A true Past Life Regression Story

A true Past Life Regression Story

A true Past Life Regression Story

A true Past Life Regression Story

Let negative past life traits not ruin your present life…

(A true Past Life regression Story…

All the names and other details have been changed

to respect the privacy of the client)

A young, tall and well-built American girl from California came to see me a few months back. She was good looking, confident and had thick blond hair over prominent forehead and oval face. She wanted to do the past life regression therapy as she was not able to deal with her desperation to seek continuous attention from men to feel validated and fulfilled.

Once deeply regressed in my therapy room, she saw strong flashes, one as a poor homeless woman on the street and other as a happy woman with a man. She also saw flashes of military and war. She continuously experienced different powerful flashes at the same time.

When a client experiences such varied visions at the same time, as a Past Life Regression Therapist, I know when to intervene and steer a client into the right direction. At this juncture I asked her that where she wants to pick up and start. She replied that they are all related and she needs to collate them together.

There are three different ways to connect with the past life experiences;

Let negative past life traits not ruin your present life
Let negative past life traits not ruin your present life
  1. What you visualize or see more clearly (Visualization)
  2. What you hear more clearly (Auditory)
  3. What you feel more clearly (Kinesthetic)

Each individual goes through a different technique to connect with the past life, depending upon the evolution of his or her senses. It’s the expertise of a Past Life Regression Therapist to ascertain that which way would be the most suitable and rewarding for the client. I found that Angel was more on the feeling and visualization side as she kept saying ; I feel and see several times. She first felt and then saw things in her past life.

My name is Helen. I am in a town square. These are war times. There are posters about war around me. I am in America. I am wearing a floral dress like in late nineteenth century era. It’s a modest and simple dress. I am a good and kind woman. I feel as if I am pregnant now.” Here she started crying. “I am not married. This pregnancy is a secret. It feels that my man died during war. Even though I am a good human being but I am looked down upon as a bad person by the society because of being unwedded and pregnant. I have taken to begging and prostitution to survive. I miscarried and lost the child. But I always maintain positivity and goodness in my heart. Here she stopped.

After a while she moved on to the next event. I see a wealthy and respectable person interacting with me. He laughs at me and also looks down upon me but he keeps inviting me to his house. I feel we are in a physical relationship.  I feel detached from him. It feels as if he has bought me and he provides for my sustenance and services. I work as both ; his mistress as well maid. I have resigned myself to this fate as I have no choice. There is another young man in the house who works as a stable keeper and tends to the horses. This young man is very kind to me but he feels disgusted when he finds out that I have physical relations with the master, we both work for. I also feel ashamed. This young man is not aware of my compulsions and circumstances. I feel bad to be judged by him like this. My physical relationship with my master is strange. Though at times I enjoy it but by and large I feel no emotion or interest in it. For me it’s sort of a duty. My master took me as his mistress and  maid as he is wealthy and powerful and could exuberate his influence over a homeless and pregnant woman like me. I have no option but to play a tool in his life.

Here I asked her to move to the next event of her life.

I have grown old. I have not found any love in this life. I had no child after my miscarriage. I am in a house. This feels my own home. I am waiting to die. There are people who love me and take care of me. They feel like a family. They are the family which I have created through my empathy and goodness. It feels as if I have found caring people in my life. I do not know if they are related to me but I feel they are kind and loving towards me. I feel lot of gratitude and love for these people. They accepted me as I was. But it still is a lonely life. I had no romantic connection in this life, for which I longed a lot. I had a brief romance in my youth with the man who died in the war. It was a modest life but I still found a way to enjoy it. Though I was a very able person but there was a huge void in my life, which I found difficult to overcome. I died with a deep desire to find someone who could be my true love. Dying was a relief as it ended my sadness.”

Here when I asked her to move out of the body, her language changed from ‘I feel’ to ‘I see’.  I have left the body. Now I see people crying for me. This life has been devoid of trust and love. I had been trying to please others without caring for my preferences as my sustenance depended on that behaviour. I had been trying to make others happy without caring for my own happiness.”

From here I steered her to higher mind analysis and asked her that what fear she is carrying from that life. I will never find the love I want. No one will see me as who I am and love me that way.”

I asked her that what was the programming from that fear?

I believe that sex is the only way to seek attention and validation from a person even if it’s an emotionless and empty act for me. I have started believing that I wouldn’t find love. I have become an impatient person when it’s about seeking true love.”

Here I asked her that what her soul is trying to tell her.

I am inherently as pure and lovable as I was. I feel that I can now let go of those self-limiting beliefs. If I wrongly choose to believe that I am undeserving for love and allow myself to be used by other people, then outcome will be as it was in my past life. My soul is trying to teach me that I can change my self and stop that pattern. I am lovable and not an object of pleasure for someone. I need to believe that. From now onwards I will be more cautious before giving myself into a new relationship.”

Slowly I brought her back to present life and current times. Her shining face beamed with new and joyful confidence as she gave me a big smile and hugged me tight.

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