Overcome fear of death with Hypnotherapy

Overcome fear of death with Hypnotherapy


Death is simply a transfer from one world to another… So death is, but, just another life in another dimension, from where starts another journey. To get to it is an extremely adventurous trip. And on this trip we will find that some tourist attractions/places of interest are beautiful and interesting,while some others are too boring to be even included on the trip itinerary. Some locations have a good sunrise point, while some are famous for its sunsets. Sometimes we get a good hotel to stay in with world class amenities, however, sometimes it turns out to be a total nightmare with bed bugs, big mosquitoes that may look like tarantulas, leaking roofs and seepage in walls. While trailing and trekking through all the topsy turvy roads we may fall and injure ourselves sometimes, while other times even the most breathtakingly dangerous mountain climbs may seem like a walk on the clouds.

No matter what experiences we have on the trip – good or bad – when we look back at all that has passed, we laugh and tell people about it with such amusement… Especially about the things that didn’t go too well… And it is those ‘unpleasant’ moments that we learn from the most.

Every trip we take is different and has a lot to give us. Every trip has its own challenges and its own adventures. Such is with life… Whether it is this life, or some other life, OR the life in another dimension or reality.

What’s even more beautiful is that within each life are many lives that we live each day, many trips we take, many roads that unfold themselves. There could be several ups and downs and pits and bumps on these roads, but do we stop the journey midway because of those hurdles? Or do we continue traveling, passing through it all, till we reach our destination… How far it may be, wherever it may be. Yes we do slow down at certain points to take a breather, and that is completely alright.

Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression Therapy are wonderful techniques that teach and give people the strength, wisdom and patience that is needed in this journey called life. Past Life Regression Therapy is a great way to understand and deal with the concept of life and death.


Come and try it out for yourself! Call now for appointment.

And remember… Come what may… The journey must go on! 🙂

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