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Mysteries of Life

When Lisa (name changed) was a little girl, her grandmother used to tell her stories each night and tuck her to sleep. Lisa loved stories so she would stay up to know the ending and would request for more. Sometimes the grandmother happily obliged because little Lisa was the apple of her eyes and other times, because of being too sleepy or tired herself, she would scare little Lisa to sleep by saying, “close your eyes and quickly go to sleep or the police will come and take you away”. So poor little Lisa would shut her eyes tight and try keeping them shut until she could finally fall asleep. This happened almost every night.

Ergo, whenever Lisa saw anyone dressed in uniform like that of the police, even the security guards of the colony she lived in, she would greet them and befriend them hoping, that if they became her friends, they would not “take her away”. This was her fear response to the harmless threats given to her by her grandmother. She grew up to feel uncomfortable every time she saw cops or traffic police, so much so that she would make sure not to look directly into their eyes, and if there happened to be an eye contact by mistake, she smiled at them awkwardly and sheepishly, as if she had done something wrong.

Now, all this while she thought that this happens because of that one negative suggestion given to her as a child. Little did she know that this fear had its roots way deeper and further into the past. She also had an unexplained fear of being in enclosed spaces because of which she avoided using means of public transport, like bus or metro train, and whenever she did she almost always had blackouts, especially if it was crowded. She even kept away from going to crowded shops, marketplaces and was always the last to enter and get out of any movie theater or auditorium. This kind of fear is most commonly known as claustrophobia, in layman terms. She took a past life regression session for this – after first working on reducing the level of fear by using other hypnotherapy techniques – because she strongly felt that she will find her answers in the past. In her PLR session, this is what she discovered – (read closely):

In a past life in Spain, when she was a seventeen year old girl, while she was in a crowded marketplace doing some shopping for home, some ferocious uniformed men came on horses, destroyed people’s shops, took food and clothes from vendors after beating them, created a ruckus and forcefully took away some young girls, dragging them and lifting them by their hair on their horses. Lisa was one of those girls. One uniformed man kept her hostage in a small room where there was not even any window. She had food to eat and water to drink, but was not allowed to leave the room. This man would come and rape her every now and then and if she refused or cried, he would beat her brutally. But gradually, as she started complying his wishes and desires, he became more gentle and kind towards her. It seemed like months that she was trapped there, because she found out that she had become pregnant with his child. When this man came to know about it he became scared thinking of the responsibilities that would come upon him, so he tortured her and eventually killed her.

Her death was no less painful and cruel. When he thought that she was dead, he dug up a hole, threw her in it and covered it. But she still had some life left in her and she actually died from suffocating. She even saw and felt some poisonous insects biting off her flesh while she slowly breathed her last remaining breaths. Surprisingly, in this life as Lisa, she also had some skin allergies while growing up in which her skin would turn red and swell up at different places, as if she was bitten by insects. These allergies would still bother her sometimes. But since her PLR session, she has not had them even once, her claustrophobia is gone and now she can easily travel in buses and metros since closed or crowded places do not bother her anymore AND men in uniforms do not scare her any longer! The revelation was indeed shocking, but healing all at the same time. She even recognized some of her past life connections who are with her in this life as well – like her father and her soul brother.

Fears and phobias could be coming from anywhere, having their roots in our youth, childhood, during our time in our mother’s womb or, believe it or not, in a past life. But you do not always have to live with those fears or phobias. Whether or not you are taking psychiatric treatment or medications for them, an alternate therapy, like Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression Therapy, can prove to be extremely beneficial in helping you let go of those fears or phobias and healing you. One technique may work better for you than the other, try for yourself today! Call to book your appointment and experience the transformation.

Happy healing! J

Past Life Regression Therapy, Myths and Facts

A lot of people call me for sessions every day; some because of certain serious issues that they are facing in life and some simply out of curiosity. Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression Therapy are still new concepts for a lot of people so obviously there are lot of doubts and myths around these practices. For example, people ask me if they will “get stuck” in some past life when they get their Past Life Regression Therapy done. The answer to that is – definitely not!

When you visit a past life for therapy purpose, your mind takes you back only to the time where the real reasons to your existing issues are lying. All of this happens in the mind in a deep state of Hypnosis, while physically you are sitting easy and relaxed on a comfortable recliner in your therapist’s office, completely safe and taken well care of by your therapist. You are always in control of yourself, no matter how deep the state of trance or Hypnosis is. Your mind is always aware of your surroundings and of the present. So there is no way that anyone can ever “get stuck” in the past.

PLRT Myths & Facts
PLRT Myths & Facts

People are also concerned about the “side effects” of Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression Therapy. Well, you will be happy to know that there are NONE! I can count many benefits though. In a past life hypnotherapy session you are not administered any medication for there to be any “side effects”.

Hypnosis is a naturally relaxed state of mind, and relaxation has only positive effects. When the mind is relaxed, the body is relaxed too. And when the body is relaxed it rejuvenates itself, almost like in sleep. But in Hypnosis, unlike in sleep, you are more aware of yourself and your surroundings. Those who practice Yoga will surely be able to relate when I say that the state of Hypnosis feels like the state of Yoga Nidra, or Yogic Sleep.

A person has even called me just to know if I have turned anyone into a chicken or a monkey yet. I must say he was extremely disappointed (disheartened, to be more precise) when I told him that such tricks are only a part of stage Hypnosis and have no connection, whatsoever, to the therapeutic aspect of Hypnotherapy that I practice and am familiar with.

Hypnotherapy is a very helpful and life changing practice that has helped many people, in numerous ways, to work with and heal their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues. And Past Life Regression Therapy, as my teacher Tim Simmerman Sierra would say, is not a ticket to a ride in an amusement park. These are serious techniques with amazing benefits. One may work better for you than the other. Find out for yourself… book your session today!

Past Life Regression therapy helps healing

How many times has this happened with you that even though you are meeting someone for the first time ever in your life, you still feel that you have known that person forever? Or you take a strong liking towards someone in the first meeting? Or you have said to yourself “this is the first and the last time we would be seeing each other… I can’t stand him/her!”

With some people it takes only a few minutes to build a lifelong connection, while with others it takes a lifetime to develop even a basic level of understanding. Ever wondered why? It’s because of our past life connections. Some believe in them, some don’t; although these connections are beyond the debates and arguments of beliefs versus non-beliefs. They are just the way they are. For many years now famous scientists, psychologists and psychiatrists have been doing research on the subject and enough evidence has been collected, through practical experiments conducted in controlled and well observed environments, to back-up the theory of past life relations, connections and karmas.

During and with the help of past life regression therapy, people have been able to improve the quality of their relationship with a loved one by gaining a higher understanding of, and insight on, the relationship. Many people have been able to free themselves of their fears and phobias of this life by simply observing, understanding and accepting how and why they have been carrying them over from a past life up until now. Even physically people have been able to experience the miracles of past life regression therapy after their unexplained body aches, for which there were no medical reasons, have disappeared after visiting a past life where they saw the real reason behind the pain.

Coming back to past life connections, as souls we are all connected. Perhaps it is some connection that you’re still reading my article, while many people would have probably stopped after the first two sentences. Whether you liked reading it or whether you did not depends on your belief or non-belief on the subject of past life connections. Either ways, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading it, because our souls still share some connection. All of us are part of the same universe, our source is the same, and when the time is right, our paths do cross. Had that not been the case, we would not be making so many new connections almost every day, while those connections that we call ‘new’ are ‘new’ only in this lifetime. Many of those new connections have been connected to us before, and the issues that we face with them could probably be because of an old Karmic cycle.

Do you wish to have a better understanding of your past life connection with someone and work your issues out? Try past life regression therapy! Sometimes, just “knowing” is healing!


You are what you think, feel and believe.

In my Hypnotherapy session a client told me recently, “I really want to stay calm and peaceful but certain situations just don’t let that happen. I am always trying to avoid those situations… but I believe they seek me out, no matter what, and I feel frustrated, angry and unhappy.” This client had a strong desire for peace and happiness but his thoughts, feelings and beliefs were focused on the opposite.

You must have wondered often times how some people are more successful, happy, peaceful, healthy and strong than the others. And most of those times you must have reached the conclusion, “they’re just lucky.” While I’m not completely denying the ‘luck factor’ in people’s lives, I understand and know that that is not all there is. There’s more to it. And that ‘more’ is magic… the magic of what we think, feel and believe in… the magic of a positive thought pattern… and that is where Lady Luck comes from as well.

I am a Hypnotherapist and I fully believe that people who are successful, happy and “lucky” are the people who believe in being successful and happy, and BELIEVE that they are “lucky”. They are the people who are always and only thinking about being successful and happy, people who THINK that they really are “lucky”. They are the people who really get in touch with all those good feelings of success and happiness, people who strongly FEEL “luck” favoring them. And they don’t attach any ‘but’, ‘what if’ and ‘if only’ with their positive thoughts, feeling and beliefs. In their journey towards happiness and success, if they ever fall, they put all their focus, efforts and thoughts into getting up again.

What I teach to my Hypnotherapy clients is to think positively about what they want. That they should feel positive about achieving what they want. That they must believe in the power they have within to achieve what they want. And this positive attitude always works like magic…

THINK about it, FEEL it, BELIEVE in it!

For as a man thinketh, so is he.

You are what you think, feel and believe
You are what you think, feel and believe
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