Hypnotherapy works wonders for Memory

Hypnotherapy works wonders for Memory

People ask me if Hypnotherapy can help them remember and recollect things better by improving their memory; especially those who are preparing for exams or interviews. The answer to that is, “yes”! You see, memory – or the ability to learn, understand, memorize, and then finally recall something at the time it is required – is of the mind… awareness… and different levels of awareness. And in a state of Hypnosis, which is the natural state of mind, we are working on those levels of awareness.

Whatever information we perceive during our entire lifetime, through different mediums like audio or visual or other sensory receptors like touch, smell, taste etc., registers and stays forever in our mind whether we consciously choose to remember it or not. But because of something called the Reticular Activating System (RAS) of the brain, we only pay attention to and recall as much as is important for us at a given time. Sometimes, some information comes to us naturally – probably because it becomes a muscle memory over the years (like knowing how to write alphabets), or because it is a learned behaviour (like remembering ways to protect yourself when faced with danger), or because we do it almost every single day as a part of daily routine (like brushing, bathing, driving from home to work and back home). There are times though when we really have to focus to remember some information – like remembering to solve that math problem, or remembering the answer to that history question. Which means the memory of whatever we want to know and recall is right within us. Sometimes we are quickly able to recall it; other times it takes a lot of effort to remember that information.

When we are struggling really hard to remember something that is very crucial for us to remember, but are still not able to remember, it is because our mind is really stressed out and under this huge pressure of wanting to recall whatever it is and is trying really hard to remember it. The truth is that the harder we try to remember something, the harder it becomes to remember it. All our memories are stored in the subconscious awareness, and when we are stressed, there is a constant chatter that goes on in the conscious mind. The adrenalin kicks in, we start to sweat and fret, the stomach tightens, we experience palpitation, and all of this blocks us from establishing a direct communication with the subconscious mind and fetching out all that already existing data. Therefore, it is really important to stay relaxed while trying to memorize and remember something.

Using some simple relaxation techniques, many children – who come to me to learn ways to perform better in examinations and improve their grades in school – have benefited to a great extent. People appearing for interviews have achieved success. Some have even been able to find misplaced objects. All by learning how to keep themselves calm. In Hypnotherapy there are many wonderful techniques that you can use to improve your memory, learning skills, and the ability to recall the right information at the right time. Book your session today and know and learn those techniques.

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Happy learning! ☺


  • Madhula Bhargava

    Like to do it in Delhi. If ossible

    • Sharma

      I am in Delhi. If you want to come for a session, please call on +7042321200 to book an appointment. Regards.

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