What does a hypnotherapist do?


What is NLP

NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming is about understanding the internal neurological software and changing it to maximize excellence. Language. In 1970, John Grinder and Bandler came to understand the power of language on the nervous system. They found that people respond more to their inner map of reality than to the reality itself. This is the basis of NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming. NLP helps to change behaviour and responses for the better. Many effective techniques are used for ;

  1. improving communication skills,
  2. eliminating limiting beliefs,
  3. helping convert bad habits into good habits
  4. healing all kind of relationship issues
  5. clearing many phobias and fears
  6. promoting proactive mindset
  7. getting rid of unproductive and damaging attachments
  8. healing different kind of traumas
  9. pinpointing the root cause of problems
  10. creating internal resource for developing sense of wellbeing
  11. clearing different allergies
  12. achieving goals in the required time frame
  13. motivation
  14. following the excellence of champions and heroes

Why Hypnotherapy is the science of today and future?

Even before we are born and are still growing in our mother’s womb, her stress and dealing with many odds in life influence us profoundly. As has been proven in many researches, the child in the womb is very sensitive and aware of what goes around mother. Her happiness, sadness, anxiety, worries equally influence unborn child’s mind negatively or positively. Natal Regression (an advanced Hypnotherapy technique) of thousands of clients has revealed that many important incidents and events around their pregnant mother (when they were still in her womb) remain stored in subconscious mind. During Natal Regression these clients were able to recall many such events and incidents, which they otherwise has no way to access. These clients were amazed to check and confirm with their mother. It has been also revealed in thousands of researches that such natal negative or positive impressions, program us and deeply influence our personality and behavior for the rest of our life.

After birth a child hears the word NO more than 400 times a day, as reported in a research by UCLA experts. As a toddler in first year alone a child hears NO almost 1,48,000 times. This negative programming adversely affects child’s learning skills and self-esteem. These days many people suffer from ADS (attention deficiency syndrome), self doubt and low self esteem, which negatively affects their success in today’s highly competitive environment.

Hypnotherapy counseling with an skilled, qualified and experienced Hypnotherapist is a very effective way to delete such negative programming quickly and move ahead with renewed confidence positively.

Scope of Hypnotehrapy?

Hypnotherapy has helped thousands around the world in competitive sports. Many professional sports teams in the world now rely on qualified Hypnotherapists to build winning confidence of the players. For many years the science of hypnotherapy has successfully helped thousands of people around the world in various areas of life, like increasing self esteem, improving memory, pain management, weight control, overall improved physical health, mental and emotional calmness and smoking cessation.

What is Hypnotherapy?

We all experience a ‘hypnotic state’ every now and then, doing normal day-to-day activities. We just overlook it because of lack of knowledge on the subject. For instance, when we take a nap our brain-waves shift from beta to alpha, just like during hypnosis. Also, when we are so much focused on a task that we don’t get distracted by whatever is happening around, it is likely we are in a light ‘hypnotic state’, another term for which is an ‘altered state’.

Similarly, for those who drive, you may have actually slipped into an altered state of consciousness when on your way home you were so deep into your thoughts about the day’s events that when you finally reached home and parked your car you realized that you had no idea how you made it all the way and you thought to yourself ‘that was quick’, when in reality the drive was almost two hours.

Daydreaming is another example of naturally experiencing an altered state of mind. While daydreaming we get so connected to the imaginary situation and the feelings it generates that our body starts to react as if the events were real, which makes us enter a light hypnotic state, followed by certain physiological changes. For example, if I daydream about skydiving from 16000 feet up high, my heart starts pumping faster and my muscles tighten, as if getting ready to take the pressure, like I’m about to jump off the plane. So hypnosis is really a natural yet altered state of mind.

It is in this altered state of the mind where healing occurs, when the critical faculty is relaxed. Critical faculty, which develops by the age ten, works like a gatekeeper or checkpoint to the subconscious. Located between the conscious and the subconscious mind, it compares any new incoming ideas or information with the already existing ideas or beliefs of the subconscious mind and resolves if the current information matches with the recognized patterns of the subconscious mind, or if it should be sent back to the conscious mind for further inspection.

During hypnosis, relaxation of critical faculty aids in communication between the conscious and subconscious mind. This communication allows for positive and beneficial suggestions, ideas and information to be accepted and acted upon by the subconscious mind. And this is what we aim to do as Hypnotherapists.

There are several Hypnotherapy methods that are used to take people in hypnosis, which is a natural yet altered state of mind with numerous beneficial characteristics where the critical faculty of the mind is relaxed and selective thinking is maintained. Once this state has been achieved and the communication between conscious and subconscious mind has been established, positive ideas and suggestions are then given to the client or, as I like to say, co-therapist. Because of this direct communication between conscious and subconscious, the co-therapist easily accepts and starts acting upon those suggestions and positive transformations take place. This is Hypnotherapy, or “healing through hypnosis”.

Hypnotherapy has helped many people, coming from different walks of life, to heal several issues. Improved memory skills, increased self-confidence, healthy weight loss, easy childbirth, success in goal accomplishment, increased mutual love and respect in relationships, smoking cessation, pain management, elimination of fears and phobias has all been made possible using Hypnotherapy.

If people are tired of dieting and exercising and still not losing weight, Hypnotherapy empowers to make a resolve and achieve profound results. Similarly in achieving goals, realizing ambitions and dealing with difficulties in relationships, Hypnotherapy works wonders.

How Hypnotherapy works?

Before the age of 10 or 12, when our discerning critical factor has not yet developed, we accept everything literally true from our parents or peers and start believing it. Therefore any freaky event of childhood, when our parents or teachers may have labeled us ‘stupid’, ‘incompetent’ or ‘unworthy’, gets imbedded in our subconscious as a ‘belief’. In later years without our even realizing, that ‘belief’ starts influencing our decisions making and steering our life. Such negative ‘belief’ start attracting and accumulating more negative ‘beliefs’ in our subconscious mind. An skilled, qualified and experienced Hypnotherapist identifies such negative ‘beliefs’ and clears them by programming the mind with positive beliefs. Gradually the flood of positive beliefs completely flushes out the entire negative ‘beliefs’ from the subconscious mind and the client bounces back to life with positivity and never before experienced confidence.

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