Live a positive & Happy life

Live a positive & Happy life

I am a qualified, experienced and professionally trained Past Life Regression Therapist and Clinical Hypnotherapist from America. I am the first practicing Past Life Regression therapist and Clinical Hypnotherapist in India to be certified by the International Board of Hypnotherapy (USA). Now, I am giving consultations and helping and healing client’s everyday with very high degree of success to help in the following:

To cure fears and phobias

For healthy weight management and smoking cessation

Improving interpersonal relationships

Reversing trauma

Increasing self confidence

To improve your memory

Performing better in examinations and competitive sports

Achieving goals

Helping with joyful pregnancy and easy childbirth

Dealing with a small child

Helping people become confident public speaker

To help confidently appear in professional interviews

To book an appointment call on: 7042321200, or visit:

Positive & Happy Life
Positive & Happy Life



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