Directing thoughtlessness to positive and creative thoughts

Directing thoughtlessness to positive and creative thoughts

“I am thoughtless”, “I am blank”, “I cannot think of anything”… I have heard these statements so many times from so many people – clients, friends, relatives. Can we ever be thoughtless or blank and, at the same time, say that we are thoughtless or blank? No. Those who really are thoughtless or blank do not even bother to say that, because it requires one to ‘think’ to put something in words. So when someone says “I am thoughtless”, I say “wrong! You are thinking that you are thoughtless. That is a thought about your current state of mind. So you, actually, are not thoughtless.”

A client said to me few days back, “whenever I stand in front of a large group of people to talk, it is as if the flow of thoughts stop and all I can hear in my mind is tnnnnnn…” he made a sound that sounded something like a loud prolonged tuning fork. After further talking and questioning he said “when all my thoughts stop and I hear that sound, I keep saying to myself in my head – think of something… quickly… think of something!” With that I figured what he was doing – because of a traumatic incident in the past which was later healed during the course of sessions, every time he would stand in front of a group of people to talk, his focus turned to thinking of ‘something’, and that ‘something’ that he was thinking of was being thoughtless and hearing that tuning fork like sound. So, technically, he was not doing anything wrong, he WAS thinking of ‘something’, he was not thoughtless. The only issue was that instead of giving himself the message to focus his thoughts on thinking about what was needed to be said in that situation, he kept giving himself the message to think about ‘something’. For the mind, ‘something’ can be anything. ‘Something’ is like an uncontrollable horse running free in the wilderness. ‘Something’ can be simply, literally, ‘something’.

My client was, however, doing a wonderful job. He naturally, instinctively, knew the art of self-suggestion. I simply had to teach him ways to use that art positively, to his benefit, so he could focus his thoughts on thinking about the important things rather than just about anything.

Now here is the good news – like my client, each and every one of us naturally, instinctively, knows the art of self-suggestion. How? “I am thoughtless” is a suggestion to self to be thoughtless. “I am blank” is a suggestion to self to be blank. “I cannot think of anything” is a suggestion to self to not think of anything. “I am sad” is a suggestion to self to be sad. “I am stupid” is a suggestion to self to do things to make us look stupid – just like “I am thirsty” is a suggestion to self to get up and get a glass of water or ask someone to get us some. We keep giving ourselves so many suggestions throughout the day every single day. To just have the realization of which self-suggestion is negative and which is positive can make it a lot easier to appreciate ourselves each time we hear a positive self-suggestion and catch hold of a negative self-suggestion. Reverse it and make it positive, and appreciate yourself more for doing all that work all by yourself.

With Hypnotherapy, learn the wonderful ways to use the art of positive self-suggestion positively and you shall never have a “blank” moment ever again.

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Happy thoughts to you!


  • Sanchita Jindal

    Know that positive self suggestions work.

    • Sharma

      Thank you very much Sanchita for commenting.

      Swasti Shree Sharma

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