Do not allow your phobia to control your life, Cure it.

Do not allow your phobia to control your life, Cure it.

Our thoughts and our emotions are correlated. Emotions result from thoughts. A negative thought can only manifest negative emotions, and we all know this for a fact… yet it is sometimes so hard to control that negative flow of thoughts and shift focus to positivity, right? Well… it “might” be hard… but it is very much possible. To help explain this better I would like to share a case study with you:

Fifty-five years old Shubha (name changed) came to me to deal with lizard-phobia. She feared lizards so much that she could not even tolerate the sight of them and would often faint if she spotted one anywhere around her. Before stepping in a room, she would first scan all the walls from outside the room to check for lizards. And somehow there was always a lizard – even in places where no one has seen lizards in decades! Over the years she started avoiding going out, whenever she could.

We started with her sessions. During the third session, while I was gradually working my way on taking her back to the time where the issue started – the root if it all – in a state of hypnosis she realized that till the time she got married, she was never afraid of lizards. She remembered how there used to be lizards on the walls of her home and it never seemed to bother her at all. She also remembered laughing when an elderly superstitious person told her that if a lizard drops on you or falls in your food, it is considered as a bad omen and something horrible can happen to you. After marriage one day, while she was eating lunch, a lizard fell in her food. Unfortunately, on the same day she had an argument with her in-laws which turned ugly. Coincidentally something similar happened again the next day when a lizard fell on her head, followed by a fight with the in-laws. It was then that she thought about what she was told by that elderly superstitious person about lizards dropping on someone or falling in someone’s food. This superstition started growing in her. She started thinking more and more about it every day. Her emotions around this thought became so negative that she started seeing a harmless little being as a danger, a threat. Whenever she spotted a lizard, she would lose her nerve and would run away to avoid it from falling on her. And the more she thought about it, the more it would happen. She finally understood this manifestation of her own negative thinking pattern. After two more sessions, that involved trauma reversal and positive reprogramming by letting go off the old limiting beliefs, Shubha easily reversed those negative emotions. In a follow-up session after 5 weeks she confirmed that it doesn’t bother her anymore – lizards or no lizards. I asked her to report to me if anything. It has been almost a year and I am happy to say I haven’t heard from her, except for the occasional festive greetings!

I agree and understand that sometimes it may be difficult to focus on positive thoughts when the situations are negative, but I know that it is not impossible. Had Shubha shifted her focus on working on improving her relationship with her in-laws and changing the overall atmosphere of her home, the lizard-phobia would not have even existed.

Hypnotherapy, and in some cases even Past Life Regression Therapy, teaches us how to control our thoughts and steer them in a positive direction. Book your session today to know how easy it is to deal with almost any situation in your life, simply by thinking positive thoughts and doing positive things. To take an appointment call +917042321200, Monday to Saturday, 11 AM to 6 PM.

Happy healing!

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