Past life romantic tragedies traumatize this life too

Past life romantic tragedies traumatize this life too

Past life romantic tragedies traumatize this life too

Past life romantic tragedies traumatize this life too..

(A true Past Life regression Story…

All the names and other details have been changed

to respect the privacy of the client)

I had not the slightest inkling of the story to unfold, when a tall beautiful Australian girl of 36 walked into my therapy room. She was athletic, had strong bones, broad shoulders, sharp nose, large hypnotic blue eyes and long straight blond hair. Once on the recliner she relaxed, smiled and introduced herself. Not being able to have a fulfilling romantic relationship and always keep getting attracted to incompatible kind of personwas her primary issue, for which she wanted a Past Life Regression Therapy session.

The time taken in getting to past lives varies from person to person. Broadly speaking, there are three types of past life experiences depending upon the nature of people; Visual, Auditory and kinesthetic.

Visual people generally have profound and clear film like visuals of their past life. They do see and recognize faces and places very easily. Auditory people hear sounds and spoken words better than seeing visuals. And Kinesthetic people are more sensuous. They feel smell and touch better than hearing sounds or seeing visuals in past life regression experiences.

I have been trained in Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression Therapy in a very prestigious and credible institute in the USA in more than 500 hours of highly professional and intense classroom coaching by a very experienced faculty. Before taking anyone through the past life experience, I always make sure not only to understand the Visual, Auditory and kinesthetic nature of the clients but also give them right kind of exercises to enhance their past life experiences. Already having very successfully helped thousands of clients through Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression Therapy, I feel very fulfilled and blessed.

I see myself as a young man. I am a soldier and I am fully armored. Its daytime. I am riding a horse. I am not alone. I am passing through a dense forest with many other soldiers. We are marching through woods somewhere to fight. I am the leader of the troop. Everyone calls me Jashua. I am in a very ancient period …may be hundreds or thousands years ago.. somewhere in Asia. I don’t know that where we are going but I know that we are going for a war.” From here she moved to the next event.

“I am in a big castle now. There is big dinner party going. There are more than fifty people laughing and talking. We are celebrating victory. I now see a very beautiful woman. I am in a secret relationship with her. No one knows about our relationship. She is a slave

Good Relationship
Good Relationship

worker of lower class in the castle. The dinner is going on and we keep looking at each other. I am very happy to see her in this victory celebration party. We silently slip out of the party and discreetly head for our agreed secret rendezvous in a large beautiful bedroom in the castle. We start laughing, kissing and making love. I now see another blond woman, who spotted and followed us here. She hid herself behind the door and see us making love. This woman loves me and wants to marry me. She is very jealous of my relationship with the slave girl. She exposes my relationship with the slave girl to my father. My father is very unhappy for my being in relationship with this low level girl. My furious father barges into the room and snatches away my love of life. He arranges her to be executed the same night. No one sympathizes with the poor girl as she was slave. There is huge sadness and emptiness inside me. I feel I am responsible for her death. I should have saved her but I couldn’t save her. I become uninterested in everything. I have no interest left to do any thing. My love of life is gone and so is my life.”

“The blond girl who caused this all and who is in love with me starts chasing me to marry her. I cant stand her and I don’t want even to look at her. More she tries to come close to me more I push her away. This makes her very unhappy.”

From here she moved to the next important event of her life. In Past Life Regression therapy the experience of the therapist to steer the client around crucial and important events, counts most. As a well-trained and experienced Regression therapist I pay complete attention to the face expressions, body movements, twitches and turns and hand gestures of the client in the recliner opposite me. Where to stop and where to inspire the client to go further is a very important part of Past Life Regression Therapy.

I am in the same room. I am lying on my bed. Much time has elapsed. I have aged a little. All these years I have been very revengeful and violent towards the blond girl who caused such pain in my life. I remember having banged her head on the wall, beating her cruelly. I now see a strong man forcing his entry into my room. He is blond girl’s brother. He has a big knife. He wants to take revenge of his sister. He is much stronger, bigger and powerful than me. He stabs me in the heart and runs away. I am in pain and starts dying alone in my bed. The blood is all around me. Soon it all is going to be over. I am now leaving the body. I come out of the body. I hover above my body and see it lying alone in a pool of blood. I am making a decision not to become romantically close to anyone as its painful and creates deep hurt”.

Slowly I brought her back in the current time and in the present body. She slowly opened her eyes. After a little while she took a long breath and said, “Now I know the deep seated fear I have for romantic relationships. I don’t want to hurt and get hurt. I fear loosing something important through romantic relationships. If I keep away from serious romantic commitments, I will neither hurt anyone nor get hurt myself. I somehow always choose the wrong kind of person, as I know that I am going to dump him. Now I need to change this programming. From now onward I need to choose only the right kind of person with whom I can make serious commitments. I am very hopeful now. I need to start afresh with a positive frame of mind.”

Months later when she again came to meet me she appeared much happier and calm. She told me that her perspective has completely changed. Now she is working on herself to find the right kind of person for a stable romantic relationship. She was very hopeful  that she is going to find someone soon.

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