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Past Life Regression session is a wonderful experience, a beautiful healing process. A lot of people’s issues are resolved by just knowing and gaining an insight that we never really die. The wisdom, enlightenment and sense of relief it brings is so precious… so relaxing… so healing. Book your appointment today and experience the transformation – literally!

I never do Past Life Regression in the first or second session, since it is a very intense process. The first few sessions go in only educating, creating awareness and clearing my clients of their previously known limiting beliefs about Past Life Regression.

People have a lot of excitement and curiosity sometimes. And often this excitement and curiosity becomes a hindrance and blocks them from experiencing the process completely. They come with a lot of expectations, yet they do not know what to expect from the session. It takes a few sittings to help them understand the different types of (physical) forms or karmas or lessons they might come across, based on the issue they want to resolve. These sittings or visits also assist them in understanding how to deal better with all the excitement and curiosity and simply observe and enjoy the process and the experience, easily and calmly, in a relaxed state of body and mind, and to just allow the healing transformation to take place.

With some clients, even after gaining all the necessary knowledge and information about the process theoretically, when they first visit a past life they get too thrilled and their entire focus shifts on that thrill and they sometimes lose track. But that is just fine, because when they visit a past life again in the next session, they are much calmer and in control since they now know what to expect and their focus stays on just the process and they go through it smoothly.  Also, those who come to me to explore how they died, it is such a delight to hear them exclaim after their session – “oh so that was how I left that body in that life and came here in this body in this life!”

Book your appointment today on: 7042321200 and experience the transformation – literally!

The facts about Past Life regression therapy

Many people call me for sessions consistently; some in light of certain significant issues that they are confronting in life and some essentially to straighten something up. Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression Therapy are still new ideas for many people so clearly there are part of questions and myths around these practices. For instance, individuals inquire as to whether they will “get stuck” in some past life when they get their Past Life Regression Therapy done. The response to that is – unquestionably not!

When you visit a past life for treatment reason, your mind takes you back just to the time where the genuine motivations to your current issues are lying. The majority of this happens in the psyche in a profound condition of Hypnosis, while physically you are sitting simple and loose on an agreeable chair in your advisor’s office, totally protected and taken well care of by your specialist. You are dependably in control of yourself, regardless of how profound the condition of stupor or Hypnosis is. Your psyche is constantly mindful of your environment and of the present. So its absolutely impossible that anybody can ever “get stuck” before.

Individuals are additionally worried about the “symptoms” of Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression Therapy. All things considered, you will be glad to realize that there are NONE! I can tally numerous advantages however. In a past life hypnotherapy session you are not directed any pharmaceutical for there to be any “reactions”.

Mesmerizing is a normally loose perspective, and unwinding has just constructive outcomes. At the point when the psyche is casual, the body is casual as well. What’s more, when the body is casual it revives itself, practically like in rest. In any case, in Hypnosis, not at all like in rest, you are more mindful of yourself and your environment. The individuals who hone Yoga will without a doubt have the capacity to relate when I say that the condition of Hypnosis feels like the condition of Yoga Nidra, or Yogic Sleep.

A man has even called me recently to know whether I have transformed anybody into a chicken or a monkey yet. I should say he was to a great degree baffled (crippled, to be more exact) when I let him know that such traps are just a piece of stage Hypnosis and have no association, at all, to the remedial part of Hypnotherapy that I rehearse and am acquainted with.

Hypnotherapy is an exceptionally accommodating and extraordinary practice that has helped numerous individuals, from various perspectives, to work with and mend their physical, enthusiastic, mental and otherworldly issues. Also, Past Life Regression Therapy, as my educator Tim Simmerman Sierra would say, is not a ticket to a ride in an entertainment mecca. These are not kidding strategies with stunning advantages. One may work preferred for you over the other. Discover for yourself… book your session today!

Past Life Regression was my best experience…Ritesh Sinha

My media job is hectic, and I was looking for something which relaxes me to the core. I have heard about past life regression many times. But I have never got the chance to witness such an experience. One day when I met Swasti and came to know about all this, it thrilled me. I was in a hurry to get this done. After many follow up (Since she is too busy with these sessions) I finally got a chance. Trust me, it was the best experience and relaxation I ever had. The way she took me through the journey was serene and calm. I thanked her many times for this. I suggest everyone that if you have any health or mental issue which is disturbing you and you don’t know how to deal with it, Swasti is the one person who can help you. Her Hypnotherapy techniques are the answer for all such issues. Do give it a shot.

Ritesh Sinha

Connect with your Soul Guide through Past Life Regression Therapy

Every session is a beautiful experience, but there are some that bring a smile on my face and tears in my eyes, at the same time. These are the sessions when I see my clients realizing, in a state of hypnosis, that their issues have now been resolved and they are completely healed. That sigh of relief, that smile of fulfillment, that teardrop carrying satisfaction and gratitude, that calmness and completeness upon knowing that they are not alone… That their soul guides or guiding angels are always with them, withinIN them, taking care of them, guiding them, protecting them; and that all they have to do to connect with those guides and angels is ‘turn within’. When they leave after their last session, it is as much a proud and happy moment for me as is for a parent to see their child graduating. Although some clients like to keep visiting once or twice a month just to (I quote) “relax, connect and grow”… And they know that my doors are always open.

Some sessions are so touching and heart warming that they make me shout out loud in my head “oh thank you thank you THANK YOU beautiful universe for such a blessed experience!” I’ll mention the most recent one in this article, as recent as yesterday:

It was my client’s last session and, upon his request, we did a Past Life Regression Therapy session. After five sessions of going through several clearing and healing techniques he now felt ready for a Past Life Regression. The life he visited was full of sadness, fear, confusion, frustration, helplessness and loneliness because of being abandoned by his family at a very tender age. His death was tragic too as he died before he could turn seventeen, and he died all alone. While he saw himself leaving that body he said sadly, “this life had been a total waste”. But he saw and understood his soul purpose once he reached the state of inter life and connected with his higher consciousness or soul guide. He realized that it was important for him to “understand and believe that whatever happens, happens because of our own Karmas. I have to understand that I am just a soul on a journey and learn to feel like a soul – happy, free and independent. The lesson for this current life is to not let other people’s Karmas influence me in any way.” He found his answers in inter life, in the life between lives, in soul world. Past Life Regression was just a medium for him to connect to his guiding soul, to reach that level of awareness.

As I write this, I can still see that heavenly smile on his face when he first came in touch with his higher self, his soul guide. It was as if he finally discovered himself.

It is such a great experience to meet our soul guides and to know that they are always there for us, no matter what. We just don’t see them (some of us) because we sometimes get off our track and shut down our soul’s eyes. But it really is very easy and oh-so-very healing to again connect with those divine souls. To experience and explore these healing transformations for yourself, call me for an appointment between 11 AM to 6 PM, Monday to Saturday. If I’m unable to answer your call, just leave me a text message with your name and I will get back to you as soon as I get free.

Happy healing!

Avani Mathur

Thank you Swasti Ji . You are really a very good human being and make your client feel at home.

My Past Life Regression Therapy sessions have been most amazing and they were very helpful to

overcome from my very old fears.. Thanks again…

Prashant Kumar

Swasti you have been so helpful, friendly and very understanding. The sessions that I have had, were quite

beneficial, and I would not hesitate to recommend you to all my friends.

Raman Taneja

Thank you very much Swasti.It was amazing and  I will  be back again and again till I get healed completely. After seeing some of your work first hand… seeing you in a one to one setting was very effective to cool down my nerves and agitation. I can feel that just with one session my fear of crowd is gone.

I have improved my relationship with my mother

In my sessions with Swasti Shree Sharma, i have been able to overcome some of my fears, overcome a relationship which i have been trying to move on with from a long time but couldn’t, with the help of hypnotherapy it became easy for me to forget the past and move ahead. The Hypnotherapy process of sending positive thoughts to your subconscious mind really really works. I feel so much positive now, much confident and absolutely fearless. Thanks Swasti for helping me make my life better. You can actually overcome anything which is troubling you with the help of hypnotherapy and past life regression. I have made my relationship with my mother better through this. 🙂

Great Job Swasti Shree

I advised one of my former colleagues, who had been suffering from some anxiety and smoking problems to Swasti, and within days I have seen remarkable results. He is perfectly fit now & out of the “depression box”, and also has completely quit smoking.

Would advise whosoever is going through the mental issues, which are very common in today’s stressful era, to go for Hypnotherapy, which is a natural treatment and a person is healed from within, instead of the strong meds that are usually given by other Doctors.

Great job Swasti!


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