A wonderful healing process

A wonderful healing process

Past Life Regression Therapy is an incredible approach to deal and manage the idea of life and death. It is an awesome experience, a delightful healing process. Lot of issues are resolved by just knowing and gaining an understanding that we never really die. And What’s much more wonderful is that inside every life are many lives that we experience each and every day, a lot of excursions we take, different paths that spread out themselves, in light of the fact that, the death is simply a transfer – an exchange – starting with one universe to another. So, death is, but, just one more life in another dimension, from where another expedition takes place.

What happens after death? Always our mind asks the answer of this question, especially when any of our near or dear ones die. We feel all of a sudden, some relationship has broken unexpectedly and wish there could be an association once more.

The first thing is to understand that we – as a soul – never die… death is not the end of the journey of our soul… it’s just a little break before we reach another life in any form… it’s simply a transfer from one world to another… simply one more life in another measurement, from where starts another trip…

What’s much more wonderful is that inside every life are many lives that we experience every day, many excursions we take, numerous streets that open up themselves. There could be a few high points and low points and pits and knocks on these streets… but as a soul, we do not stop the excursion in the halfway of our journey…

Now the question is “what is the soul?” Souls are energies. Energy never dies, it merely transforms. Energy is everywhere, in everything, every manifestation. There is energy in stones, plants, trees, flowers, insects, a drop of water, a speck of dust, animals and humans. The energy we are in this world and lifetime is not THE human – it is simply living IN the form of a human. In other worlds and lifetimes this energy has lived in other different forms too. And this energy will continue to exist in other different forms, lifetimes after lifetimes… So, regardless of all cultural or religious beliefs, we never really die. We only change our worlds and forms depending on the lessons we choose to learn and the reason for existing we decide to fulfill….

Through the sessions of Past Life Regression Therapy, we try to clear those karmic baggage and after the learning our lessons we can fulfill the purpose for which we chose this life and form to come in. After knowing “oh so that was how I left that body in that life and came here in this body in this life to learn this lesson and to fulfill that purpose!” and gaining an insight that we never really die, a lot of people’s issues are resolved.

So, why not try this wonderful healing process of Past Life Regression Therapy that has amazing benefits ? Book you appointment now…


  • MamtaRohatgi

    I would like to know more about it.

    • Sharma

      Thanks Mamta for your query. First consultation is free. After that each session is Rs 2500. for more information please call 7042321200

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