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Avani Mathur

Thank you Swasti Ji . You are really a very good human being and make your client feel at home.

My Past Life Regression Therapy sessions have been most amazing and they were very helpful to

overcome from my very old fears.. Thanks again…*

Prashant Kumar

Swasti you have been so helpful, friendly and very understanding. The sessions that I have had, were quite

beneficial, and I would not hesitate to recommend you to all my friends.*

Raman Taneja*

Thank you very much Swasti.It was amazing and  I will  be back again and again till I get healed completely. After seeing some of your work first hand… seeing you in a one to one setting was very effective to cool down my nerves and agitation. I can feel that just with one session my fear of crowd is gone.*

I have improved my relationship with my mother*

In my sessions with Swasti Shree Sharma, i have been able to overcome some of my fears, overcome a relationship which i have been trying to move on with from a long time but couldn’t, with the help of hypnotherapy it became easy for me to forget the past and move ahead. The Hypnotherapy process of sending positive thoughts to your subconscious mind really really works. I feel so much positive now, much confident and absolutely fearless. Thanks Swasti for helping me make my life better. You can actually overcome anything which is troubling you with the help of hypnotherapy and past life regression. I have made my relationship with my mother better through this. 🙂 *

Great Job Swasti Shree*

I advised one of my former colleagues, who had been suffering from some anxiety and smoking problems to Swasti, and within days I have seen remarkable results. He is perfectly fit now & out of the “depression box”, and also has completely quit smoking.

Would advise whosoever is going through the mental issues, which are very common in today’s stressful era, to go for Hypnotherapy, which is a natural treatment and a person is healed from within, instead of the strong meds that are usually given by other Doctors.

Great job Swasti!*

Clearing the karmic baggage through Past Life Regression Therapy

Hot Air Balloons at Sunrise

“I don’t know why she hates me so much… I don’t know why I feel like killing her sometimes…” cried Nritya (name changed) sitting on the recliner in my office. Nritya, a 26 YO beautiful, kind and loving girl who cannot even dream of hurting an insect, came to me for a Past Life Regression session concerning a serious issue – she wanted to know why she feels like killing her own mother. Her relationship with her mother had been challenging ever since she could think of it. She remembers being hit, verbally abused and scolded by her mother – as a child and even now as a grownup – for absolutely no fault. She was moved to tears when she said “was this why she gave birth to me… so she could unnecessarily take her frustrations out on me? Which mother does that? She blames me for anything that is not working out well in her life. Sometimes I just want to kill her. I get thoughts in the form of images where I see myself stabbing her with a knife and killing her. Where are all these images coming from? Where is all this hatred coming from? Why is my relationship with my mother in such turmoil?”

The process of Past Life Regression Therapy started. First few sessions went in familiarizing Nritya with the state of hypnosis, working on improving her visualization so she could perceive imagery easily when in a hypnotic state, and preparing her theoretically to get the most out of her experience. These were important steps that had to be taken so she did not feel like she would be swimming in unknown waters. They made her better equipped to bring back all the positive resources from the past life she was about to explore and heal her relationship issues with her mother. I personally never rush through a Past Life Regression session because I know how intense a process it can be. By the time it was the day for her Past Life Regression Therapy session to be conducted, she was ready and relaxed. The initial over-excitement and confusion she had around the idea of visiting a past life was gone and now she was just patiently looking forward to explore, observe and learn from the experience she was going to have.

After putting her in hypnosis, I started the process of slowly taking her back, all the way to the life where her issues of disturbances in the relationship with her mother were coming from. She saw herself in a lifetime where she was a poor boy in his late 20s, living in a small village of India with his sister, who is Nritya’s mother in this life. Since all the financial responsibilities were on this boy, he used to work hard day and night so he could at least earn basic bread and butter. But no matter how hard he worked, his sister never appreciated him or his efforts. Rather she always cursed him and blamed him for there not being enough money to live a comfortable life. She always wanted more and was never satisfied with how much there was and had absolutely no sense of gratitude. Out of frustration one day, as his sister was continuously going on and on cursing him and blaming him while preparing food, he picked up a knife and stabbed her with it.

In this lifetime, Nritya’s mother suffers strong financial insecurities and has dealt with family finances going haywire. Although the situations are better now, but her mother’s insecurities around finances still keep coming back. With Nritya, her constant complain has usually been regarding money. After looking at the events explored during Nritya’s Past Life Regression session, it was clear where her relationship issues with her mother were coming from.

There is a compulsion to repeat all those old patterns of cursing, blaming, abusing, hating and wanting to kill, since everything ended abruptly and no issues was resolved in that lifetime. Using several techniques, Nritya resolved her issues and her feelings and emotions concerning those issues during the session. This made a huge difference for both, Nritya and her mother. First, she was able to forgive her mother for being so negative towards her as she now knows and understands the source of all this negativity. Second, she asked for forgiveness for herself for committing the act of murder in the previous life and, with the help of divine intelligence working through her, was able to forgive and free herself from that Karmic baggage. As a result, she now sees everything in different light, through the eyes of divine love. Changing her energies towards her mother helped her to convey the feelings of love and gratitude, instead of the desire she earlier had to kill her.

We get what we give. Negativity only attracts negativity and positivity has the power to attract more positivity. Nritya now reflects and attracts more positive energies. A positive exchange of energies has now started between her and her mother. I am sure that with all the positive resources she brought back with her and the understanding of all situations she developed through her Past Life Regression Therapy session, Nritya will now continue to walk the path of love, gratitude, kindness and forgiveness and her relationship with her mother will flourish and be forever filled with affection, joy, togetherness and acceptance.

Past Life Regression Therapy is a wonderful process that has amazing benefits. To book your session, call me on +917042321200, Monday to Friday, 11 AM to 6 PM.

Past Life Connections And Interconnected Destinies

When Nayantara (name changed) started learning to write, her father could not hold his surprise – he had seen this writing before, known the person behind the strokes, curves and edges of these alphabets, and had read texts in the same formation of words and sentences – it seemed so familiar, although he was reading it coming from his daughter for the first time. “I will take birth again and come back as your daughter, remember this always”, he suddenly had a memory flash of his grandmother telling him when he was just a young boy. He was told to “remember this always” but his grandmother made sure to consciously remind this to him at every opportunity she got.

When she died, unfortunately he was not around as he had moved to another city for his studies. In those days there we no cellphones or pagers and only a few financially well-to-do households could afford a landline phone. There was no way for him to get the immediate news of his grandmother’s death but, for how much she adored him, even that did not stop her from establishing a connection with her favourite grandchild. More or less around the same time she left her body, he had a dream – rather, an almost real experience – that his grandmother entered his room, sat next to him and said, “You did not come to see me but look, I am here. And I am here to tell you that I am leaving for now but only to come back, you know that. So till then look after yourself and be good.” To which he responded, “But why are you leaving now, so soon? Please sit for some more time!” and before he could get up and stop her, his so-called dream state broke and she was gone. At that moment he knew that something was not right, so he started for home as soon as he could only to find out that his doubts were correct. His loving grandmother had passed away nearly the same time he had that dream and the last word on her lips was, till her last breath, the name of her dear grandchild… his… which was not much appreciated by his envious relatives who were there looking after the old lady, taking care of her. But what does love know of such things? It is just the way it is… free from all the ideas of space and time.

Now, in the present times, as his daughter Nayantara grew older she started showing more similarities – of behaviour, choices and preferences, even physical characteristics – to her great grandmother, other than the match of handwriting which her father recognized the moment he saw it. For example, Nayantara’s great grandmother, her father’s grandmother, had her nose pierced on both sides. Nayantara has piercing impressions on both the sides of her nose, although her right side has never been pierced. Her great grandmother’s favourite food was spinach, and Nayantara can eat spinach for breakfast, lunch and dinner, seven days a week, 365 days a year… that is how much she loves to eat spinach. As she grew even older, Nayantara got into the habit of smoking and she says that it was very natural for her to smoke when she picked up her first cigarette, as if she had been smoking forever, it was as natural as breathing. Her great grandmother was a smoker almost all her life. Good thing Nayantara eventually gave up on smoking with Hypnotherapy. And she had never seen her grandfather, her father’s father, since he died much before her father was even married, but she still always misses him dearly and sometimes even cries wanting for him to come back, as if he was with her at some point in this life. Her great grandmother had 4 kids, out of whom she was most fond of Nayantara’s grandfather – her favourite grandchild’s father. Also, for Nayantara her father is the most important person in the whole world. She sometimes even dictates and dominates him like he was a small child. Looking at these similarities, she and her father wonder if her father’s grandmother has really come back as his daughter, like she used to say all the time… “I will take birth again and come back as your daughter, remember this always!”

Nayantara and her father are curious for sure and are ardent believers of past life Karmas, connections and relationships, but they are currently working on other issues and are pretty content for now in just having the awareness that their bond is much more and much beyond than what human mind can even fathom. But if you have such relationships and people in your life that you are certain have come back to you from some other life or lifetimes and you wish to know about it in detail, then Past Life Regression Therapy is for you. With Past Life Regression you can easily come to know where these deep and strong connections, that in your heart you just know are not limited to only this life and this body, are coming from. You could be lovers re-united, husband-wife, best friends, teacher-student, sisters-brothers, business partners, parent-child… if you feel it strongly and know it in your soul but are not really sure what the relationship was, get your answers with Past Life Regression Therapy.

To book your appointment, call me on +917042321200, Monday to Saturday, 11 AM to 5 PM.

See what mysteries are waiting to unfold for you… experience life, again!

Past Life Regression is Not Past Life Tourism

There is a common statement that almost everyone makes when they contact me for Past Life Regression – “I want to know how I died in my previous life”. In reality, there is no death, because if we really have died at some point, how come we are still here? When I say ‘we’, I am referring to us as souls. And souls are energies. Energy never dies, it merely transforms.

~ “There is no death, only a change of worlds.” – Chief Seattle ~

Energy is everywhere, in everything, every form. There is energy in stones, plants, trees, flowers, insects, a drop of water, a speck of dust, animals and humans. Ever wondered where all that energy is coming from? The energy we are in this world and lifetime is not THE human – it is simply living IN the form of a human. In other worlds and lifetimes this energy has lived in other different forms too. And this energy will continue to exist in other different forms, lifetimes after lifetimes, whether on this (earthly) plane or on a different one. So, regardless of all cultural or religious beliefs, we never really die. We only change our worlds and forms depending on the lessons we choose to learn and the purpose we choose to fulfill. Similarly, the energies that are living in forms OTHER than human in this world may come back to live as humans in other lifetimes, depending on the lessons and purpose they have to learn and fulfill. How can we even think that this human form, this lifetime, this world, this planet is all that there is and nothing exists beyond and after this? The universe holds mysteries that are unfathomable to material, physical forms and beings.

I never do Past Life Regression in the first or second session, since it is a very intense process. The first few sessions go in only educating, creating awareness and clearing my clients of their previously known limiting beliefs about Past Life Regression. People have a lot of excitement and curiosity sometimes. And often this excitement and curiosity becomes a hindrance and blocks them from experiencing the process completely. They come with a lot of expectations, they want to have a lot of expectations, yet they do not know what to expect from the session. It takes a few sittings to help them understand the different types of (physical) forms or karmas or lessons they might come across, based on the issue they want to resolve. These sittings or visits also assist them in understanding how to deal better with all the excitement and curiosity and simply observe and enjoy the process and the experience, easily and calmly, in a relaxed state of body and mind, and to just allow the healing transformation to take place. With some clients, even after gaining all the necessary knowledge and information about the process theoretically, when they first visit a past life they get too thrilled and their entire focus shifts on that thrill and they sometimes lose track. But that is just fine, because when they visit a past life again in the next session, they are much calmer and in control since they now know what to expect and their focus stays on just the process and they go through it smoothly. Also, those who come to me to explore how they died, it is such a delight to hear them exclaim after their session – “oh so that was how I left that body in that life and came here in this body in this life!”Past Life Regression session is a wonderful experience, a beautiful healing process. A lot of people’s issues are resolved by just knowing and gaining an insight that we never really die. The wisdom, enlightenment and sense of relief it brings is so precious… so relaxing… so healing. Book your appointment today and experience the transformation – literally!

To get an appointment, call me on +917042321200, anytime between 11 AM to 6 PM, Monday to Saturday. If I am in a session and am unable to take your call, just drop a text message with your name and calling reference and I will call you back myself as soon as I get free.


Happiness to you

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