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Hypnotherapy & PLR are not the MAGIC WANDS or TRUTH SERUM

Yes! Hypnotherapy & Past Life Regression Therapy are Laboratory Tested Scientific Methods, and not the MAGIC WANDS or TRUTH SERUM. If you think so or you have been told that visiting to a Hypnotherapist or Past Life Regression Therapist will create some magic, then you are wrong.

Many times, I have phone calls as “I want to know the truth about my husband or wife, or my boy-friend or girl-friend, please help me. You can do it by hypnotizing him or her.” Or, “My husband or boyfriend no longer takes interest in me, please tune his or her mind.” or vice versa. One day a girl called me “Mam! I will send you the photograph of my boyfriend. With the help of that picture, you can hypnotize him and tune his sub-conscious mind, so that he will start taking interest in me again.” I again request to all of you, please try to understand that these therapies are totally scientific methods and not the MAGIC WANDS or TRUTH SERUM. Remember, these therapies have word “THERAPY” not the “MAGIC”.During hypnosis, relaxation of critical faculty aids in communication between the conscious and subconscious mind. This communication allows for positive and beneficial suggestions, ideas and information to be accepted and acted upon by the subconscious mind. And this is what we aim to do as Hypnotherapists.As I wrote before, we all experience a “hypnotic state” every now and then, doing normal day-to-day activities. We just overlook it because of lack of knowledge on the subject. For instance, when we take a nap our brain-waves shift from beta to alpha, just like during hypnosis. Also, when we are so much focused on a task that we don’t get distracted by whatever is happening around, it is likely we are in a light “hypnotic state”, another term for which is an “altered state”.

It is in this altered state of the mind where healing occurs, when the critical faculty is relaxed. Critical faculty, which develops by the age ten, works like a gatekeeper or checkpoint to the subconscious.

Located between the conscious and the subconscious mind, it compares any new incoming ideas or information with the already existing ideas of the subconscious mind and resolves if the current information matches with the recognized patterns of the subconscious mind, or if it should be sent back to the conscious mind for further inspection.If there are issues in your life that you feel can be resolved with Hypnotherapy or Past Life Regression Therapy and you wish to book a session OR to know more about the practices, call +917042321200 from 11 am to 6 pm, Monday through Saturday.

Resolve your Relationship issues through Hypnotherapy

Resolve your Relationship issues through Hypnotherapy

Resolve your Relationship issues through Hypnotherapy

Everybody experiences relationship issues sooner or later through their life. And as you know, an unhealthy relationship may affect you very badly. As human beings, we thrive on our relationships – relationships with family, friends, acquaintances, colleagues, the society in general, even with animals, like our pets for instance.

When we have good relationships with others we feel joyful, enthusiastic about meeting people, confident and positive and it reflects in our body language and our whole personality. Having feeling of revenge hatred or disgust means that you are still holding on to it. You may be surprised but love forgiveness empathy and kindness with a positive loving & peaceful mindset are at the foundation level of a healthy relationship.

Resolve your Relationship issues
Resolve your Relationship issues

Everybody should always remember as Every relationship comes with 4 things:

One, Karmic influence from the past – our past Karmas play a huge role in defining our relationships with others.

Second, an expiry date – every relation has a time limit attached to it. When the time comes for it to end, it will end.

Third, free will of the people involved – every person involved in any relationship has the choice and free will to leave or to stay. As individuals we have the right and freedom to choose what we want and do not want.

And lastly, purpose – behind every relationship there is a purpose. When the purpose, whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, gets fulfilled, the individuals involved in the relationship may choose to leave or stay.

No one can force or decide for anyone to stay in a relationship beyond Karmic influence or fulfilment of Karmic debts, beyond the time limit of the relationship, beyond the choice and free will of any person, or once the purpose is accomplished. But, with Hypnotherapy, one can improve the quality of a relationship, for as long as it has to be, by simply getting in touch with the love and goodness they have in themselves.

The vibrations and energies of love and goodness always spread and have the power to attract more love and goodness. With Hypnotherapy one can even gain physical, emotional, mental and spiritual strength to positively cope and deal with relationships that have ended, by getting a deeper and mature understanding of the cause, and become happier, wiser and more realized.

Build a stronger and better relationship with yourself, to build a stronger and better relationship with the world…

Try Hypnotherapy today! To book your FREE CONSULTATION for 20 Minutes, call on: +7042321200



Confident Public Speaker

Become a confident Public Speaker

Hypnotherapy helps you become a confident Public Speaker

 A small childhood trauma, innocuously embedded in your subconscious mind, of which you don’t even think much, may have ripped you off of the confidence to face larger groups or express your opinions on a public platform. There are many people who are great conversationalists in one to one discussions but as soon as you put them on a podium, their knees give in. They feel completely blank, their mouth becomes dry, their heart starts pounding and they start sweating profusely as if under heart attack.

Confident Public Speaker
Confident Public Speaker

When parents, teachers or similar authority figures ridicule a small child and pull him or her in front of other kids, it creates a huge trauma on their tender and undeveloped mind. This may be the beginning of developing a lifetime complex, where this child may feel short of himself or herself while expressing in front of others, for the fear of being ridiculed or humiliated.

In case you or someone close is facing a similar situation, be assured that it can be healed with the help of a qualified and experienced clinical Hypnotherapist. Hypnotherapy has already helped very successfully in millions of such cases.

I am a very experienced, highly trained and certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. I have been helping thousands of clients facing similar issues at my practice for more than thirty months now. I am the FIRST practicing Indian Hypnotherapist to be certified by the International Board of Hypnotherapy (USA). Call me now at 7042321200 to book your twenty minutes FREE consultation to discuss your issues in complete confidentiality.


Happy Independence Day My Friends

Happy Independence Day


Today we are celebrating our 72nd Independence Day… So, HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY…

Friends, at-first I would like to say that we should not just admire our freedom from British Rule, we should always remember its merits too… We should remember that we are free because we are united. We also need to remember to always stay in a peaceful and joyful state of mind.

Our country has a beautiful and colorful blend of different cultures, traditions and festivals. We speak different languages, follow different customs but in our hearts, we know we are all ONE. As a nation, we believe in unity in diversity. India is the birthplace to spirituality and many great spiritual Gurus and masters. Many of us have grown up listening to our grandparents and parents telling us, through stories and tales and fables, that all of us have the same soul – the same energy or that same powerful God particle – radiating within each one of us.

On this Independence Day, let’s tap into that divine energy inside, and affirm in our hearts to join hands and come together as one to make India a more prosperous and healthier nation – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Every person – men, women all alike – should be educated, literate, evolved, wise enough to use that education correctly for the betterment of our society, enlightened, peaceful, respectful, honest, loving and kind. This is the only way we can all coexist harmoniously. Let’s at least TRY to build a better future for all of us, by building a better nation.

Peaceful nations make peaceful continents make a peaceful world… make a peaceful universe… and THAT is the ultimate goal. It is about time we realize that. That’s why, Take charge of your life.

Happy Independence Day…

PLRT & Hypnotherapist

PLRT & Hypnotherapy help people

PLRT & Hypnotherapy help people

Past Life Regression & Hypnotherapy help people to remember and recollect things BETTER by improving their memory; ESPECIALLY those who are preparing for EXAMINATIONS and INTERVIEWS. With the help of Past Life Regression & Hypnotherapy you can increase your Self-Confidence. Because there are different reasons for “LACK OF CONFIDENCE”.

So, do not be bogged down by Fears & Phobias, increase your Self-Confidence, improve your Memory, get rid on Anxieties and Insecurities, Quit Smoking, build Stronger and Better Relationship and Learn the art of Unconditional Happiness with the help of Past Life Regression & Hypnotherapy. These remedies do not replace medical therapies. These therapies aim at STRENGTHENING the SUBCONSCIOUS MIND by fortifying it with POSITIVE IDEAS to empower us. For example, Clinical Hypnotherapy is the process of evolving your consciousness and perception. It helps to increase awareness to treat a lingering physical or psychological problem.

These therapies deal better with everyday ‘normal’ emotional issues or Anxiety and help you in becoming stronger, happier and more positive. There are different levels and forms for anxiety which people experience differently. Anxiety can be a mild agitation you feel before doing a speech or a presentation in front people or an extreme disorder that disrupts your routine and everyday life. Anxiety can be the result of a traumatic experience or event that happened in the past that made the individual fearful of it happening again.


It's Ok to be sad

It’s Ok to be sad

It’s Ok to be sad

Recently I received a call from someone who wanted an appointment with me because he was in depression, and he said it in a way as if it was a taboo to be depressed. When he finally came and sat down in front of me, the first thing he said was, “don’t think I am mad. I do not have any mental illness. I am just depressed because of certain issues. That does not mean I am mentally unstable, right?”

I was not surprised to hear this because a lot of people still consider seeking mental or emotional help as something shameful. They feel that the society will look down upon them, laugh at them or, worse, send them to a mental institution. However, what did surprise me was what he told me about his issue. His brother had passed away less than two months before his visit to me. Right after this unfortunate event, he started having sleepless nights because he was really close to his brother and missed him terribly. One of his friend’s father was a psychiatrist and, when he heard about this ‘insomnia’, put him on anti-depressants. The condition got worse in a few days and he started experiencing numbness in his brain and would often go ‘blank’ or become ‘spaced-out’. The friend’s father sent him to a neurologist, conducted some tests, sent him to a psychoanalyst for further diagnosis and eventually reached the conclusion that he is clinically depressed and has borderline bipolar disorder and put him on strong medication.

Now all of this happened in a matter of 10 days. He was already taking prescribed drugs for 20 days when he visited. But all this while, and thankfully so, he was not ready to accept whatever the doctors told him and wanted to give an alternative therapy, like hypnotherapy, a try.

It surprised me that how, for something as natural as grieving the death of a loved one, he had to go through so much. Have people’s tolerance levels really gone down so much? Or is it that, because of so many drugs manufacturers out in the market, almost every medical professional simply wants to shove more and more drugs down people’s throats, for as long as they can pay for them?

Sadness, frustration, anger, guilt, panic, stress – these are all part of our humanness. As long as these emotions do not drive us to the point of


hurting ourselves or others, it is okay to feel them, experience them, deal with them and let go of them. Yes, medicines ARE important for those suffering serious medical conditions – mental or physical – but you do not need to pop a pill every time you let a heavy breath out.

Instead, try alternative practices, like hypnotherapy, to deal better with everyday ‘normal’ emotional issues. Hypnotherapy helps you in becoming stronger, happier and more positive. And NO, it is not a drug… it is just a way of life. Try it for yourself today and feel its benefits.


Happy healing!

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