Hypnotherapy helps for sure in finding inner peace

Hypnotherapy helps for sure in finding inner peace

There is a strange thing about finding inner peace – everyone keeps looking for it outside of them selves. Some people get inner peace when they go the mountains to meditate. For some, inner peace is sitting in a place of worship for hours. Then there are those who find inner peace by being in the presence of a spiritual guru. Different people have different ways of finding their own inner peace and different places to go to where they can find that inner peace.

Now, what if someone were to tell you that you do not have to go anywhere to find inner peace – no mountain, no ashram, no place of worship – and that you can be your own spiritual guru who can help you to connect to that inner peace you are looking for? You would doubt them and probably laugh at them sarcastically, right? Or maybe even get upset with them because they are going against your beliefs – religious or spiritual. But none of that stuff will change the truth.

The fact is, when you are feeling peaceful by going to the mountains, you are actually enjoying the peace that is “out there” in the mountains. The air is fresh, there is hardly any pollution, it is nice and quiet… ah… peaceful! For as long as you are there in that environment, you are at peace. But imagine, suddenly out of nowhere, a huge truck passes by throwing black smoke out its exhaust and blowing the loudest horn you may have ever heard (because in mountains, sounds echo). What will your reaction be? Oh how disturbed you will get, that truck just broke your state of peace! And you know why? Well, because it never was YOUR state of peace. You were merely enjoying the peaceful environment “outside”. Inner peace does not depend on outer circumstances or situations.

In the same way, when you go to spiritual or religious gurus for finding inner peace, it all seems so wonderful and peaceful as long as you are sitting in their presence because they do have a beautiful peaceful aura and such calming and relaxing vibes. You may even continue to feel at peace four or five hours after visiting them. But the moment someone says something bad to you – on the road, at home or in office – that feeling of peace vanishes into thin air. Well, because, again, you were only enchanted by and flowing in the peaceful aura and vibes of another person. Those feelings of peace were not generated from YOUR inner peace.

When we talk about inner peace, it is self-explanatory that it is to be found “within” each one of us. Even all the spiritual and religious gurus tell us to “turn inwards” to find inner peace. Is it not ironic that for finding something that clearly talks about looking inside, we keep running outside? When in reality you do not have to go anywhere outside to find your inner peace. And once you have found it, nothing can take it away from you – whether it is a truck’s loud horn, or someone saying something bad to you or about you.

In Hypnotherapy there are so many techniques that you can use to connect to your inner peace. And with regular practice it will become your true divine nature. You can experience the peace of mountains from wherever you are. You can get in touch with the spiritual guru that is inside of you. Just turn within – that is the only place you have to go to. Book your session TODAY and learn all those wonderful techniques. Call for appointment.

Happy journey!


  • saima siddiqui

    Sure, hypnotheraphy is related with inner peace. and can heal any problem, it help us to be strong from inside.

    • Sharma

      Thank you very much dear Saima for your kind words.

      Swasti Shree Sharma

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