Dealing with a small child..

Dealing with a small child..

Everyday I keep getting mails from people from all walks of life concerning their various issues and situations. Many times they are just routine queries about Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression Therapy. Some of the mails are very unique and quite interesting. I am sharing a recent mail from a gentleman and also my response to him. I feel that the readers of my blogs may find it interesting and useful.

Hi Swasti,

I got your mail id from your website

My son is 3.5 year old and absolutely normal . From last one week he is not ready to go to park, when i asked the reason he said that he saw falling of leafs from trees due to thunderstorm. I coached him and took him to park but he was looking at the trees with anxiety and immediately rushed towards home.

I dont know whether this is common or uncommon .My assumption is that the fear/anxiety will go away with time but want to take the corrective action if needed.

Please suggest how to handle this situation



Thanks for your mail.

Like you said, it will all go away with time. Children that small are very sensitive to the smallest of things they experience. It could, in my personal opinion driven by my practice and strong belief, be something to do with a past life memory recall. Try and gently ask him how he “feels” about the falling leaves and the thunderstorm and what does it “remind” him of.

Till the time kids turn 4 or 5, it is normal for some to still have disturbing memories from a recent life they have just passed over from. Once you get an idea of his feelings, coach him to work on the reversal of those negative feelings. For example, if he says it makes him feel scared, say “you are a very brave boy… you can even take daddy down, that is how brave and strong you are. And moreover, thunderstorms are just God’s / Angels’ way of saying hello to brave and strong boys”. Avoid using terms like you are / be fearless, you are not scared, don’t be scared etc. as they clearly have sounds and words that you want him to not feel in the first place.

If it something he experienced in that park or some other playground with similar surroundings as that park, like probably someone bullying him or scaring or threatening him, let him know that it is safe to tell dad and mom because dad and mom will take care of it and will keep him safe and protected. Remember, throughout your conversation use positive terms only. Safe, strong, protected, happy, brave, courageous etc.. Also, for these talks, choose a surrounding that is happy and safe OUTSIDE of the comfort of home… maybe his favorite restaurant or gaming zone… anywhere else outside of home that he enjoys. You can also use a little “let’s play a game” trick… ask daddy and mommy any one question you want and they will answer, and then you answer one question mommy and daddy ask you… the one who answers correctly wins a balloon!

I hope and pray and am almost a 100% certain that it’ll all work out fine! Sending my most heartfelt wishes and positive energies!

Swasti Shree Sharma

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