Many skills and talents flow from past lives

Many skills and talents flow from past lives

I am positive that you may have seen or followed some of the talent shows on television, where small kids perform on stage in front of celebrities? These children are aged between 4 to 14 approximately. I can bet that you often wonder, how these kids are doing such an amazing performance, how they are pushing all the limits through their dancing, singing and acting skills? At times you may become numb with amaze at their incredible talents and performances? The way they sing and dance and act, it appears as if they have been doing such performances since birth! The skill and proficiency with which they perform, even some of the most famous and professional artists fail to achieve in front of live audience.

And when the television hosts ask these little ones that for how long they have been training, their reply is one year… two years… or maximum five years. In addition, they devote many hours in study, homework from schools and tuitions! It makes us wonder that how its possible for someone that young to be living like that? There is a term for such kids. They are called ‘PRODIGIES’. There are hundreds and hundreds examples of child prodigies in every sphere of life

The question is that how these small kids do such wonders at such a tender age? Is it God’s gift? Possible! Is it in their DNA? Could be! Although in many cases their family members claim that no one ever had been interested in the said gifted form of artistic expression or talent in their whole family history, from both; paternal as well maternal side. Are they miracle kids? Well, they surely are, for the miraculous ways in which they perform. Or could it be a past life karma? Now that has a high probability.

Dick Sutphen, in his book “Past Life Therapy in Action”, talks about the five kinds of karma. To further explain he states two case examples of this karma and says, and I quote, “Abilities and awareness are developed over a period of many lifetimes. A man in Rome became interested in music and began to develop his ability. Today, after 6 additional lifetimes in which he became a little better with each life, he is a successful professional musician.”

Now take a look at these children. Do you seriously think that the kind of excellence with which they project their “talents” can be achieved in just a few years of training? A 12-year-old child appearing for class 12th board science examinations is definitely a lot more than just chemical reactions happening in the brain resulting in High IQ. A 6-year-old speaking in ancient Vedic Sanskrit and reciting Shlokas from the Upanishads – a eleven years old kid from a backward village speaking English in elite American accent, that’s lot more than just God’s gift or DNA. Reality actually is much beyond what can be perceived through the limited perception of our five senses.

If you feel that a special ability or talent or rare gift, you or someone close to you have in this life, is or may be related with yours or this person’s former lives then Past Life Regression Therapy may help you immensely in exploring that with further details. It can help you to work on that ability even more and develop it further by re-building your faith and confidence in yourself.

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