A true past life regression story

A true past life regression story

A true past life regression story

A true past life regression story

How past life memories may disturb this life

(All the names and other details have been changed to respect the privacy of the client)

“I am a young boy. My name is Sera. It feels like an Arabian countryside. I am very happy in my small family with my parents. My mother has cooked a meal. I am waiting for my father to return. He comes home. We sat and ate together. I feel complete.”

“Now I am 10 or 11. We are all eating. The call for my father had come. He had been called to fight the outlaws and robber. I want to go with him. But he doesn’t allow me as I am very young….……. It’s now 4 days since my father hasn’t come back home. My mother is worried. I want to go out and find my father. My mother doesn’t allow me to leave home. She tells me that I am very young. I wait for my mother to sleep. In the night I slip out of the house silently. I tell myself that I will bring back my father.”

It was January of 2016. A young woman of about 26 was deeply regressed in the recliner in my therapy room. She was little heavy and not very tall. She had a round face, broad features and long hair. She spoke in a very soft voice to the extent that I had to pay attention to her speech to be able to understand her. She had been well educated in USA and was working for a law firm in Mumbai. She was well-read, very intelligent and had excellent communication skills.

She came to my practice for PLRT (Past Life Regression Therapy) for the following issues;

  1. Fear of losing people due to violence and accidents
  2. Her fear of failing to save loved ones.

Flash memories of violence kept coming back to her through dreams. She found it hard to sleep peacefully. She feared that something might happen to her if she sleeps deeply.

She continued… I am in a dark forest area. Its dark and there are many insects. (here she starts scratching her body as if being bitten by insects). They are biting me. I keep walking and reach a small village next morning. People are kind and offer me food.  I take the food and keep walking. I come across an area with many dead bodies around. Its all over. I see my father’s body here.” (here she starts crying).

“He is dead. He is not breathing. He doesn’t move. How can I inform my mother about his death? I feel that if I was here a day earlier, I could have prevented his death. I stay close to his body hoping some miracle will bring him back to life. My father was a soldier. He fought for the right cause.  He fought against the robbers and lawbreakers. Now I feel sad that I couldn’t save him.  When I am still crying, I see a cart coming from another direction…. A man gets down and consoles me. He is a merchant…. He brings me with him and offers me a small job in a nearby small town in his shop. I work with this merchant till I grow up.”

Here I asked her that how old she is now and which year it was. Without hesitation or a second thought she instantly replied. “Now I am a boy of 16 or 17. The year is 1780. The merchant is very kind and takes care of me well. I see a gang of robbers in the town…. Someone points me towards a man and tells me that he is the one who killed my father. He is the leader of the gang…. I become very angry and revengeful…. I silently follow him and wait till he sleeps. I take my chance and kill him while he is in deep sleep…”  

Here I noticed her violently convulsing on the recliner and her face muscles becoming tense. For a few minutes she became silent and then again continued… “Next morning the word is out. I tell the merchant that I have killed the leader of the gang to avenge my father’s killing. The merchant is very upset. I know that I should not have killed him in his sleep but now its too late to regret. In this life this kind merchant is my father. I can now clearly recognize him. Now I am preparing to go home but I want to make little more money one last time. I don’t know why but it feels that this is my last trip. I feel that I will not be able to reach home.”

“I am leaving in a caravan. There are horses driven wooden carts with small animals and people. The caravan is ready to go downhill. I feel unsafe. I know that there are people downhill, waiting to kill me. I am riding my horse. I am praying for the rain. I know if it rains, the caravan will stop and will not move further.  I have a feeling that we all are going to be massacred if we keep moving. So, I am praying for the rain to stop the caravan. I shouldn’t go down with the caravan. I am going to be killed. My mother is waiting home.”

“These are the same robbers waiting down hill. My father had been killed by their leader. I had killed their leader. But this time their gang has more people. They are here to take revenge of their leader’s killing. They are after me. They want to kill me. This time they are not after money. They want to avenge their leader’s killing.”

“They stop the caravan and find me. They first kill my horse. I am very close to my horse. I am so sad.  They kill the horse in my presence, knowing well that how much I love my horse. I can’t get over this huge loss. The eyes of my horse are so kind and familiar. They resembled the eyes of my best friend who died in a road accident in 2011. After killing my horse, they come after me. They cut my leg to make me cripple. And then they kill me. I feel good while dying as the pain goes away. I leave the body and come out. I go to the village to see my mother. My mother has become used to the pain of people leaving her. Now I am seeing everything from a soul’s perspective. My mother appears tired and sad…. I stay as a soul and I keep coming back and visiting my mother to see her grow old and finally die.”

Sometimes souls or spirits, when deeply attached, hang around their loved ones for days, months or even years to make sure that everything is well. They do not leave the old environment till they find things becoming normal.

After a remaining silent for some time she again started speaking…  “And now I know the reason. I have killed someone when he was in deep sleep. I have such horrifying flashes many times when I see my self killing someone who is sleeping. I feel that the revenge is not good. I should not have killed the guy in his sleep. I should have been forgiving. I need to forgive myself to be able to live a normal life. I need to appreciate myself who I am. I need to love my self.”

Slowly I brought her back to the present times in my therapy room and made her open eyes. Her face appeared very peaceful. With teary eyes she thanked me again and again for helping her resolve her issues and left.

In the follow up session she informed that she had started sleeping peacefully and her fear of losing people completely went away. Now her only wish was to see her loved ones happy.


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