Past Life Traumas and Current Life Traits

Past Life Traumas and Current Life Traits

Past Life Traumas and Current Life Traits

Past Life Traumas and Current Life Traits

(A true Past Life regression Story…

All the names and other details have been changed

to respect the privacy of the client)

A young girl from a small town in Haryana came to see me. She was an unmarried girl of medium height and fair complexion. She had large expressive eyes and sharp nose.  Her main issue was that she was always scared to look good and wear attractive and appealing clothes. Her family always scorned her for appearing shabby and ill dressed. On the other hand she discharged her all duties to the best of her ability like a perfectionist. She was very hardworking in her studies and always scored high but when it came to dressing well and looking good, she will become very nervous. Everyone around her thought that it was bizarre that she wouldn’t even put any sort of makeup on her face. When such day to day unwanted family skirmishes started bothering her too much, she came to see me to know the karmic connection of her strange apathy and unnatural behaviour towards looking good.

Once on the recliner in my therapy room and deeply regressed, she started to move her hands with the fineness of a dancer as she crossed the archway between present and past life. Even though partly lying on the recliner chair, her head and hands started moving like a Bharatanatyam dancer. For a while I allowed her to experience whatever was happening and then asked her that what was happening.

“I am a Bharatanatyam dancer. I am barefoot and my feet are painted red. I am wearing red and green saree. My saree is tied like a

Bharatanatyam dancer
Bharatanatyam dancer

dancer. I am rigorously practicing some difficult dance movements. I am obsessed with perfection. My Guru has disciplined me to be flawless and perfectionist. I am devoted to dance and I am dancer in a very big and beautiful temple. I have big and beautiful expressive eyes, full cheeks. I am wearing a nose pin. I am gorgeous. This is Tamil Nadu in 1968. A little boy is very fond of my dance performances and regularly visits me. He is not my child but I love him. I am preparing for a event for lord Vishnu. In that dance I will be enacting Padmawati, wife of Lord Vishnu.” 

Here she again started moving her head, hands and body like a dancer and I allowed her to have that experience. I saw her moving in the chair like a dancer as if she was actually dancing. It was strange as in this life she has no knowledge or training of any sort of dance form. Her traditional Haryanvi family background didn’t allow her to venture in this area. The family focus was entirely on education to become an IAS officer. To see her move her head, hands and body like a dancer was quite startling for me.

After moving in the chair like a dancer for sometime, she stopped and became motionless and started talking again, They are hitting my head with a big stone and killing me. They are killing me as I am connected to someone very powerful in the temple and they are jealous of that. I was becoming very famous. People were coming to the temple more for my dance than for prayers. They didn’t want me there any more. They couldn’t remove me from the post of head dancer as my Guru is a very well known and powerful. I am also in relationship with my Guru and is very close to him. Killing me was the only option left to remove me from the scene. They crushed my face and head beyond any recognition. Now I am dead and leaving the body”

At this juncture I asked her that what were her lessons from that life from soul’s perspective. I asked her to review that life of traumatic death from her soul’s perspective.

They thought that my dancing was indecent and seductive. My killers thought that my dancing was invoking carnal desires in men rather devotion for God. For me dance was my devotion but they thought that I was seductress and poisoning men with sin. Being the best and perfectionist in my dance was what I was thriving for. I am sad that they couldn’t appreciate my passion for dance and judged me in a wrong way. They too  were cursed for their whole life for killing me.”

Slowly I brought her back to the present life and current time and asked her that what was her purpose in this life.

I need to let go in this life. I still have a fear of doom though I want to enjoy life. I know that my guides and angels also have been in pain with me and they have helped me to negotiate this trauma. I need to get over my traumas and move on. Now I know that why I am reluctant to dress well and look good. My beauty made me look seductive and caused my violent death. My dressing well always made me very uncomfortable as I was killed in full ceremonial dress of a dancer. This is the reason that I don’t dress up well and wear makeup. It connects me to the past life memory of death.”

After a few weeks of this session she changed her profile picture and sent me. She wore very appealing makeup. In her other pictures she wore very beautiful dresses and looked stunningly beautiful and gorgeous.

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  • Kunaal


    If anybody is suffering from severe disease, can we check it by going in past that why this has happened. More important can it be cure in this life? Can we get any help from the past to cure our present. ?

    Kindly advise.
    Also please advise What are your charges ?

    • Sharma


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