Past Life Regression therapy helps healing

Past Life Regression therapy helps healing

How many times has this happened with you that even though you are meeting someone for the first time ever in your life, you still feel that you have known that person forever? Or you take a strong liking towards someone in the first meeting? Or you have said to yourself “this is the first and the last time we would be seeing each other… I can’t stand him/her!”

With some people it takes only a few minutes to build a lifelong connection, while with others it takes a lifetime to develop even a basic level of understanding. Ever wondered why? It’s because of our past life connections. Some believe in them, some don’t; although these connections are beyond the debates and arguments of beliefs versus non-beliefs. They are just the way they are. For many years now famous scientists, psychologists and psychiatrists have been doing research on the subject and enough evidence has been collected, through practical experiments conducted in controlled and well observed environments, to back-up the theory of past life relations, connections and karmas.

During and with the help of past life regression therapy, people have been able to improve the quality of their relationship with a loved one by gaining a higher understanding of, and insight on, the relationship. Many people have been able to free themselves of their fears and phobias of this life by simply observing, understanding and accepting how and why they have been carrying them over from a past life up until now. Even physically people have been able to experience the miracles of past life regression therapy after their unexplained body aches, for which there were no medical reasons, have disappeared after visiting a past life where they saw the real reason behind the pain.

Coming back to past life connections, as souls we are all connected. Perhaps it is some connection that you’re still reading my article, while many people would have probably stopped after the first two sentences. Whether you liked reading it or whether you did not depends on your belief or non-belief on the subject of past life connections. Either ways, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading it, because our souls still share some connection. All of us are part of the same universe, our source is the same, and when the time is right, our paths do cross. Had that not been the case, we would not be making so many new connections almost every day, while those connections that we call ‘new’ are ‘new’ only in this lifetime. Many of those new connections have been connected to us before, and the issues that we face with them could probably be because of an old Karmic cycle.

Do you wish to have a better understanding of your past life connection with someone and work your issues out? Try past life regression therapy! Sometimes, just “knowing” is healing!

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