Hypnotherapy for managing Bad Temper

Hypnotherapy for managing Bad Temper

“Personality – Structure that results from conditioned mind.”

I have heard people say during their Hypnotherapy sessions with me, that their such and such behaviour is a part of their personality and that they can’t change it. Here’s what my understanding of ‘personality’ is: – our beliefs, conditioned by the information stored in our subconscious mind, form our personality. To give an example of this, let me tell you a little true story.

A girl came to me for sessions on anger management. She said she gets angry over small things, for which there is no reason to get angry. She only calms down once she has verbally abused someone by using swear words. As we started talking more and she started getting more comfortable with me, she opened up further and said “this anger is a part of my personality. I am just like my father. When I was a little girl my mother used to tell me that I’d grow up to be exactly like dad. Can you believe that even my father has anger issues much worse than mine? And even he uses foul language when he gets angry. It’s all coming from him. My mother was right. I did grow up to be just like dad! This is what my personality is!”

Remember when she said that she gets angry over things there is no reason to get angry over? That’s because she has grown up BELIEVEING anger (BEHAVIOUR) to be a part of her PERSONALITY. And this BELIEF is completely conditioned by her subconscious childhood memory formed by her mother constantly telling her that she would grow up to be just like her father. Every time her mother gave her this information, it worked as a command for the subconscious mind, since parents are authority figures. She paid attention to whatever her dad was doing and picked up his behaviours and habits so that she could grow up to be exactly like him and make her mother proud that she was right all along. Since negative behaviours come out to be very strong, kids pick them up instantly from parents. But no matter what age you are, negative behaviours CAN ALSO BE UNLEARNED … With Hypnotherapy!

When you are in hypnosis, the critical factor of the mind is relaxed and all the new and positive information and suggestions go directly in the subconscious mind. This information forms new and positive beliefs and these new beliefs can alter negative behaviours and create a wonderful positive shift in personality.

Every negative behaviour or trait can be changed. They can be changed if you have the desire to change them. All negatives can be easily turned into positives if you want that to happen. Try Hypnotherapy! Oh by the way, just in case you’re curious to know what happened with my client… after a few sessions, she is completely healed of her anger issues and is living a calm, peaceful, happy and positive life – AS HERSELF – not as a reflection of her father.



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    People generally undergo an array of emotions throughout the course of each day, and for most people they will be able to control their feelings and keep things at bay. However, there are quite a few people that fight to control their temper and this affects not only them but their close friends, workmates and relatives. It can lead to fear and loss of closeness in relationships and bad feelings between friends and colleagues.

    • Sharma

      Very true…

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