Dig in, your confidence is inside…

Dig in, your confidence is inside…

Swas photo newIt amazes me how some clients come to me and say “I lack confidence”, with so much confidence. It is almost like saying, “I am confident I am not confident”. And when I turn their attention towards this confidence, the reaction I get is priceless. Their body language changes, how they feel about themselves changes, their thought process changes. And once it has been established that they indeed have confidence, together we start working on getting in touch with it and increasing it in the right, positive manner.

There are different reasons people experience ‘lack of confidence’. Everyone has their own backstory about what made them stop seeing the confidence they already, naturally, have in them. I say they “stop seeing” the confidence, because it never really goes anywhere – people just stop paying attention to it due to certain events that may have happened in the past. To give you an example of this, that confidence does not go anywhere and it always stays right within us, I would like you to close your eyes for a few seconds and focus on your breathing. Breathe easy and slow, gently reducing the pace of your each breath, making it deeper and longer. Then turn your attention to how your heart is beating – follow your heartbeat, listen to it, try to understand and get in touch with its rhythm… and then slowly open your eyes. If you want, read these instructions once again so you can easily follow the process and do this exercise now.

Wonderful! If you are reading further after actually doing the exercise mentioned above, you will easily be able to understand my point better. So if you have not done it yet, I would really suggest and encourage you to try the exercise once before proceeding, and then continue reading here:

It is not always that we are paying attention to how our heart is beating, what is the RPM, how it is pumping blood to our entire body and all organs. But does it mean that the heart is not there at all? Does it mean that we are ‘lacking’ a heart? Or does it simply mean that it is always there, doing its job perfectly, but we are not really focusing on it? Because when you just did the small exercise written in this article, if you did it, you were suddenly able to connect to each rhythmic beat of your heart and get in touch with, and become aware of, its functions.

It is the same with ‘confidence’. Just because we are not paying attention to it and are not aware of it, does not mean that the confidence is not there at all. It is always there. It is with this confidence that people get the confidence of saying that they do not have confidence. All you have to do is focus on it and get in touch with it, again, in a right – positive – way. Try Hypnotherapy… it does work wonders when you want to feel and increase your confidence. And I am confident of that! J

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Happy healing!

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