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Do not allow your phobia to control your life, Cure it.

Our thoughts and our emotions are correlated. Emotions result from thoughts. A negative thought can only manifest negative emotions, and we all know this for a fact… yet it is sometimes so hard to control that negative flow of thoughts and shift focus to positivity, right? Well… it “might” be hard… but it is very much possible. To help explain this better I would like to share a case study with you:

Fifty-five years old Shubha (name changed) came to me to deal with lizard-phobia. She feared lizards so much that she could not even tolerate the sight of them and would often faint if she spotted one anywhere around her. Before stepping in a room, she would first scan all the walls from outside the room to check for lizards. And somehow there was always a lizard – even in places where no one has seen lizards in decades! Over the years she started avoiding going out, whenever she could.

We started with her sessions. During the third session, while I was gradually working my way on taking her back to the time where the issue started – the root if it all – in a state of hypnosis she realized that till the time she got married, she was never afraid of lizards. She remembered how there used to be lizards on the walls of her home and it never seemed to bother her at all. She also remembered laughing when an elderly superstitious person told her that if a lizard drops on you or falls in your food, it is considered as a bad omen and something horrible can happen to you. After marriage one day, while she was eating lunch, a lizard fell in her food. Unfortunately, on the same day she had an argument with her in-laws which turned ugly. Coincidentally something similar happened again the next day when a lizard fell on her head, followed by a fight with the in-laws. It was then that she thought about what she was told by that elderly superstitious person about lizards dropping on someone or falling in someone’s food. This superstition started growing in her. She started thinking more and more about it every day. Her emotions around this thought became so negative that she started seeing a harmless little being as a danger, a threat. Whenever she spotted a lizard, she would lose her nerve and would run away to avoid it from falling on her. And the more she thought about it, the more it would happen. She finally understood this manifestation of her own negative thinking pattern. After two more sessions, that involved trauma reversal and positive reprogramming by letting go off the old limiting beliefs, Shubha easily reversed those negative emotions. In a follow-up session after 5 weeks she confirmed that it doesn’t bother her anymore – lizards or no lizards. I asked her to report to me if anything. It has been almost a year and I am happy to say I haven’t heard from her, except for the occasional festive greetings!

I agree and understand that sometimes it may be difficult to focus on positive thoughts when the situations are negative, but I know that it is not impossible. Had Shubha shifted her focus on working on improving her relationship with her in-laws and changing the overall atmosphere of her home, the lizard-phobia would not have even existed.

Hypnotherapy, and in some cases even Past Life Regression Therapy, teaches us how to control our thoughts and steer them in a positive direction. Book your session today to know how easy it is to deal with almost any situation in your life, simply by thinking positive thoughts and doing positive things. To take an appointment call +917042321200, Monday to Saturday, 11 AM to 6 PM.

Happy healing!

Build a stronger and better relationship

A 26-year-old beautiful, kind and loving young girl came to my office and started crying in front of me “I don’t know why she hates me so much… I don’t know why I feel like killing her sometimes…” She wanted to know why she feels like killing her own mother. Her relationship with her mother had been challenging ever since she could think of it. She was moved to tears when she said “was this why she gave birth to me… so she could unnecessarily take her frustrations out on me? Why she blames me for anything that is not working out well in her life.”

This is an example of a painful relationship. This relationship may be with a family member –  with parents, with siblings, with a colleague, with a companion or a lover. But these relationship issues should be resolved timely, otherwise they will tend to develop with time, and gradually each individual will start reacting differently to those issues – those circumstances and emotions, and then it will be hard to resolve those issues.

Remember, as I stated in one of my articles, every relationship comes with 4 things –

One, Karmic influence from the past – our past Karmas play a huge role in defining our relationships with others. No one can force or decide for anyone to stay in a relationship beyond Karmic influence or fulfilment of Karmic debts.

Second, an expiry date – every relation has a time limit attached to it. When the time comes for it to end, it will end. No one can force or decide for anyone to stay in a relationship beyond the time limit of the relationship. As, every relationship has an expiry date.

Third, free will of the people involved – every person involved in any relationship has the choice and free will to leave or to stay. As individuals, we have the right and freedom to choose what we want and do not want. No one can force or decide for anyone to stay in a relationship beyond the choice and free will of any person

And lastly, purpose – behind every relationship there is a purpose. When the purpose, whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, gets fulfilled, the individuals involved in the relationship may choose to leave or stay. So, once the purpose is accomplished, No one can force or decide for anyone to stay in a relationship.

Everybody experiences relationship issues Sooner or later Throughout their life. And as you know, an unhealthy relationship may affect you very badly. Sometimes you may feel insecure, sometimes frustrated or confused or angry.

You may be surprised, but Love, forgiveness, empathy and kindness with a Positive, Loving & Peaceful mindset are at the foundation level of a healthy relationship. Having feelings of revenge, hatred, loathing, envy or disgust means that you are still holding on to it.

With the help of Past Life Regression & Hypnotherapy, you can build a stronger and better relationship with yourself, with your family members, colleagues, companion or a lover. And then you would be able to build a stronger and better relationship with the world…

Try Hypnotherapy or Past Life Regression Therapy today!


Joyful positive mindset

Get rid of Anxieties and Insecurities and Learn the art of Unconditional Happiness with the help of Past Life Regression & Hypnotherapy. These remedies do not replace medical therapies. These therapies aim at STRENGTHENING the SUBCONSCIOUS MIND by fortifying it with POSITIVE IDEAS to empower us. For example, Clinical Hypnotherapy is the process of evolving your consciousness and perception. It helps to increase awareness to treat a lingering physical or psychological problem.

These therapies deal better with everyday ‘normal’ emotional issues or Anxiety and help you in becoming stronger, happier and more positive. There are different levels and forms for anxiety which people experience differently. This can be a mild agitation you feel before doing a speech or a presentation in front of people or an extreme disorder that disrupts your routine and everyday life. This can be the result of a traumatic experience or event that happened in the past that made the individual fearful of it happening again.

Past Life Regression & Hypnotherapy have proved to being extremely successful and effective treatments for anxiety. The Hypnotherapist or Past Life Regression Therapist seeks to determine the root of the problem and tries to change the person’s perception which leads to an emotional dissociation from it and therefore getting rid of the anxiety trigger.

These therapies help very successfully to dilute melancholy and restore a JOYFUL POSITIVE MINDSET by filling the mind with positive ideas. For example, we often, unknowingly, tend to use words that project negativity when we, in fact, want to do the opposite. In my sessions, I have heard people say to me “I don’t want to feel sad anymore”, when they actually want to say, “I want to feel happy”. I immediately correct them by asking “if you don’t want to feel sad, what do you want to feel instead?”. And the moment they say, “I want to feel happy”, their complete personality and body language changes and there is a smile on their face.

Clinical Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression Therapy are great techniques that help you understand and get in touch with the real YOU. So, for JOYFUL POSITIVE MINDSET train your mind to be Positive, Loving & Peaceful through Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression Therapy.

Give it a try… There’s all to gain… nothing to lose…

Your ‘Sankalpa’ or resolve influences everything in your life..

“Look at yourself as a human magnet, constantly attracting what you think, speak and feel…”

“In search of the author…..”

  • Remember that day when you were sad? Go back to it for a minute and observe your thoughts, words and feelings from back then.
  • Now, remember that day when you woke up really happy? That’s right, go back to it and observe your thoughts, words and feelings again.
  • And then, remember that day you got stuck in that horrible traffic? So, what was happening then? Were you running late and thinking “the last thing I want right now is heavy traffic”?
  • Oh, and, how about that day when you were thinking about or missing someone a lot and suddenly, out of the blues, that very person called you or you bumped into him/her at a café or a mall or someplace? How good THAT felt, huh!

Great! You can come back to the present time when you’re reading this post, wherever you are, and let us take a detailed look at the above mentioned scenarios now.

What was really happening in the first situation? Maybe you were reading a newspaper and came across an unpleasant news and started getting too pulled into the emotions of it. All your thoughts and feelings were invested in that emotion, which was sadness. Following that, something unpleasant happened with you. Maybe a fight with someone you love, maybe a breakup… You just wanted to talk to someone and share those feelings, so you called or met your best friend, sibling, mom, dad, spouse, or anyone, and told them how consumed you were by this sadness – all in a hope that maybe they could bring you out of this mental / emotional mess. Your every cell was literally overflowing with sadness and all you were getting in return was more sadness…

In the second situation, maybe you woke up with a good news. Maybe your favourite uncle was coming to visit you, bringing you chocolates and cool toys. Maybe you were getting a new pet… or maybe you simply saw a beautiful dream. How wonderful it was to start your day with a big smile on your face! Do you remember how did the rest of the day go by? Happy and bright, I’m sure! You probably even said to yourself “what a lovely day”. Maybe you looked at yourself in the mirror and smiled and blushed at the glow on your face. In fact, you’re probably smiling and your eyes are twinkling just thinking about it right now… I wouldn’t be surprised…

The third situation is pretty much self explanatory and almost all of us have been through it, right? I mean, obviously, the last thing you would want when you are already getting late for something important is heavy traffic. But ‘what the devil’ you always get stuck in traffic just when THAT is your biggest fear! And then you wonder, “what is it with me and traffic? Why me?”

And now, the fourth scenario. I personally experience getting connected with people after years, pretty much around the time I am thinking about them with great intensity. Somehow a communication is established someway or the other. I either get a text or call or email from them, or they send me a follow or friends request via social networking, or I end up meeting them at random places. A few days back I ran into an old photography teacher of mine from college days at a restaurant close-by, when only a day before that I was talking to a friend about him and the fun memories with him and how blessed I felt having a mentor like him. How many times has that happened with you? Go down your memory lane… You’ll find incidents more than one.

So what do you feel is going on in all these scenarios? Are we, ourselves, in some way responsible for the emotions and situations we are experiencing? Think about it. How many times has it happened that you start your day with a news that affects you in a negative way and at the end of it when you lay your head on the pillow you can still say “this was the best day of my life!”? Or how often does it happen that a day that starts on a happy positive note turns bad, while you are constantly thinking happy positive thoughts – honestly… With complete surrender to that positivity? If you CAN think of such a day, go back to your thoughts then and you will find that you lacked complete surrender to that positivity. We really are constantly attracting what we think, speak and feel…

That heavy traffic? That was us.

That fight? Us.

That surprise meeting with that old friend? Us.

That super happy, positive and perfect day? Guess what… Us again!

So if something bad is going on in our lives, why is it so difficult to take the responsibility for it? Why is it so hard to look into ourselves and ask what we did to get to this and how can we change it? Is it our ego perhaps – that we can’t rise beyond the whole self victimization and think that wrong things are happening TO or WITH us and not BECAUSE of us? Don’t believe me, but when you feel that things aren’t going well with you, look within and ask yourself what you are thinking, feeling, doing or saying to attract this in your life. Then realise that if you have the power to attract negativity, the power to attract positivity also lies within you. You will be surprised how quickly you will get past your negative mindset and situation! Try it for yourself!

This becomes easier to do when you start working on reversing your old limiting beliefs and changing your old negative thought patterns. With the help of regular meditation and self hypnosis techniques, you can smoothly acquire a state of mind when all your thoughts, words and feelings attract all things positive. Learn those mind-blowing self hypnosis techniques and start taking control of what you allow in your life NOW.

Remember, what you give is what you receive. Throw stones and fireballs at the universe, and be prepared to get stoned and burnt in return. Give out your best intentions, gratitude, love, happiness and positivity to the universe, and watch as the universe gives it back to you!




Dealing with a small child..

Everyday I keep getting mails from people from all walks of life concerning their various issues and situations. Many times they are just routine queries about Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression Therapy. Some of the mails are very unique and quite interesting. I am sharing a recent mail from a gentleman and also my response to him. I feel that the readers of my blogs may find it interesting and useful.

Hi Swasti,

I got your mail id from your website

My son is 3.5 year old and absolutely normal . From last one week he is not ready to go to park, when i asked the reason he said that he saw falling of leafs from trees due to thunderstorm. I coached him and took him to park but he was looking at the trees with anxiety and immediately rushed towards home.

I dont know whether this is common or uncommon .My assumption is that the fear/anxiety will go away with time but want to take the corrective action if needed.

Please suggest how to handle this situation



Thanks for your mail.

Like you said, it will all go away with time. Children that small are very sensitive to the smallest of things they experience. It could, in my personal opinion driven by my practice and strong belief, be something to do with a past life memory recall. Try and gently ask him how he “feels” about the falling leaves and the thunderstorm and what does it “remind” him of.

Till the time kids turn 4 or 5, it is normal for some to still have disturbing memories from a recent life they have just passed over from. Once you get an idea of his feelings, coach him to work on the reversal of those negative feelings. For example, if he says it makes him feel scared, say “you are a very brave boy… you can even take daddy down, that is how brave and strong you are. And moreover, thunderstorms are just God’s / Angels’ way of saying hello to brave and strong boys”. Avoid using terms like you are / be fearless, you are not scared, don’t be scared etc. as they clearly have sounds and words that you want him to not feel in the first place.

If it something he experienced in that park or some other playground with similar surroundings as that park, like probably someone bullying him or scaring or threatening him, let him know that it is safe to tell dad and mom because dad and mom will take care of it and will keep him safe and protected. Remember, throughout your conversation use positive terms only. Safe, strong, protected, happy, brave, courageous etc.. Also, for these talks, choose a surrounding that is happy and safe OUTSIDE of the comfort of home… maybe his favorite restaurant or gaming zone… anywhere else outside of home that he enjoys. You can also use a little “let’s play a game” trick… ask daddy and mommy any one question you want and they will answer, and then you answer one question mommy and daddy ask you… the one who answers correctly wins a balloon!

I hope and pray and am almost a 100% certain that it’ll all work out fine! Sending my most heartfelt wishes and positive energies!

Swasti Shree Sharma

Trust Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression therapy are very new and unique fields in comparison to other sciences and healing practices. People have a lot of questions about hypnosis, about hypnotherapy. People even have many funny doubts about Hypnosis? When people call me to book sessions they have these questions in their mind, they have such funny doubts. At times they are scared. Sometimes they ask me “what happens when we are in Hypnosis?”

During hypnosis, the critical factor of the mind relaxes, because of this, direct communication between the conscious and the subconscious mind is established. This direct communication allows for positive and beneficial ideas, information and suggestions to be easily accepted and acted upon by the subconscious mind without being constantly bounced back to the conscious mind by the critical faculty. The positive suggestions gets stored in the subconscious mind as a new belief.

Some people think that Hypnotherapy is a truth serum. So, let me tell you that Hypnotherapy is not a truth serum. Recently someone called me and said “I want to book a session for my wife, as I think that she has extra marital relationship. I want to know the truth”. I replied “NO! we dont do that kind of things. We are here to help you, to heal your issues, not to do such senseless things”.

People often ask me “will I be under your control during Hypnosis?” Again NO !! You will be always in your own control in the state of Hypnosis. You will be aware of your surroundings. You will remember everything when you will out of it. You will be so much wiser; you will be so much realized that in case I will ask you to give me your ATM pin, you will not do that, because you know that you do not want to do that. You know that’s not the right thing to do. You will immediately open your eyes and say “Swasti! I am not comfortable giving you my ATM pin”.

Actually Hypnosis is a natural state of mind. with lots of beneficial characteristics. You are naturally relaxed in the state of Hypnosis. While comfortably sitting in the chair you are mentally emotionally working on yourself. Also it is very easy to come out of Hypnosis. You only have to open your eyes and say “that’s it, I am done, and I do not want to go further”.

In the state of Hypnosis, your mind is relaxed and you are more open to positive healing suggestions. And these positive healing suggestions help you to make your life better. These positive healing suggestions empower you to heal and resolve any issue, any fear, anything which is effecting your life negatively and is coming in the way of living to your full potential.

You will be able to live a more positive, confident, happy and healthy life.

So why not try Hypnotherapy. You have nothing to loose. It only has amazing benefits.

Train your mind to be positive, loving & peaceful through Hypnotherapy

“It is our own mind, not an enemy or foe, that lures us to negative ways.”
When we get angry or upset with people, it is natural to put the blame on them for angering or upsetting us… It feels like the right thing to do since THEY said or did something they shouldn’t have said or done, which filled us with negative emotions such as anger, irritation, sadness, disgust or hatred. THEY are responsible for the way we are feeling. Right? Wrong. It is not what people say or do, rather our REACTION to their words or actions… How we LET those words or actions affect us. It is when we choose to give others the permission to make us feel a certain way, that we feel that way.
As an experiment, the next time when someone says something to hurt you or put you down, take a couple of deep breaths and repeat in your mind “I choose not to get affected by this, I choose to let this go, I choose not to react, I choose to stay calm”… Then smile and walk away. Don’t believe me, try it for yourself. Not only will you feel a lot wiser and stronger for doing that, you will save yourself from getting sucked into this vicious circle of negativity by breaking the chain of negative exchanges, negative feelings and (maybe even) physical reactions.
Remember, you are not what others think you are. When someone calls you stupid, it is usually THEIR interpretation of you – created by their lack of acceptance for what you say or do. Or maybe, to look at it from another perspective, they were only carrying the pain of someone else calling THEM stupid and you just happened to be the receiver of that. Hurt people, hurt people. People who are wounded themselves often times develop the tendency to harm other beings, as a way of let out. Either ways, you are not what others expect, believe, wish or interpret about you to be. When you realize that it becomes so easy to train your mind to positive, loving, humble, peaceful ways. If focusing on and following a negative path can be the decision of your own mind, then it is you who has the power to steer yourself in a positive direction. You just have to make that choice.
Clinical Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression Therapy are great techniques that help you understand and get in touch with the real YOU. And once you know your true positive self, nothing that anyone says has the control over you to anger or upset you in any way. Love, peace, forgiveness, empathy and kindness become the key ingredients of your true divine nature. Give it a try… There’s all to gain.
Call +917042321200, Monday to Saturday – 11 AM to 7 PM – to book your session.

Overcome fear of death with Hypnotherapy


Death is simply a transfer from one world to another… So death is, but, just another life in another dimension, from where starts another journey. To get to it is an extremely adventurous trip. And on this trip we will find that some tourist attractions/places of interest are beautiful and interesting,while some others are too boring to be even included on the trip itinerary. Some locations have a good sunrise point, while some are famous for its sunsets. Sometimes we get a good hotel to stay in with world class amenities, however, sometimes it turns out to be a total nightmare with bed bugs, big mosquitoes that may look like tarantulas, leaking roofs and seepage in walls. While trailing and trekking through all the topsy turvy roads we may fall and injure ourselves sometimes, while other times even the most breathtakingly dangerous mountain climbs may seem like a walk on the clouds.

No matter what experiences we have on the trip – good or bad – when we look back at all that has passed, we laugh and tell people about it with such amusement… Especially about the things that didn’t go too well… And it is those ‘unpleasant’ moments that we learn from the most.

Every trip we take is different and has a lot to give us. Every trip has its own challenges and its own adventures. Such is with life… Whether it is this life, or some other life, OR the life in another dimension or reality.

What’s even more beautiful is that within each life are many lives that we live each day, many trips we take, many roads that unfold themselves. There could be several ups and downs and pits and bumps on these roads, but do we stop the journey midway because of those hurdles? Or do we continue traveling, passing through it all, till we reach our destination… How far it may be, wherever it may be. Yes we do slow down at certain points to take a breather, and that is completely alright.

Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression Therapy are wonderful techniques that teach and give people the strength, wisdom and patience that is needed in this journey called life. Past Life Regression Therapy is a great way to understand and deal with the concept of life and death.


Come and try it out for yourself! Call now for appointment.

And remember… Come what may… The journey must go on! 🙂


It was one of the most fascinating experience of my life and I really feel different. Swasti healed me very effectively and I feel very blessed to meet her.*


I am very thankful and grateful to meet Swasti. Swasti’s sessions are true blessings. They have completely changed my life and enhanced my self confidence*

Do not allow your phobia to control your life, Cure it.

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Build a stronger and better relationship

A 26-year-old beautiful, kind and loving young girl came to my office and started crying in front of me “I don’t know …