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Life Before Lives

PLRT & Hypnotherapy help people

Past Life Regression & Hypnotherapy help people to remember and recollect things BETTER by improving their memory; ESPECIALLY those who are preparing for EXAMINATIONS and INTERVIEWS. With the help of Past Life Regression & Hypnotherapy you can increase your Self-Confidence. Because there are different reasons for “LACK OF CONFIDENCE”.

So, do not be bogged down by Fears & Phobias, increase your Self-Confidence, improve your Memory, get rid on Anxieties and Insecurities, Quit Smoking, build Stronger and Better Relationship and Learn the art of Unconditional Happiness with the help of Past Life Regression & Hypnotherapy. These remedies do not replace medical therapies. These therapies aim at STRENGTHENING the SUBCONSCIOUS MIND by fortifying it with POSITIVE IDEAS to empower us. For example, Clinical Hypnotherapy is the process of evolving your consciousness and perception. It helps to increase awareness to treat a lingering physical or psychological problem.

These therapies deal better with everyday ‘normal’ emotional issues or Anxiety and help you in becoming stronger, happier and more positive. There are different levels and forms for anxiety which people experience differently. Anxiety can be a mild agitation you feel before doing a speech or a presentation in front people or an extreme disorder that disrupts your routine and everyday life. Anxiety can be the result of a traumatic experience or event that happened in the past that made the individual fearful of it happening again.


Many skills and talents flow from past lives

I am positive that you may have seen or followed some of the talent shows on television, where small kids perform on stage in front of celebrities? These children are aged between 4 to 14 approximately. I can bet that you often wonder, how these kids are doing such an amazing performance, how they are pushing all the limits through their dancing, singing and acting skills? At times you may become numb with amaze at their incredible talents and performances? The way they sing and dance and act, it appears as if they have been doing such performances since birth! The skill and proficiency with which they perform, even some of the most famous and professional artists fail to achieve in front of live audience.

And when the television hosts ask these little ones that for how long they have been training, their reply is one year… two years… or maximum five years. In addition, they devote many hours in study, homework from schools and tuitions! It makes us wonder that how its possible for someone that young to be living like that? There is a term for such kids. They are called ‘PRODIGIES’. There are hundreds and hundreds examples of child prodigies in every sphere of life

The question is that how these small kids do such wonders at such a tender age? Is it God’s gift? Possible! Is it in their DNA? Could be! Although in many cases their family members claim that no one ever had been interested in the said gifted form of artistic expression or talent in their whole family history, from both; paternal as well maternal side. Are they miracle kids? Well, they surely are, for the miraculous ways in which they perform. Or could it be a past life karma? Now that has a high probability.

Dick Sutphen, in his book “Past Life Therapy in Action”, talks about the five kinds of karma. To further explain he states two case examples of this karma and says, and I quote, “Abilities and awareness are developed over a period of many lifetimes. A man in Rome became interested in music and began to develop his ability. Today, after 6 additional lifetimes in which he became a little better with each life, he is a successful professional musician.”

Now take a look at these children. Do you seriously think that the kind of excellence with which they project their “talents” can be achieved in just a few years of training? A 12-year-old child appearing for class 12th board science examinations is definitely a lot more than just chemical reactions happening in the brain resulting in High IQ. A 6-year-old speaking in ancient Vedic Sanskrit and reciting Shlokas from the Upanishads – a eleven years old kid from a backward village speaking English in elite American accent, that’s lot more than just God’s gift or DNA. Reality actually is much beyond what can be perceived through the limited perception of our five senses.

If you feel that a special ability or talent or rare gift, you or someone close to you have in this life, is or may be related with yours or this person’s former lives then Past Life Regression Therapy may help you immensely in exploring that with further details. It can help you to work on that ability even more and develop it further by re-building your faith and confidence in yourself.

To book your Past Life Regression session with me, give me a call on: 7042321200. You can also connect with me through email on: Swasti.hypnotherapyindia@gmail.com.

Republic Day

Happy Republic Day

Our country has a beautiful and colorful blend of different cultures, traditions and festivals. We speak different languages, follow different customs but in our hearts, we know we are all ONE. As a nation, we believe in unity in diversity. India is the birthplace to spirituality and many great spiritual Gurus and masters. Many of us have grown up listening to our grandparents and parents telling us, through stories and tales and fables, that all of us have the same soul – the same energy or that same powerful God particle – radiating within each one of us.

On this Republic Day, let’s tap into that divine energy inside, and affirm in our hearts to join hands and come together as one to make India a more prosperous and healthier nation – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Every person – men, women all alike – should be educated, literate, evolved, wise enough to use that education correctly for the betterment of our society, enlightened, peaceful, respectful, honest, loving and kind. This is the only way we can all coexist harmoniously. Let’s at least TRY to build a better future for all of us, by building a better nation.

Peaceful nations make peaceful continents make a peaceful world… make a peaceful universe… and THAT is the ultimate goal. It is about time we realize that.

Happy 69th Republic Day.

Do not be bogged down by Self-Doubts or Fears or Phobias

Past Life Regression & Hypnotherapy empower you to do whatever you want to do, by loading your subconscious mind with positive ideas and clearing it from all the negative conditionings. And obviously, when there are so many positives, how can there even be any space for the negatives?

For example:

  • Some people have self-doubts – I’m not worthy, I’m not capable, ‘I’m useless, I’m stupid etc.
  • Some people have different types of Fears & Phobias, such as: they may be afraid of CROSSING the ROAD, for some it is difficult to drive on a busy road.
  • In the OFFICE, some people may be scared of their boss.
  • Some people may have fear of Jumping or Height or Swimming.
  • Some women may be afraid of Pregnancy or Child Birth.
  • Some people may be afraid to speak in public.
  • For some children, it may be difficult to face the Exams, they have Fear of Examinations.
  • For some people, it may be difficult to face an Interview, because they have a Fear of being rejected.
  • Some people may have phobia of Spider or Lizard or anything else.

No matter where those Doubts or Fears or Phobias are coming from, they block us from achieving our goals. And they can form in the subconscious mind at any time.

A slight shift in the thought pattern makes a huge difference. When the focus is on positive, positive is what happens. It really is easy. Take the first conscious decision… Make the first conscious choice… to focus on what you want… and all your fears & phobias will be cured…

The techniques of Past life regression therapy and Hypnotherapy are helping thousands of people every day in the world to cure all their doubts and fears & phobias, without any drug or medication using scientific mind techniques. So, take charge of your life. Do not be bogged down by Self-Doubts or Fears or Phobias.

The soul is who we truly are

Tapping into the strength of the soul helps to increase self-confidence and to boost self-esteem. The journey to realizing our truth is wonderful… And with the help of Past Life Regression Therapy it becomes easy and smooth…

The soul knows and has only love, kindness, forgiveness, grace, generosity, courage, strength and all such positive emotions and feelings. And the soul is who we truly are. We are not the body; we’re the soul living in the body. And Past Life Regression has proved that we have lived through many lives. When we really understand and get in touch with our true essence, all the negativities surrounding us burn away into ashes. When we connect with the courage that the soul has, all our fears and phobias fade away. With the love, kindness, forgiveness, generosity and grace of our soul guide, we can resolve any relationship issue.

Past Life Regression is the only way to Connect with our Soul Guide, and It is such a great experience to meet our soul guides and to know that they are always there for us, Dr Ian Stevenson’s book ‘Twenty Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation” was an important and positive turning point for the people who believed in past life and reincarnation. Dr Ian Stevenson’s past life researches, later based on past life regression therapy offered most credible evidences in favour of past life and reincarnation.

Past Life Regression session is a wonderful experience, a beautiful healing process. A lot of people’s issues are resolved by just knowing and gaining an insight that we never really die. The wisdom, enlightenment and sense of relief it brings is so precious… so relaxing… so healing… Book your appointment today and experience the transformation – literally!

Accomplish your goal

Every-one wants to achieve his or her goal. Every-one needs accomplishment in life. But for this, you must know your current status, you have to know where you are right now and from there – where you want to go – what your goal is. Because goals are the dreams to which you commit and take action to make sure you achieve them. And goal setting is the way, the means, of turning those dreams into reality. Because; The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

So, at-first you must understand about your talents and abilities, the three things that you do best, the three things that you do least well, the three things you want to be remembered for, how do you want others to describe you and What are the three things you want to accomplish in life?

Effective goal setting is the groundwork for success and effective goals are: SMARTER: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-lined, Enthusiastic and Rewarding.

People are greatly influenced by the things that have happened to them throughout their lifetime. Often, we subconsciously allow our past mistakes, incompletions and even our successes to get in the way of creation and accomplishment or Achievement of goals.

How Hypnotherapy works is, once these signs have been identified, the next step is to go directly to the subconscious mind using several Hypnosis techniques, get to the root and detach from these negative conditionings, replace it with ideas of success and accomplishment, get in touch with our ability to get what we want, make our positives more powerful and allow the conscious mind to act with that power.

Hypnosis is a natural state that has been studied scientifically. Hypnotherapists are not people with “supernatural powers”. Hypnotherapy is based on many years of clinical research. And mind you, it has the word “therapy” in it, not “magic”.

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Self Past Life Regression Therapy


Is it safe to try Past Life Regression Therapy on my own with the help of audios that are available online?


I am getting a lot of panic calls these days from people who are trying their hands on Past Life Regression by following certain self-help or DIY audios available online. These are the people who have never experienced the state of Hypnosis and who probably don’t even Meditate. Although listening to guided mind-body relaxation audios and practicing Self-Hypnosis – after having a good knowledge of it – are wonderful ways to heal oneself, I would request you to NOT EXPERIMENT with such a serious and intense process as Past Life Regression on your own. As tempting as it may sound, (AND free of cost) it is like conducting an open surgery on yourself not knowing how and where to place what organ and stitch back up. I feel rather relieved to hear people say that they tried doing Past Life Regression with the help of an online audio but felt nothing and eventually slept it out THAN hearing them say that they ended up feeling stuck, anxious, confused and scared and are now in need of immediate help and assistance.

Different people respond differently to and in hypnosis. A Past Life Regression audio can prove to be a nice general way of putting people in trance and may work for some to help them feel relaxed, but it almost always does not serve the purpose it claims to. Be sure to scroll down for comments before you plug in those pods. “Why?”, you may ask… Well… Read on…

Firstly, for Past Life Regression Therapy, before you go for the real deal it is important to first be familiar with a basic state of hypnosis and then to sharpen your visualisation skills. Not everyone is visual, but with practice one can train their mind to visualize vividly. An online Past Life Regression audio does not coach you to do that.

Secondly, if you DO have good visualisation skills and choose to go ahead with the recorded audio, there may come a point in the process where you can feel anxious and confused, not knowing how to get out of the situation you are experiencing. A therapist comes in handy then. Trained and certified therapists keep communicating with you to know how you are feeling and whether you need any help in any way along the procedure and, if you do, they know how and where to guide you next to let you have a smooth experience. An online Past Life Regression audio is not your trained and certified therapist.

Thirdly, if there are any issues you are looking to resolve with the help of Past Life Regression, then just exploring past life events is not enough. A lot of work happens AFTER your past life memory recall where, in the state of hypnosis, you are guided to your higher awareness to understand and clear out the programming from that past life that you are still carrying with you in this life. Only then can you really resolve that issue. And at the same time, let us say you wish to do a Past Life Regression simply out of curiosity but in the process, you come across an extremely disturbing and traumatic event in that life… An online Past Life Regression audio will not help you with clearing that trauma and you may come out feeling – like most people that call me after they try doing this – stuck, anxious, confused and scared.

So, to sum the whole thing up, a little friendly advise… Please do not try Past Life Regression Therapy at home all by yourself! If you want to benefit from the technique get in touch with a trained, qualified and certified therapist. You would save yourself from a lot of trouble and would any day have a much better and more authentic and genuine experience. Do all the research you must before finalizing on a therapist. Read about them, know their credentials, go through their blogs and articles, see how you feel about them and THEN plan the visit.

If you want to book an appointment with me, call me on +917042321200, Monday to Saturday, between 11 AM to 6 PM.

You can also send me a mail on swasti.hypnotherapyindia@gmail.com.

Happy healing!

Life Before Lives

PLRT & Hypnotherapy help people

Past Life Regression & Hypnotherapy help people to remember and recollect things BETTER by improving their memory; ESPECIALLY …

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