Hypnotherapists are not people with “Supernatural Powers”

Swasti S Sharma

Hypnotherapists are not people with “Supernatural Powers”

Hypnotherapists are not people with “Supernatural Powers

Some people think that, by using the techniques of Hypnotherapy one can control other people’s mind. Even sometimes some of my clients ask me “is it possible?” But this thinking is misleading and putting hypnotherapy in bad light by suggesting that one can control other people’s mind. Hypnotherapy is not about controlling people’s mind, but helping them attain a balanced and happy mind, by fortifying it with confidence, with the help of scientifically approved techniques of Hypnotherapy.

People are greatly influenced by the things that have happened to them throughout their lifetime. Often, we subconsciously allow our past mistakes, incompletions, and even our successes to get in the way of creation and accomplishment of goals.

During the process of Hypnotherapy, once these signs have been identified, the next step is to go directly using several hypnotic techniques, get to the root and detach from these negative conditionings, replace it with ideas of success and accomplishment, get in touch with our ability to get what we want, make our positives more powerful and allow the conscious mind to act with that power.

Remember, Hypnosis is the natural state of mind, that has been studied scientifically. Hypnotherapists are not people with “Supernatural Powers”. Hypnotherapy is based on many years of Clinical Research. And Mind You… It has the word THERAPY in it, not MAGIC…

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