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Trust Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression therapy are very new and unique fields in comparison to other sciences and healing practices. People have a lot of questions about hypnosis, about hypnotherapy. People even have many funny doubts about Hypnosis? When people call me to book sessions they have these questions in their mind, they have such funny doubts. At times they are scared. Sometimes they ask me “what happens when we are in Hypnosis?”

During hypnosis, the critical factor of the mind relaxes, because of this, direct communication between the conscious and the subconscious mind is established. This direct communication allows for positive and beneficial ideas, information and suggestions to be easily accepted and acted upon by the subconscious mind without being constantly bounced back to the conscious mind by the critical faculty. The positive suggestions gets stored in the subconscious mind as a new belief.

Some people think that Hypnotherapy is a truth serum. So, let me tell you that Hypnotherapy is not a truth serum. Recently someone called me and said “I want to book a session for my wife, as I think that she has extra marital relationship. I want to know the truth”. I replied “NO! we dont do that kind of things. We are here to help you, to heal your issues, not to do such senseless things”.

People often ask me “will I be under your control during Hypnosis?” Again NO !! You will be always in your own control in the state of Hypnosis. You will be aware of your surroundings. You will remember everything when you will out of it. You will be so much wiser; you will be so much realized that in case I will ask you to give me your ATM pin, you will not do that, because you know that you do not want to do that. You know that’s not the right thing to do. You will immediately open your eyes and say “Swasti! I am not comfortable giving you my ATM pin”.

Actually Hypnosis is a natural state of mind. with lots of beneficial characteristics. You are naturally relaxed in the state of Hypnosis. While comfortably sitting in the chair you are mentally emotionally working on yourself. Also it is very easy to come out of Hypnosis. You only have to open your eyes and say “that’s it, I am done, and I do not want to go further”.

In the state of Hypnosis, your mind is relaxed and you are more open to positive healing suggestions. And these positive healing suggestions help you to make your life better. These positive healing suggestions empower you to heal and resolve any issue, any fear, anything which is effecting your life negatively and is coming in the way of living to your full potential.

You will be able to live a more positive, confident, happy and healthy life.

So why not try Hypnotherapy. You have nothing to loose. It only has amazing benefits.

Train your mind to be positive, loving & peaceful through Hypnotherapy

“It is our own mind, not an enemy or foe, that lures us to negative ways.”
When we get angry or upset with people, it is natural to put the blame on them for angering or upsetting us… It feels like the right thing to do since THEY said or did something they shouldn’t have said or done, which filled us with negative emotions such as anger, irritation, sadness, disgust or hatred. THEY are responsible for the way we are feeling. Right? Wrong. It is not what people say or do, rather our REACTION to their words or actions… How we LET those words or actions affect us. It is when we choose to give others the permission to make us feel a certain way, that we feel that way.
As an experiment, the next time when someone says something to hurt you or put you down, take a couple of deep breaths and repeat in your mind “I choose not to get affected by this, I choose to let this go, I choose not to react, I choose to stay calm”… Then smile and walk away. Don’t believe me, try it for yourself. Not only will you feel a lot wiser and stronger for doing that, you will save yourself from getting sucked into this vicious circle of negativity by breaking the chain of negative exchanges, negative feelings and (maybe even) physical reactions.
Remember, you are not what others think you are. When someone calls you stupid, it is usually THEIR interpretation of you – created by their lack of acceptance for what you say or do. Or maybe, to look at it from another perspective, they were only carrying the pain of someone else calling THEM stupid and you just happened to be the receiver of that. Hurt people, hurt people. People who are wounded themselves often times develop the tendency to harm other beings, as a way of let out. Either ways, you are not what others expect, believe, wish or interpret about you to be. When you realize that it becomes so easy to train your mind to positive, loving, humble, peaceful ways. If focusing on and following a negative path can be the decision of your own mind, then it is you who has the power to steer yourself in a positive direction. You just have to make that choice.
Clinical Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression Therapy are great techniques that help you understand and get in touch with the real YOU. And once you know your true positive self, nothing that anyone says has the control over you to anger or upset you in any way. Love, peace, forgiveness, empathy and kindness become the key ingredients of your true divine nature. Give it a try… There’s all to gain.
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Overcome fear of death with Hypnotherapy


Death is simply a transfer from one world to another… So death is, but, just another life in another dimension, from where starts another journey. To get to it is an extremely adventurous trip. And on this trip we will find that some tourist attractions/places of interest are beautiful and interesting,while some others are too boring to be even included on the trip itinerary. Some locations have a good sunrise point, while some are famous for its sunsets. Sometimes we get a good hotel to stay in with world class amenities, however, sometimes it turns out to be a total nightmare with bed bugs, big mosquitoes that may look like tarantulas, leaking roofs and seepage in walls. While trailing and trekking through all the topsy turvy roads we may fall and injure ourselves sometimes, while other times even the most breathtakingly dangerous mountain climbs may seem like a walk on the clouds.

No matter what experiences we have on the trip – good or bad – when we look back at all that has passed, we laugh and tell people about it with such amusement… Especially about the things that didn’t go too well… And it is those ‘unpleasant’ moments that we learn from the most.

Every trip we take is different and has a lot to give us. Every trip has its own challenges and its own adventures. Such is with life… Whether it is this life, or some other life, OR the life in another dimension or reality.

What’s even more beautiful is that within each life are many lives that we live each day, many trips we take, many roads that unfold themselves. There could be several ups and downs and pits and bumps on these roads, but do we stop the journey midway because of those hurdles? Or do we continue traveling, passing through it all, till we reach our destination… How far it may be, wherever it may be. Yes we do slow down at certain points to take a breather, and that is completely alright.

Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression Therapy are wonderful techniques that teach and give people the strength, wisdom and patience that is needed in this journey called life. Past Life Regression Therapy is a great way to understand and deal with the concept of life and death.


Come and try it out for yourself! Call now for appointment.

And remember… Come what may… The journey must go on! 🙂


It was one of the most fascinating experience of my life and I really feel different. Swasti healed me very effectively and I feel very blessed to meet her.


I am very thankful and grateful to meet Swasti. Swasti’s sessions are true blessings. They have completely changed my life and enhanced my self confidence


Swasti’s hypnotherapy and past life regression sessions have changed my life. My fears, insecurities and doubts have completely vanished. I feel much better and more confident. Swasti made me feel very comfortable by her warmth and empathy and I was able to open my heart to her completely.


Since I started my hypnotherapy sessions with Swasti, I have not encountered anxieties, worries and stress. I feel very calm and connected with myself and look forward to explore more and get completely healed. Swasti’s presence brings complete trust and positivity.

Directing thoughtlessness to positive and creative thoughts

“I am thoughtless”, “I am blank”, “I cannot think of anything”… I have heard these statements so many times from so many people – clients, friends, relatives. Can we ever be thoughtless or blank and, at the same time, say that we are thoughtless or blank? No. Those who really are thoughtless or blank do not even bother to say that, because it requires one to ‘think’ to put something in words. So when someone says “I am thoughtless”, I say “wrong! You are thinking that you are thoughtless. That is a thought about your current state of mind. So you, actually, are not thoughtless.”

A client said to me few days back, “whenever I stand in front of a large group of people to talk, it is as if the flow of thoughts stop and all I can hear in my mind is tnnnnnn…” he made a sound that sounded something like a loud prolonged tuning fork. After further talking and questioning he said “when all my thoughts stop and I hear that sound, I keep saying to myself in my head – think of something… quickly… think of something!” With that I figured what he was doing – because of a traumatic incident in the past which was later healed during the course of sessions, every time he would stand in front of a group of people to talk, his focus turned to thinking of ‘something’, and that ‘something’ that he was thinking of was being thoughtless and hearing that tuning fork like sound. So, technically, he was not doing anything wrong, he WAS thinking of ‘something’, he was not thoughtless. The only issue was that instead of giving himself the message to focus his thoughts on thinking about what was needed to be said in that situation, he kept giving himself the message to think about ‘something’. For the mind, ‘something’ can be anything. ‘Something’ is like an uncontrollable horse running free in the wilderness. ‘Something’ can be simply, literally, ‘something’.

My client was, however, doing a wonderful job. He naturally, instinctively, knew the art of self-suggestion. I simply had to teach him ways to use that art positively, to his benefit, so he could focus his thoughts on thinking about the important things rather than just about anything.

Now here is the good news – like my client, each and every one of us naturally, instinctively, knows the art of self-suggestion. How? “I am thoughtless” is a suggestion to self to be thoughtless. “I am blank” is a suggestion to self to be blank. “I cannot think of anything” is a suggestion to self to not think of anything. “I am sad” is a suggestion to self to be sad. “I am stupid” is a suggestion to self to do things to make us look stupid – just like “I am thirsty” is a suggestion to self to get up and get a glass of water or ask someone to get us some. We keep giving ourselves so many suggestions throughout the day every single day. To just have the realization of which self-suggestion is negative and which is positive can make it a lot easier to appreciate ourselves each time we hear a positive self-suggestion and catch hold of a negative self-suggestion. Reverse it and make it positive, and appreciate yourself more for doing all that work all by yourself.

With Hypnotherapy, learn the wonderful ways to use the art of positive self-suggestion positively and you shall never have a “blank” moment ever again.

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Happy thoughts to you!

Hypnotherapy works wonders for Memory

People ask me if Hypnotherapy can help them remember and recollect things better by improving their memory; especially those who are preparing for exams or interviews. The answer to that is, “yes”! You see, memory – or the ability to learn, understand, memorize, and then finally recall something at the time it is required – is of the mind… awareness… and different levels of awareness. And in a state of Hypnosis, which is the natural state of mind, we are working on those levels of awareness.

Whatever information we perceive during our entire lifetime, through different mediums like audio or visual or other sensory receptors like touch, smell, taste etc., registers and stays forever in our mind whether we consciously choose to remember it or not. But because of something called the Reticular Activating System (RAS) of the brain, we only pay attention to and recall as much as is important for us at a given time. Sometimes, some information comes to us naturally – probably because it becomes a muscle memory over the years (like knowing how to write alphabets), or because it is a learned behaviour (like remembering ways to protect yourself when faced with danger), or because we do it almost every single day as a part of daily routine (like brushing, bathing, driving from home to work and back home). There are times though when we really have to focus to remember some information – like remembering to solve that math problem, or remembering the answer to that history question. Which means the memory of whatever we want to know and recall is right within us. Sometimes we are quickly able to recall it; other times it takes a lot of effort to remember that information.

When we are struggling really hard to remember something that is very crucial for us to remember, but are still not able to remember, it is because our mind is really stressed out and under this huge pressure of wanting to recall whatever it is and is trying really hard to remember it. The truth is that the harder we try to remember something, the harder it becomes to remember it. All our memories are stored in the subconscious awareness, and when we are stressed, there is a constant chatter that goes on in the conscious mind. The adrenalin kicks in, we start to sweat and fret, the stomach tightens, we experience palpitation, and all of this blocks us from establishing a direct communication with the subconscious mind and fetching out all that already existing data. Therefore, it is really important to stay relaxed while trying to memorize and remember something.

Using some simple relaxation techniques, many children – who come to me to learn ways to perform better in examinations and improve their grades in school – have benefited to a great extent. People appearing for interviews have achieved success. Some have even been able to find misplaced objects. All by learning how to keep themselves calm. In Hypnotherapy there are many wonderful techniques that you can use to improve your memory, learning skills, and the ability to recall the right information at the right time. Book your session today and know and learn those techniques.

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Happy learning! ☺

Goal set is Goal achieved

product_10Every person that comes to me for a session, regardless of what issue, has a goal he/she wants to achieve through Hypnotherapy or Past Life Regression Therapy. Whether it is overcoming sadness and depression by finding and connecting with the source of happiness within, or letting go of fears and phobias by getting in touch with the strength and confidence they already have in them, or improving their relationships by starting with first filling themselves with love and then projecting the vibrations of that love out into the universe, or successfully achieving all their goals in life by remaining focused and persistent – what people want, by the end of their therapy, is to see themselves having achieved a ‘goal’. And each session takes them closer to it.

When it comes to achieving a goal, the first and the most important thing is to be sure of the goal you have in mind. Ensure that that is THE goal YOU want to accomplish. One of the reasons people don’t achieve a goal is, probably, the goal they are working on is not their goal at all to begin with. For example – a person has interest in making houses look beautiful and wants to become an interior decorator. Let us call this person Raaj (fictional character). Now, people close to Raaj feel that law would be a better profession for him so they start forcing the idea of studying law and becoming a successful lawyer in his mind. Raaj’s original goal was to become an interior decorator, which has now been replaced by a different goal based on the expectations of family, relatives, peer group, or the society in general. So even if Raaj starts working towards achieving this goal and eventually becomes a successful lawyer, there still will always be a feeling of not having achieved enough, or maybe even some sort of void, in his mind and heart.

The second thing to remember is ‘why’ you want to achieve this goal – which also covers the first point, as discussed above, of having interest in it. Or maybe you want to achieve this goal because you feel it will make you happy. In that case ‘happiness’ becomes your ultimate goal and this thing you want to do and be successful at could be one of those many small goals you have that will help you to finally accomplish that ultimate goal, which is ‘happiness’. Sometimes some people have negative intentions behind achieving a goal, and in that case they find themselves falling back – over and over again – and that leads to so much frustration in them. For example – Ajut wants to become the CEO of his company only to throw the present CEO, Kim, off the position and out the organization, because during a meeting few weeks ago Kim disapproved of an idea given by Ajut. Now Ajut feels that Kim was an idiot for refusing his idea and she should be taught a lesson. So Ajut’s entire focus is now on teaching Kim a lesson. He will never be completely focused on achieving the goal of becoming a CEO, because his attention will always be divided and consumed by a negative thought. And negativity leads to more negativity.

However, sometimes, even after being completely sure of the goal and the reasons for wanting to accomplish that goal and having good and pure intentions around that goal, some people find it hard to achieve their goals. This could be because of not enough directed planning or because of old limiting beliefs formed by some past negative events. And Hypnotherapy is very successful in helping people reach their goal, no matter what it is or how far-fetched it may seem to be for them, by breaking their old patterns because of which they have failed in the past, and by increasing their confidence which allows them to let go of their limiting beliefs. Hypnotherapy has also helped people in making more efficient plans to easily and quickly accomplish their goals. Do you wish to know how? Book your appointment and I will show you how!

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Happy healing! product_10


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Trust Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression therapy are very new and unique fields in comparison to other sciences and healing …

Train your mind to be positive, loving & peaceful through Hypnotherapy

“It is our own mind, not an enemy or foe, that lures us to negative ways.” ~Buddha~ When we get angry or upset …