Reversing traumas and deep emotional hurts

Reversing traumas and deep emotional hurts

How we react in certain situations today is usually a result of what we may have experienced in those similar situations in the past. Sometimes even hearing other people’s experiences can alter our reactions. To give an example of both the scenarios –

  1. Sammy (not the real name) is scared to interact with women because when he was in school, in the 2nd grade, he accidentally tore his shorts from behind in the fitness class and his fitness teacher, who was a woman, said to him “run and change into something else or all the girls will make fun of you”, and all the girls in his class started giggling. Since then, whenever Sammy is in a situation where he has to talk to people of the opposite gender, he gets really nervous and fears he will be made fun of – again – because, “girls laugh at me”.
  2. Ivy (not the real name)does not even want to go to an airport, leave alone travelling on an airplane, because she has grown up listening to how her aunt was paralyzed for life when the flight she was on crashed. A lot of passengers even died in that accident. She loves to travel and hopes to, someday, see the whole world – but only if the means of travel are road, railway tracks or water – because, “airplanes are dangerous”.

When we experience or hear about something traumatic the memory of it gets stored in the subconscious mind. This happens because due to the shock of the trauma our reasoning, analytical, logical conscious mind shuts down and the critical factor of the mind, that works like a gatekeeper between the conscious and the subconscious mind, goes down too – thus leaving an open space for the traumatic experience to leave a strong impression on the subconscious mind. Once that negative memory is created we form our negative beliefs around it. Therefore, whenever we are put in situations that are similar to those old negative memories, we react according to the negative beliefs that we have created.

But all those old negative beliefs and traumas can be reversed easily with Clinical Hypnotherapy. You don’t have to limit yourself from enjoying the things that you much deserve to enjoy, like traveling the world or making new friends and starting new romantic relationships, just because your “past experiences have not been good”. Get in touch with me today and learn a great way to kick those limiting beliefs out and live your life to the fullest. It is never too late… so book your appointment NOW!


  • shiv

    Dear mam

    initially i was suffering from anxiety, can it be cure by this.

    • Sharma

      Thanks for writing Shiv. Yes it can definitely be cured. Please call me at +917042321200 and visit me.

      Swasti Shree Sharma

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