me a mail on [email protected]

Happy healing!


  • Pratik Shetty

    Where can I book a session in Mumbai and what’s the fees?

    • Sharma

      Thank you Sir for your message. We are in Delhi, not in Mumbai…

  • श्याम भगत

    PAST LIFE REGRESSION THERAPY का शुल्क कितना है?

    • Sharma

      Thanks for contacting Life Before Lives. For any information regarding Clinical Hypnotherapy & Past Life Regression Therapy services and charges, please call on: 7042321200 between 11am to 5pm during weekdays (Monday to Saturday). May you have a fulfilling day ahead. Warm wishes…

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