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It's Ok to be sad

It’s Ok to be sad

It’s Ok to be sad

Recently I received a call from someone who wanted an appointment with me because he was in depression, and he said it in a way as if it was a taboo to be depressed. When he finally came and sat down in front of me, the first thing he said was, “don’t think I am mad. I do not have any mental illness. I am just depressed because of certain issues. That does not mean I am mentally unstable, right?”

I was not surprised to hear this because a lot of people still consider seeking mental or emotional help as something shameful. They feel that the society will look down upon them, laugh at them or, worse, send them to a mental institution. However, what did surprise me was what he told me about his issue. His brother had passed away less than two months before his visit to me. Right after this unfortunate event, he started having sleepless nights because he was really close to his brother and missed him terribly. One of his friend’s father was a psychiatrist and, when he heard about this ‘insomnia’, put him on anti-depressants. The condition got worse in a few days and he started experiencing numbness in his brain and would often go ‘blank’ or become ‘spaced-out’. The friend’s father sent him to a neurologist, conducted some tests, sent him to a psychoanalyst for further diagnosis and eventually reached the conclusion that he is clinically depressed and has borderline bipolar disorder and put him on strong medication.

Now all of this happened in a matter of 10 days. He was already taking prescribed drugs for 20 days when he visited. But all this while, and thankfully so, he was not ready to accept whatever the doctors told him and wanted to give an alternative therapy, like hypnotherapy, a try.

It surprised me that how, for something as natural as grieving the death of a loved one, he had to go through so much. Have people’s tolerance levels really gone down so much? Or is it that, because of so many drugs manufacturers out in the market, almost every medical professional simply wants to shove more and more drugs down people’s throats, for as long as they can pay for them?

Sadness, frustration, anger, guilt, panic, stress – these are all part of our humanness. As long as these emotions do not drive us to the point of


hurting ourselves or others, it is okay to feel them, experience them, deal with them and let go of them. Yes, medicines ARE important for those suffering serious medical conditions – mental or physical – but you do not need to pop a pill every time you let a heavy breath out.

Instead, try alternative practices, like hypnotherapy, to deal better with everyday ‘normal’ emotional issues. Hypnotherapy helps you in becoming stronger, happier and more positive. And NO, it is not a drug… it is just a way of life. Try it for yourself today and feel its benefits.


Happy healing!

Quit smoking using Hypnotherapy

Thanks to media and technology, there is now so much awareness in people about the ill effects of smoking. A few days back I was doing some research for a client on the chemicals a cigarette has and this is what I found:

“Cigarette smoke contains over 7000 chemicals, including 69 known cancer causing compounds and many other toxins. There are about 600 poisonous ingredients in a single stick of cigarette, like acetone (found in nail polish remover), carbon monoxide (released in car exhaust fumes), naphthalene (an ingredient in mothballs), nicotine (used as insecticide), arsenic (used in rat poison), and a lot more. Out of these, nicotine is highly addictive.”

There are so many people who are trying so hard to quit smoking with the help of nicotine patches, gums, e-cigarettes and other medications, all of which have their own serious side effects on one’s health. Do a little research, the world wide web is full of information on the subject. But there are those who know what is at stake if they don’t leave smoking, and with strong determination, changes in eating pattern, focus on physical workout, will power and strength they successfully become non-smokers for life. Then there are those who go as far as 4 months, 6 months, sometimes even a year without smoking, but when something negative happens in their lives that they feel they won’t be able to handle or deal with, they pick up the habit again.

So let us see what really happens when you are smoking. Usually, it is a secondary gain, also referred to as negative payoff, which means “a positive benefit received indirectly through an otherwise negative behavior” (Tim Simmerman Sierra). When you are smoking, you are either trying to distract your mind FROM something, or you are trying to focus your thoughts and attention ON something, or you are filling up some sort of a void. Although what you are hoping to get or wanting to achieve is something positive, but you are using cigarette as a tool for it, which is negative. A woman once said, “In this pack of cigarettes I have 20 friends. I will be lonely if I don’t have these friends anymore. So if you’re taking them away from me, give me something else to fill that space up so I can be happy, because these friends give me happiness”.

But what if you can find that happiness within you? What if, instead of distracting your mind from something, you become strong enough to face that thing like it means nothing to you? What if your mind becomes so sharp and alert that you are easily able to focus on whatever it is you want to focus on? With such control over yourself and your mind, you won’t need a cigarette at all! And how can you have that control? Try Hypnosis. Hypnotherapy uses several powerful techniques to help you become the master of you mind. And when you are the master of your mind, quitting smoking and becoming a non-smoker for life gets really easy.

There are so many people who have used Hypnosis to beat their smoking habit, including famous people like Ellen DeGeneres, Britney Spears, Matt Damon and Samuel Jackson. There’s proof and stories of that all over the internet. At the age of 34 Courteney Cox used Hypnotherapy to quit smoking. If they can, you can too!

Free yourself, become a non-smoker for life with Hypnotherapy.

“Happiness is a choice. You are as happy as you choose to be.” ~Richard Duane “Rick” Warren~



Take a moment, get in touch with yourself, and think about the choices you are making. And now think whether these choices will lead you to everlasting happiness and joy or will they bring pain, sadness, guilt, frustrations and emotional, mental and physical discomfort, now or in the later run. What do these choices say about you and how do they define you? Do they give you a feeling of joy, peace and love, or does it seem like they’re pulling you down? If it seems more like the latter, then ask yourself this: Do I choose to stick with these choices, or should I make new, positive and better ones that’ll help me in my emotional, mental and spiritual growth? Am I courageous enough to shape my life the way I choose to? Or do I want to continue to live like a slave to my situations?


In my Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression practice I always suggest my clients that the only person who has the power to give them happiness and joy and also the power to take it away from them, is they themselves.


Yes we are all humans and we get hurt when something sad happens with or around us, but for how long are we going to stay hurt or sad, that is a choice only we can make by choosing the path of peace and happiness eventually.


I always tell my Hypnotherapy clients that happiness is something that increases more when we give it to others. On how many people’s faces did you put a smile today? Just thinking about that would have made you smile and filled your heart with joy.


I suggest the clients who visit me for Hypnotherapy counseling that be the reason for someone’s happiness, those positive vibes always come back. Create more happy memories each day, for yourself as well as for others. Helping people brings happiness too. In whatever big or small ways, help as many people as you can everyday – even if it is just helping someone cross the road – or helping your mother sort out laundry, or helping your wife make the bed, or your child solve a math problem, or giving food to the poor… everybody needs a little help some time or the other. Choose to help. And when help comes your way, accept it with gratitude and remember to return it.


Choose happiness, choose joy, choose love and peace, and do all that it takes to stick to that choice.


You really are as happy, loving, kind and peaceful as you choose to be.

The Karma Code

With my Past Life Regression Therapy and Hypnotherapy clients, I often have to reply many questions on ‘Karma’. There are a whole lot of books and texts written on Karma and the Karmic connection of life, be it instant Karma, Karmas manifesting since our childhood or past life Karmas. This is also one of my favorite subject.

Geshe Kelsang Ghatso’s definition of Karma is – “For every action we perform, we experience a similar result”. While I do agree with that completely, for that is the law of the universe – as you sow, so shall you reap – but what I learned about Karma during my training at the Hypnotherapy Academy of America, Albuquerque NM, gave me an even better understanding on the subject. My professor, Tim Simmerman Sierra, gave us a modified version of the same definition, which is – “For every INTENTIONAL action we perform, we experience a similar result”. With the emphasis on ‘INTENTION’, we are actually taking responsibility for our actions and, eventually, for the results that we get out of those actions. Karmas, whether negative or positive, are created not just through actions, but also through words, emotions and thoughts; ‘thoughts’ being at the foundation level. Our emotions, and how we feel, are a result of what thoughts have been dominant on our mind. We say what we think, so thoughts generate our words. And how we act and react during certain situations also depends on our thoughts about that situation. Thoughts come from the mind. So we must learn to control our mind to control our thoughts.

Now, let us go back to the modified definition of Karma – “For every INTENTIONAL action we perform, we experience a similar result”. The ‘intention’ is of the mind – conscious or subconscious. The ‘intention’ is the thought, the ‘first seed’ that we plant. If the intention is positive, our actions will be positive and so will be the results that we experience. If the intention is negative, we will act negatively and will get back the same negative results. Therefore, take control of your thoughts by controlling your mind.

Working under the guidance of a trained and qualified Hypnotherapist, you can empower yourself to be the master of your mind and to start observing your thoughts so that you can easily catch hold of any negativity, reverse it, and thus create more positive Karmas. And when you have that kind of control over your mind, you can heal your other issues too, all by yourself. You can eliminate all your fears and phobias, you can improve your memory, gain more self-confidence, handle stress and anxiety, boost your self-esteem, achieve all your goals and live a happier, healthier, successful, meaningful and a more satisfying life!

The possibilities and endless… try Hypnotherapy, live positive!

Words are really powerful. They can make us or break us…

Words are powerful. Words that we hear from others can form our beliefs, shape our personality, make us happy or even break us down. If somebody keeps throwing negative words at you, you will automatically start responding to them in a negative way. One angry statement from someone can make you lose your cool, increase your stress and land in a serious fight with that person. If an authority figure, like a parent, teacher or boss or anyone who has some sort of authority over you, tells you again and again that you’re stupid, you will start losing confidence in yourself and after sometime time you may start thinking, “well if they feel I’m stupid then I really must be stupid!”.

This is exactly why it is so important for parents and teachers and other elders in the family to encourage kids and keep telling them how wonderful, intelligent, honest and strong they are. This shapes what they grow up to be. Words leave a huge impression on our subconscious mind, and it is especially more in kids because they are like clean slates, always absorbing and learning new ways of the world.

As a Hypnotherapist and Past Life Regression Therapist in Delhi, I regularly come across different people of different age groups. Many are dealing with low self-esteem and lack of confidence despite their being very talented and intelligent as they do not believe in their potential. The reason is simple; they’ve always heard someone or the other telling them that they’re “dumb” or “slow” or “silly”.

I have several clients with whom I am working on their fears and phobias. Though they show immense strength and courage in so many other spheres of their lives yet they overlook their strength because they’ve grown up listening to words like “coward”, “scaredy-cat” etc. from others.

You can’t control what people say about you but with the help of Hypnotherapy sessions you can so easily tap into your inner strength, intelligence, wisdom and positivity. Once you do that, no negativity, nothing that anyone says, can affect you in any negative way. With Hypnotherapy all old traumas and negative influences can be completely reversed, thus giving you more faith, confidence and belief in yourself and your abilities.

Try Hypnotherapy, free yourself from negative programming and live full size full of positivity and happiness.

What a beautiful start it is to a beautiful day…

As a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Past Life Regression therapist I have been seeing a client for his fear of interacting in groups and as well smoking issues. When he came to me for his first session, on his girlfriend’s recommendation, he said “I am just tired of going back to my apartment every night after work, sitting on my couch and watching television and smoking all alone till I fall asleep out of boredom. I don’t want to be doing this anymore. I want to be with my girlfriend when she goes out with her friends and their boyfriends or girlfriends. I know how she feels when she is the only one sitting alone in her group. I feel so mad at myself for doing this to her… for being such a mess. She could have dated anyone, but she is still with me because she loves me. I want to give her that happiness too, that I feel when I think about how blessed I am to have her in my life.”

We started working together through Hypnotherapy sessions on increasing his confidence. That was the first most important thing. I explained to him how (sometimes) it is usually one issue that leads to other issues in life and when that one core issue is healed, everything else too falls in place. Using different Hypnotherapy relaxation techniques I took him in hypnosis and delivered positive healing suggestions. In the sessions that followed I set some motivation anchors for him to use to get an instant boost of confidence whenever he is faced with situations where he has to interact in a group. He shared that his classmates used to make fun of him, when he was growing up, because he was overweight. I still have to do sessions with him to reverse that childhood trauma.

But something beautiful happened this morning. I had a session planned with him for this afternoon. He sent me a text message requesting to postpone his session to 2 days as (I quote) “something really major has happened”. I called him back as soon I could to ask if everything was all right. In excited voice he replied “oh yes Swasti, everything is fine. In fact, everything is better than fine! Way much better than fine! I am on my way to the mountains for a road trip with my girlfriend and her other friends and we will be back in 2 days. I will come for my next session as soon as we reach Delhi. When my girlfriend told me about this trip last night, I got very excited and I quickly packed whatever I could and reached her house at 4 in the morning! We just stopped somewhere for a tea and breakfast break and we’re having so much fun!”

This man… who wouldn’t even go out to have dinner with his girlfriend and her friends because he used to get nervous around large groups of people… is now going all the way outside the city to spend time and have fun with them… Oh what a joy! I feel blessed to have been trained as a Hypnotherapist and help my clients to bring them joy.

Such a beautiful start it is to a beautiful day…

Have a happy Holi you all!

Have you ever noticed how, when we are experiencing negative emotions such as sadness, anger, fear, stress, irritation etc., we lose interest in everything? The food seems tasteless, plants and flowers look dull and lifeless, our surroundings appear to be pale and colorless… all our attention goes to those negative feelings and it starts affecting our overall personality. The body language changes, we start losing faith in the universal power, we start losing self-confidence, self-esteem becomes low and a lot of other damage takes place on conscious and subconscious levels that one can’t even fathom and we only come to know about it much later. But the good news is that all of this damage can be reversed! How? Hypnotherapy is the answer!

No one likes being in a negative state of mind… after a while it becomes tiring. No one likes being in a constant state of depression, stress, anger, fear or physical, mental or emotional weakness. Our true nature is to feel happy, courageous, loving and loved, free, relaxed and strong. And all of this can be achieved with the help of a qualified and experienced Hypnotherapist. Give it a try and bring back all flavors, light, love and colors to your life!

Have a happy Holi you all!

Happy Holi to all my clients and freinds!

The soul knows and has only love, kindness,forgiveness, grace, generosity, courage, strength and all such positive emotions and feelings. And the soul is who we truly are. We are not the body, we’re the soul living in the body. And Past Life Regression has proved that we have lived through many lives. When we really understand and get in touch with our true essence, all the negativities surrounding us burn away into ashes. When we connect with the courage that the soul has, all our fears and phobias fade away. With the love, kindness, forgiveness, generosity and grace of the soul, we can resolve any relationship issue. Tapping into the strength of the soul helps increase self confidence and boost self esteem. The journey to realizing our truth is wonderful… And with hypnotherapy, it becomes easy and smooth.

May your journey be safe, peaceful, full of wisdom and a beautiful learning and growing experience. And may all the negativities and devils that surround you burn away into ashes…

Happy Holi to all my clients and freinds!

Shifting Focus to positivity..

Life Before Lives
Life Before Lives

It’s about time we stop “fighting”.

‘Fighting’ diseases, ‘fighting’ panic, ‘fighting’ fears, failures or sadness…

In my practice as a Hypnotherapist I observe that more people ‘fight’ things, the more attention they give to the things they are fighting and end up burning all the energy in the ‘fight’. All their focus goes either in the ‘fight’, or in what they are fighting. Because they are constantly thinking about what they don’t want.

What we really focus on, with all our heart and soul and passion, we get.

So, how about shifting the focus?

I suggest my Hypnotherapy clients that instead of ‘fighting’ a disease they need to shift the focus on becoming healthier. Instead of ‘fighting’ panic, they need to shift the focus on being calm and peaceful. Instead of ‘fighting’ fears, failures or sadness, they need to shift the focus on becoming strong, successful or happy.

A slight shift in the thought and language pattern makes a huge difference. When the focus is on positive, positive is what happens.

It really is easy.

Take the first conscious decision…

Make the first conscious choice… to focus on what you want.

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